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Ahri Build Guide by TheHCGamer98

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheHCGamer98

HC's Ahri Build

TheHCGamer98 Last updated on May 29, 2012
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Hey there guys this is HC and this is my first LoL build. I have been using this build for only a short time and I have had 5 surrenders in a row, with my team being the winners. Unlike other builds i like to open with a giants belt, this makes you harder to take down while you harras them. I soon will be testing this build on ranked as i am almost lvl 29 and I hope this build helps people improve as ahri.

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Hey guys, ive sort of let this build expire and not update it at all, but now, im revamping the build! Ok so some things ive added will be listed below, enjoy!

- A second build for more inexperienced ahri players
- This section!
- Pros/Cons
- Summary
- For people who are new to ahri section

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For my items i like to start off with a Doran's Ring, i have tried many other starting combos such as Amplifying Tome and mana pots but the arent nearly as good as a dorrens ring.
I then progress onto a Giant's Belt. While it takes time to get gold, you will get it if you get the final hit on most minions. Ahri is also strong enoguh to get a kill or too for some extra gold. Once you have the giants belt you can start to focus on your ability power. I get a blasting wand and boots of speed. This is to allow me to harras the enemy a litle harder. The giants belt and Blasting Wand then go into the Rylai's Crystal Scepter. I then build sorceres boots for magic penetration. I then get a Fiendish Codex for mana regen and ability cooldown and follow it up with a couple of blasting wands. The seconds blasing wand is for the rabadons death cap. Morello's Evil Tome is a must have for Ahri as it gives good ability cooldown and ability power. I then build Rabadon's Deathcap, Once you have this items enemies will fall really quick to you. And this is also a good time to start ganking the top and bot lanes. You dont have to build a Void Staff but the magic pentration is well worth it. And finnaly i get a Lich Bane. Its unique ability allows your normal attack to hit heaps of damage along with your abilities.

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Sumoner Spells

Must Use Abilities
Ignite - This is a must have for Ahri, this allows her to get early kills without much hassle and makes the game a lot easier.

Flash - This ability Is still very good for when your ultimate is on cooldown. However if your playing more of an offence ahri then this could be changed for ghost.

Okay to use Abilites.

Clarity - If your planing on playing a little bit more defensive and focus on famrin instead of kills then this is great instead of ignite. This saved you gold on some mana items and can help your team in team fights.

Teleport - This can be a good ability if you are planning to do a lot of ganking. This can be used instead of flash and gives you some control over the map. You can also get back to your turret quickly after recalling or dying.If you are fed then this ability comes in handy for helping your team dominate the game. You should replace ignite with this if you want to use it.

Ghost - This can replace flash if you want but Ill give you all a few pros and cons to using this. Pros, a lot better for if you are chasing targets over a long distance and also over time helps you get away. Cons, Doesn't help you dodge skill-shots, enemies have time to react if you are trying to kill them, cant help you line up your skill-shots. That's how I see it although it is really down to the player, I would definitely recommend this though for people who are new to the game.


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Skill Sequence

I like to take Orb of Deception at level one, and max it by level 9. This is Ahri's most damaging ability and if maxed early allows easy kills on enemy squishy champions. This is also great to use with Ahri's passive as it can hit massive groups of minions allowing maximum spell vamp.

I take Fox-Fire at level 2 and max it by level 13. This is Ahri's second most damaging ability and is great for harrasing champions. It will target enemy champions instead of minions if they are in range. This is great for when in retreat and also in offence. While retreating this can be activated in an attempt to hit the enemy following you and will hopefully get them to back off if it hits enough damage.

I take Charm at level 4 and Max it Last. While this is a great ability it isnt worth maxing fast. This t level one can still help enough to allow fox fire and orb of deception to deal maximum damage while their champion is taunted. This is a great ability for initiating team fights, or saving your team mates.

Spirit Rush is Ahri's ultimate, this ability is best used for offence as it allows you to deal nice aoe damge to the enemy team, this also open up places for whe nthe enermy can be hit by your charm. I like to use 2 dashes while going into the fight and leave the other for escape or chase if needed.

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For people who are new to Ahri! (for beginners)

Ok, now when I say beginners I mean people who are new to the champion, not necessarily people who are new to the game.

Ill start off with the basics