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Hammer Time with Jayce

Last updated on July 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, It's my first build I'm writing but I hope it will help you as it helps me. People have mixed opinions on Jayce, some say he's weak, some say he's OP. I don't support either claims. People that say he is UP clearly are doing something wrong like, not changing from ranged to melee, or staying in melee for too long, putting points in the wrong spells or building him as an AD Carry((Makes me sad when I see a Jayce built like that)). Before we begin, I'm just going to tell you, this isn't going to be a fancy looking guide.

The first question I will answer is "Why Tanky DPS? Why not Offtank or that AD Carry?". Well, as I have been playing Jayce for the past few days, I have pretty much summed my job as an insanely quick Carry killer and peeler. Jayce's abilities are just fashioned in a way that if you build him as an AD Carry, you will pretty much stay in ranged mode and Q them most of the time, not making use of his other awesome abilities. If you build Jayce as an Offtank, which is pretty successful, I personally feel like you are missing out on a lot of damage that you can dish out with a Tanky DPS build. You are missing out on the 500+ damage from his W that you will be doing with this build, you are also missing out on the insanely fast AS you will have which helps you in both ranged and Melee stance during the 3-6 seconds of CD your spells have. Anyway, moving on.....

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The runes are pretty basic.... most of Jayce's damage comes from Physical attacks so, obviously, we need Armor Penetration.

I chose Armor Penetration Runes and not Quints simply because you get more Ar-Pen and since A Last Whisper will be a very situational item.

jayce does not benefit from a lot of AD, he needs a boost in the first few levels if he is going to make any impact whatsoever. These Quints do exactly that job. Since we are getting boots and not a Doran's blade, we need the extra Damage these quints provide, badly.

Flat Armor and Flat MR will let Jayce jump in do his thing and run out, without taking much damage. I swear, if you can do a Rotation perfectly, ranged and melee, you will bring any champ in early game to Half HP while you lose maybe, 100-200 HP and you don't even need to be fed. Armor and MR help Jayce a lot and since he has good starting resistances, you will bring him very close to the DR from Armor and MR in late game.

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Masteries are pretty straight forward. I put 21 points in offensives because that Executioner will work nicely with your E in melee stance and picking off runners with your Q,E Ranged Combo.
The only small difference is that i have put 3 points in CDR. CDR is important to Jayce, you are very dependent on your skills, that's where your damage comes from, your autoattacks are only important during those few seconds that your Spells are on CD so we have to try and max out CDR in order to get to Jayce's full potential. Combine the items with the CDR mastery and the blue buff (if no one else wants it) and you'll be spamming hammers, jumps, and Q ranged shots till they all drop to your feet.

I only put 5 points in defense because Jayce really suffers from Mana drainage at early levels so I moved some points into Utility. I chose 1 less point in armor because you will probably take more Physical Damage early game than Magic, its a personal preference really...

4 points in Utility.... so very important if you want to be able to do something against a ranged champion or a good snowballer. You run out of Mana really fast in ranged mode because you have a small range and you really can't afford to get too close to enemy champs and autoattack them that much. This is why you take Mana regen and Mana per level. It will let you shoot more Qs and stay safe during early game. Once you get Manamune, it won't be that much of a problem, but you can still drain yourself if you're not watching your mana bar so don't spam Q,W in melee stance on every creep wave you encounter.

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I start off with Boots of Speed simply because I love speed :D. Oh and because Jayce has a really small autoattack range with his Ranged Hammer so you want to get in, W 3 shots and get out fast or simply for an autoattack or two.

I take 3 health pots because I dont usually use my spells on mobs that much, since I can drain the mana easily so I just manage it really tightly. I use Q on a mob I can't get to only if there's a champ near it, otherwise I farm by autoattacking. Having 3 pots really lets you stay in your lane a lot more if the other team is somehow damaging you too much. Its more of a personal choice, either 3 HP pots or 2 HP pots and a Mana Pot, choice is yours. The mana pot is good to as it will let you harass them a little more.

I build The Brutalizer first because of the CDR, you will see what I mean when you get it, you'll have a spell ready almost always, be it an escape or a chase and the damage is very welcome too. Don't forget to buy a Ruby Crystal though... it's very important that you have that extra HP because you are going to switch a lot between Melee and Ranged to deal damage and push the enemy towards your teammate or to prevent him from escaping. That Ruby Crystal will keep you alive if he is not alone and someone else is attacking you.

The first item from Tri-Force that I build is Phage, that's because I will be spending as much time in Melee as I will be in Ranged so I need the extra toughness it provides, the Slow will be very nice when it procs if they are running away from you and the slow from your jump finishes and the extra AD.

Sheen is next, that's because, as I said, Jayce is heavily spell dependent, you will be casting spells left and right and in between them, a Sheen proc on an autoattack will blow the enemy's HP away.

