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hardcore ww

Last updated on April 1, 2011
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Warwick Build

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Runes, masteries

Hi pal!

This is not a usual build for warwick but i think it's work. Warwick is great melee fighter and jungler champion so i think the 21-0-9 mastery is the better for warwick.

I take armor pen, dodge, and cooldown reduction runes, and armor pen and hp quintessences. Warwick is good dameage output champ but can be week in ganks. If you use your ultimate usully you are the first target to the enemy becaouse you are fast get close to the enemy. The dodge and hp runes is good to keeps u alive but it's not enoughand at this point, let's talk a little about the item build.

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The first item u have to buy is madred's razors beacous it's the bist item to dominate the jungle. The jungle gives you money, experience, buffs and health (from midgame), so everethig you need te defeat the enemy.

The berserker's graves gives a little movement speed and attack speed. This movement speed simply enough with your blood scent skill and the attack speed is the best thing to your passive witch is gives u stacking up lifesteel every single hit.

The madred's bloodrazer gives you more attackspeed for more lifesteel, damage, and the most important thing 4% magic damage of your opponent maximum health. This is good becouse your lifesteel only based on your attack speed and your ability power and and take nothing from attack damage (Hungering strike: Deals flat magic damage and steal health and gives u health the amount of magic dealt wick can bee boost by abilitiy power.

Thornmail: Warwick needs defense because u always there in the middle of the fight. It gives you armor and returning nice amount of magic damage. Really good against meelee champions.

Sunfire cape: It gives you health, armor and a lot of magic damage agian. Great defensive and offensive item in same time.

Abyssal scepter: Now we have nice amount of armor, magic damage and attackspeed for lifesteel. This item gives ability power wich is great for your "Q" spell, gives magic resist to be enduring agains magic damage too, and gives you and your all teamates near you magic penetration witch boost your "Q" spell , sunfire cape's magic damage, thornmail's magic damage, madred's bloodrazor magic damage. This is a very good item for this build and your teamates too who deals magic damage.

Hextech Gunblade: Gives you a little amount of damage and more lifesteal, ap to your "Q" skill and spell vamp witch steals life from magic damage so all your items and your "Q" skills heal you witch heals you percentage. This item have a very useful active ability. Slows and deals magic damage which heals u again (thanks for spellwamp).

Now you have a lot of defensive stats and lifsteel from magic and attackdamage too to keeps you alive and have very nice damage output from items.
Offcourse u can use another item sequence if your enemys do more magic damage or there is no tank and a defensive champion in the enemy team you can buy more attack damage.

If the game wants it, black cleaver, banshee's veil, guardian angel can be good choice.

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In last words

I hope you like this build. I would like to apologize for my bad english and i hope you uderstand what i wrote down. Thank You For Reading.

Good Luck and Have Fun!