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Singed Build Guide by lamporan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lamporan

Havoc Singed (Tank)

lamporan Last updated on September 16, 2011
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Singed is a hard champ to play well. His abilities are all close combat and he needs defenses to be truly effective. However, he requires little attack dmg or ability power. This guide is built off my experience playing Singed and what works well in almost every situation.

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Dodge seals and magic penetration marks are the only ones I recommend for every singed player. Ability power does not lend well to singed except for his fling, but ill talk about that later. Movement speed is always useful as is mana, play around with the other runes to see what fits you the best.

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The idea is to increase the effectiveness of high mana on singed. Beyond that you want to increase his survivability in the defense tree. I find I do not need the last skill in the tree because Singed's defenses are very high end game. If you want it spec into it.

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Three items are required I feel for a good singed. Boots of swiftness, FoN, and frozen heart. Rod of ages is a good item HP and mana wise, but the ability power is not necessary, nor is the passive. Your job as singed is to exploit bad opponent position with fling and surviving while your team racks up kills. My typical build order is: Regrowth pendant, boots of swiftness, negatron cloak, chainmail, FoN, Frozen Heart, Banshees. Beyond that I go with whatever I feel with help, maybe a rod of ages or if there is a lot of AD then a thornmail. AP items a little wasted on Singed because only fling scales well with the added AP. Go for magic penetration over AP and later get a little heck, 100ap is plenty on Singed.

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Start with fling, use it to throw enemies back to your teamates for a little nom nom. Then get poison tail and you want to focus on maxing it. Although, be sure to get one rank into adhesive at lv 4 to stop runners, or slow enemies to allow you/teamates to escape. Get insanity potion whenever you can, it increases health/mana regen, movement speed, and defenses. Once you have Frozen Heart you can use insanity potion often.

Poison Tail: use this to farm lanes or pushing. It does an amazing amount of dmg with little to no ap and some magic penetration. Also when running away use it to kite enemies, you may get them low enough for a kill. or to wait for your potion to come back.

Adhesive: I use this to control enemy position mostly, no one wants to stand in it and be slowed. I also use it to slow fleeing enemies or to slow down those chasing my teamates. Though poison tail can be a much better deterrant.

Fling: Use this to fling enemies in bad position into your teamates so they can go to town. Its also useful to throw enemies backwards saving yourself or teamates and putting them into a poison cloud.

Insanity potion: Seriously what? Greatest skill ever, pop it and harrass. You can turret dive, you can survive enormous amount of dmg because it ups your regens, defenses and movement speed. Once you have a frozen heart it comes back in about a minute. Use this often, it can save you a trip to heal or allow you to cover ground quickly. It is also a good initiating move especially combined with ghost(stack that run speed) and fling.