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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Guide only helpful for me becoming famous for making guides

Last updated on December 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 30

Legendary Guardian

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Chapter 1: pre-doing it

Damn, you have Cho. It's pry much already over FF at 20 for the enemy team. But if you're not familiar with Cho or *****tomping ****lords in ****queue pls keep reading ty.

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Chapter 2: welcome pls leave

Welcome to Godzilla's dream build. If Godzilla had this item then he wouldn't have fked up and !!!SPOILER!!! died !!!/SPOILER!!! in the upcoming movie. With this build you'll bring the perfect twist to the sequel when you get the main role for being renowned with Cho'Gathzilla.

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Chapter 3: Build of the Ages

Start off with full biscuits and a pink ward. At bronze no one wards so you'll already be ahead of the curve. But when you hit <insert elo here> and people begin warding you'll use this to see their ward and take it out. This kills the ward.

Pink wards don't have timers so they never die.

Your core item will be RoA or Rod of Ages for long. If you're facing an AD top that's giving you trouble, like Cho'gath, I'd pick up a RoA before the first RoA though. But if you're facing an AP top with plenty of poke, like Cho'gath, you'll want to get a RoA instead.

Whatever you start with make sure you're well roudned so AD/AP alike don't hurt you in mid game. Don't worry about being too tanky, your RoA will allow you to still hurt on prolonged fights.

By Midgame you should already have 20k viewers on your stream and be like, idk, 40/0 if you're not facing a counter like Cho'gath as well as 14 new girlfriends cause the old ones were getting stale. You'll want to finish your build. I suggest building a RoA but if you want you can build a RoA if you don't have the gold for one. The last item is up to you, but you'll be pry **** if you don't get a RoA.

If you're in late game cause you're an ******* who prolongs games for the appeal of it all you should probably just end it cause you’re already full build. Plus you can't get elo and make your own MobaFire(TM) certified guide if you're in a 72 hour long game. 72 hours is like 3 days too or something and thats pry long.

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Chapter IV: early game

Early game for a cho is champ select. Assert your dominance by typing in all caps and hacking riot servers to increase font size and color and to add some jazzy effects to it. If you've played runescape you already have experience in this.

Here's what I do: Glow3: shake: cho top im first pick dont fight this i already did it on stream im a streamer btw at this is a smurf btw hi

Make sure you pick the right skin, masteries, runes, summoner spells, and actually go top cho is pry **** anywhere else if someone wants to do duo top tell them it has to be shen or they can suck you

if they suck you then wow

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Chapter 5: in game early game

Buy the right items and assert your dominance. Towers pry much don't hurt you because of your ults passive so just go in there and do it. High CDR will allow you to ult really quick. I saw an Ashe volley every 1-2 seconds so its pry OP.

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Chapter 6: a cruel god in the mid game

You should already have won 10 min in but I guess ur just literally worse than hitler or a real coon basher.

Finish off your build based on chapter 3: build of the ages (BoA) and just shove top and win. remember never leave top cho is **** everywhere else.

"but they can counter you by shoving mid bot or jungle"

shut the **** up

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Chapter 7: its going this far

I'm still doin it ur welcome pls remember to donate at my paypal

At this point you shouldn't be in game anymore. if you are fkin hurry up u need elo.

Late game for you should be post game chat if you're not a ****lord. Don't give honor and report anyone who backtalked or took your CS. My uncles dads best friends neighbour is a janitor at riot so im kind of a big deal and can ban u, I suggest getting similar connections to achieve similar results. Or just lie they'll delete their account out of fear.

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Chapter 8: infinity standing tall

no really turn your head the 8 is the infinity sign standing up cool huh

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Chapter 9: the end but theres another chapter

Congratulations for winning. If you lost you should probably seriously consider suicide cause you dun fked up. Idk how you did it but damn. You did it. Your Pro League carrier has been tanked and you probably will be the laughing stock that korean middle school.

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Chapter 10: the author himself

About the Author: hi i'm pry famous for doing it

this is my official MobaFire(TM) certified guide ur welcome. As you can see the quality of the website has increased significantly. Give me money to my paypal and pls remember to comment, rate, subscribe and share this guide. pls remember to follow my facebook and and stalk my twitter and remember to send me emails about how u did it at my email and ill put it somewhere in this guide maybe a hall of fame idklol.