By the time you get Manamune, you should be approaching mid game, spells will cost more mana and you will desperately need it if you want to have any left for a chase. Sure you can autoattack some mobs for a little mana, but more often than not, in clutch situations you will find yourself with low mana and unable get a kill or help a teammate. Jayce also has a high manapool for a non mage champ and by the time you charge your Manamune to full, you will have around 2.9k Mana, that will give you a pretty big AD boost, and take care of your mana needs. I wouldn't buy a Tear of The Goddess early on and try to fill it up as fast as I can because you can benefit a lot more from other items, like phage and Brutalizer, than from more mana, in early game. You will fill it up fast once you get it, trust me.

By this time, your inventory will be getting pretty full and you will need to make your Triforce. Triforce will be extremely useful to you, HP, AS, CRIT%, Sheen Procs, AD.... what more do you want?

The next item, is personal choice and favorite to me... Guinsoo's Rageblade... why? AP, AD and AS. Oh you noob, why would you want AP on Jayce? well.... simple.... his W in Melee has a 1-1 AP ratio on the Magic Damage it does, when Rageblade is fully stacked, you will be doing 500 MAGIC Damage with your W alone... this, combined your E in Melee will make your enemies fear you, because now, they can't just stack Armor anymore against you... they will know that when they get close, they will lose around 35% HP from Magic Damage done by you...or will they know?.... Most people still believe Jayce is an AD champ, and he is, mostly... but his W and E in melee stance will come as a surprise to those who think that they are safe behind their 150+ armor. As far as the AS goes, think about it, before you engage an enemy, will be shooting off from a distance, this will begin to stack your Rageblade, when you go melee, you will already have Rageblade stacked almost to full and your W will be doing lots of damage, your autoattacks will be doing lots of damage , with the sheen proc, and with the stance switching magic damage on the first hit. Combine that with High AS from Rageblade and TriForce and you will be also taking a lot of HP away just from autoattacks which you will land often from your Q slow and TriForce Slow. It will be worth it. AD is self explanatory, more dmg, more pwnage.

We are near the end of a pretty long game, Games dont really last this long but sometimes they do. You can finish your Yomomuu's if you are having a really good game. Once you finish that, you be an unstoppable killing machine. When you pop its Active, whoever you are attacking will go down instantly, guaranteed. You get MS which lets you stay on him and AS which will let you land more and more Hits that will crit oftenly too. Even though this is a great item to have for its active and passive, the MAIN reason is it's CDR which is indispensable to Jayce.

Now.... if the game isn't going so well, thier AD carry or an AD champ is fed and killing your team mates, you can Build Randuin's Omen and Shut Him down, no matter who he is. If you use it right, you will shut down any AD carry in a teamfight. You can build this at any time, after getting Manamune, depending on how the game is going... if you need to be more tanky and take more punishment, start building this, if not build for more damage. You have to be flexible with your build or else you will not be helping your team, if you need to act as a minitank and you are building the Rageblade... During Mid Game it's important to see what items take priority, be it tankyness or more Damage. Even if you are having a great game, maybe your whole team is feeding.((Happened to me in a game, their carries were fed, bought Randuin, 14 minutes later, we won. I was the only one with a fed, positive score during lateMid-Game.)) So, every now and then, look around, see what's happening and build accordingly. Some games you might not need Randuin's you might need some other form of defense, but you will need it, you are there to take some punishment too, dont shy away if you are getting hit by someone.


Other ITEMS: Guinsoo's Rageblade, Randuin's Omen, Banshee's Veil, Thornmail((Btw, I hate thornmail, Randuin's Omen, to me... is way better on non tanks than Thornmail - Some games, if the enemy is not building any armor, you can switch this up with something else. Items I like to switch it with are Maw of Malmotius or I can choose to switch to an offtank role, if the team requires so and build an ATMOG's intead of Guinsoo's Rageblade and ((insert Defensive Item, depending on the game)).

Other Viable Items, if the enemy team is stacking MR, then Guinsoo's Rageblade will not help you that much, intead, if you want a boost in Damage, buy a Last Whisper, that will make them realize what a mistake it was, stacking MR with a Jayce in the other Team. Then again, if they are stacking Armor, Buy Guinsoo's Rageblade and make them realize what a mistake it was, stacking armor against Jayce. :D You starting to catch my drift about why Guinsoo's a good item on this Champ? It empowers your W in melee which does magic damage and your E in melee which also does magic damage but scales with AD.

Very Situational Item: If the game is just a total ROFLSTOMP, i am a big fan of Sword of the Occult, its a troll item that says, you guys are so bad... I can farm you like creep waves. It gives the most AD in the game, and you can switch it out for Guinsoo's Rageblade, if they arent stacking any Armor or not stacking enough... or for the Defensive item, and just go all out Damage, with just your HP boost from Triforce.

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Skill Sequence

Here's where it gets tricky... in order to be good with Jayce you need to make the most of both Skill sets. When starting a fight, you almost NEVER want to stay full ranged or full melee, you will miss out on a lot of damage. If you stay full Ranged, you miss out of the Awesome E and Q skills, melee stance has. E does loads of Magic Damage based on AD and their total HP, plus it can push them away, or into your team and Q lets you jump a fleeing enemy and slow him. All of this plus extra magic damage on the first swing. Its just too sweet to pass up, and it really brings down your damage if you don't use both skill sets in fights. If you stay melee most of the time... well.... who wants to stay melee when they can go full ranged? Really.... If you play melee most of the time and just use ranged to shoot off a Q... you are doing it wrong, very wrong... you are passing up on a nice little Armor and MR reduction on the first Ranged auto attack which really matters in any stage of the game, plus the sweet W which becomes really powerful late game, and the E which helps you chase, snipe and help out a team mate in need of some speed.

