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( ][_ ([]) ][_ ) Guide for Twisted Treeline

Last updated on January 7, 2014
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The Basics:

Map awareness and player placement is key…

Early on you should focus on poking and gaining cs. (depending on opponent you should stay behind first trial and hug your turret. Make them dive… and if your team decides to collaborate and go for a team fight / [Gank] you will have a long strip to chase before you get within their tower range… best not to go past second trail unless you know where all enemies are on map!!!

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Basic Rules:

• [Chasing is bad]… never go for a kill unless you know you have it secured!

• [Never tower dive].

• [Alone in lane]: only push to first jungle trail/lane!

• [2 allies in lane]: push to mid and fall back or hide in bush if [1 enemy] is visible in other lane!

• [3 allies in lane]: called team push= you can push to their turret: only take turret when all enemies are dead!

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Teamwork is key to winning:

An important Part of teamwork is making sure you make the best decisions..

Fall back from a team fight if you know it is gonna end badly… your team can come back as long as you arnt getting aced the whole game and at least 1 ally is out leveling them!

Jungle: can help team level very quickly by staying in jungle and other 2 teammates take their lane. NOTE: this only works when your team actually goes by the basics above(plays Safe)!

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Coordinating strikes in team fights:

I cant count how many times ive been faced against opponents that don’t coordinate their abilities with eachother. And it cost them the match!!

Work with your team by following the basics and staying in contact through skype, typing, and/or pings.

You and your teammates should be able to immediately react to skirmishes and all be in sync with each other… it should be clear what is going to happen and when its gonna happen with proper communication.

There are no leaders in matchmaking. And everyone should work as equals! If sum one pings you [assistance] you should at least be their not feeding on a minion, or doing what you think is right! That is only gonna spell bad for your teams overall score.

At least with you there you have a chance to through a life saving spell for your ally! But if you ignore them in a hope that they will learn from there mistakes: you are sadly mistaken(I speak from personal experience) people on league usually get set in their ways and don’t usually deviate from their normal gameplay patterns.

NOTE: needless to say being a TOXIC, is NOT going to help your team do better… in fact they are more likely to give up or stop coordinating with their teammates all together! Or often just sit their and type the blame game back and forth instead of actually contributing to the game you are playing.

Everyone has bad games and or bad streaks! Even the best of players do! A good player isn’t defined by his overall match history or rank for that matter. Its by the decisions he makes in game.

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Champion select:

There is no set roles that do better on TT.

Ive seen 3 ap’s, 1 ap 2ad, 3 ad ect.

3adc’s, 3 tanks, 3 apc’s

And all sorts of combos that had very good outcomes… if no one follows the basics then it doesn’t matter what champ you or anyone picks.

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Imo there is no such thing… don’t get me wrong! There are champs with high damage per second[DPS]

But that doesn’t actually mean the champ is [over powered] I think people fail to see the champs weaknesses and just chalk it up to an impossible scenario! When actually if you have been playing on ][_ ([]) ][_ for a considerable amount of time, you might just realize that each champ has its weaknesses and bad matchups. Certain roles counter roles.. and certain champs counter certain champs. Call it out trade and the all familiar out ability/ out cast.

Example: Darius is by far one of the highest DPS melee champs on league. But they compensate for this high damage by weakening other attributes of his. Like:

• Slow Movement speed

• Short Range

• Cool down’s [CD] i.e. long CD

• No gap closers

• No escape (meaning he is an all in champ.)

• I am not even taking into account all the champs that can stun, fear, silence, root, taunt, pull, knock-up, and kite him with range.

So needless to say the champs that have the most damage are usually the ones with High Risk High reward capabilities.

While champs that have awesome escape and cc abilities are generally safe champs that are very hard to die with unless you make bad decisions. NOTE: you know those players that blame their teammates for them dying from a fight that in their mind was supposed to be a team fight….. well if they coordinated with their team correctly, they would know before hand if you where gonna go in or not and they could make the decision to stay back or safely go in!

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