Now, what you want to do during fights, or at least what I like to do and it works, is this:

In the laning phase, I like to harass my enemies from afar with my Q/E ranged combo, while farming mobs with ranged autoattacks, it keeps me safe, and keeps them at bay. When I feel that they are low enough, this is the rotation I do.

E,Q, get speed boost from E, W, R(switch to Melee), Q, W, E( Try to push him back or to the side, if he is running), R( back to Ranged), W,E (E if i did not get to push him back), Q ( or E,Q if i didnt need to use my E before) He is most likely dead even before you get to finish this combo. the last change to Ranged Stance is to chase him or snipe him down if he manages to run away with low HP.

Now for team fights, the sequence is not that different, the only difference is that I may need to jump in with Melee stance Q faster, so I do not use my W rapid fire all the time. One important thing, if you are in the middle of a fight, and I mean in the MIDDLE of it all, dont switch to ranged only if you need to use E to run away, or Q to get a kill on a carry. Do not change to Ranged stance to use W or something silly like that. Only change back to ranged stance if you need to get out of the fight, or if the enemy is starting to pull back.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells, we are going to take the most practical spell you can have on most champs: FLASH. It's really amazing, you can get out of a fight quickly if you are being focused hard after jumping in with your Q, it helps you chase, and helps you escape. In very close fights that I might lose, I will flash over a wall or over trees and E,Q in ranged stance quickly after, if you do this when the enemy is low hp, the fairly large AOE of Q combined with E will get you a safe kill and its not that hard to pull off.

For the Second spell, Ignite or Exhaust are both viable, I choose Ignite because I already have slow on Q and i am building Phage early on. Exhaust is not as useful because i dont have uptime problems when i get close to champs. The only other reason to take Exhaust is to shut down a pesky Carry or a fed champ in fights. Killing carries is a piece of cake for Jayce, his burst is so high that they will not get a chance to bother anyone else after I Melee stance Q on them. Exhaust is still viable, if there are other carries around or any other Fed Player, you can help your team by shutting them down. If my team is full of people taking Flash/Ignite, I will end up taking Exhaust instead of Ignite, if they don't think about playing to benefit the entire team, you have to.

Other Viable spells: Cleanse, Heal.

I would take cleanse only in Draft pick, where i can see what champions the enemy is using. I would take it against heavy stun teams, as jayce you dont worry to much about Slows, you have ranged abilities and a gap closer in melee so the only problem you can face is heavy stun teams that will chain stun you when you switch to melee stance and jump in a fight.

Heal.... I dont really like it, but its not the end of the world if you take it. Some people like Heal as a summoner spell and use it a lot, I don't. I guess it can be useful in team fights sometimes if you are getting pounded and HEAL then Flash or Heal, E (in ranged stance) and run away, or just heal and keep killin'! I just feel like the Heal Spell is mostly useful on AD carries, some tanks, and supports that don't have any healing spells (and Karma).

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Farming is heluva easy with Jayce especially later in the game. In the beginning, just last hit in ranged stance. You can use spells but they will drain your mana fast. I usually use Q and W in Melee stance when the creeps are at my tower, it kills them fast and has continuous AOE damag which makes sure you get the kills and not your creeps, and if the tower is about to last hit, just Q that creep and you'll get it, if it has more hp than your autoattack damage. I sometimes use Ranged Q to creep but it take away a lot of mana, and then it's on CD when i get the opportunity to harass my enemy so I save it most of the time.

In mid and Late Game Q,W will get you a full creep wave, no problem, thank you, come again. If you dont have a high creep score at late game with jayce you are doing something wrong.

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Pros / Cons


High Burst Damage though the whole game
Can take some punishment
CCer with frequent Q slows in melee stance
Good Chaser and Escape Artist.
Great Harass
Great Farmer
Ranged and Melee!
Magic and Physical Damage!
In very few situations, can you get peeled off of your target.


Stuns are your nemesis
Will get focused in team fights because if you don't, they die.
Damage does not scale as well as other champions into late game, but you get two sets of Spells so it more than makes up for it.
A little weak in very early levels. Once you get Brutalizer and Phage you will be a real threat.
You are not a tank! Don't act like one.

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If you got to this part, thanks for reading my guide, hope it helps and if you find it useful, send me a PM if you want to send me pics of you PWNING with Jayce so I can Upload them. i will upload some Pics of games with Jayce soon, to show you that If I can do it, so can you!

I am sure that in the future, better guides will become available, I might even change this one, but for now, this one really seems to work best FOR ME. Hope it does for you all too!

Leave comments, maybe help me improve this guide and don't forget to like or dislike it!