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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Panixz

He hits like a train!

Panixz Last updated on July 20, 2010
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I came up with this build after playing TF for a while, it incorporates attack speed and armor pen from runes with extremely damage heavy items. This build is meant for those who are experienced with TF and play him often. Also, this is strictly a situational build, I suggest using this build only if you happen to land a FB or if your team is doing exceptionally well. I would appreciate any feedback you might have about this build and how it works for you, I only recently found it to be useful if you have the gold and time to build it.

Skill Sequence

The skill sequence for this build might seem strange to some TF players, but this was the most effective way to spend my skill points so that I could maximize my damage early game.

Wild Cards - Essential to have at least 1 or 2 ranks of this before lvl 11. Your attack speed won't be high enough to utilize the damage you have from your bloodthirster. That is until you can afford last whisper. So my suggestion is to take advantage of wildcards, it can give you that slight edge when soloing or ganking an opponent so that you can make the kill and grab some extra gold. Also, if you're going for FB, you must make sure to use wild cards as soon as you land a gold card for maximum damage early game.

Pick A Card - This skill will have a short description. "GO FOR GOLD". As cliche as that sounds, it's the truth with this skill. If you initiate a gank with any other card you're doing it wrong.

Stacked Deck - Like every other TF build, this skill is almost always maxed out as quickly as possible. As it should be, because you have the potential to deal an enormous amount of damage every 4 hits to your target. The same goes for this build, however, stacked deck comes with an added bonus. If you are able to get a FB or a couple of assists, you can build bloodthirster. With bloodthirster, the extra damage you reap with stacked deck will be devastating, especially to casters and other dps early/mid game. A tip to keep in mind when using stacked deck, always last hit creeps with it or keep it stacked to 3 before a gank for maximum damage in combat.

Destiny - This skill will also have a short description. GANK GANK GANK!! This skill was meant to stop champions from being able to run away/farm on their own. If you have a jungler on the opposing team, it is crucial to pop destiny as soon as you hit lvl 6. This could be your chance for FB, or just for some extra gold.


I'll remind you again, if you havn't played TF before then this isn't the guide for you. Because before I get into the items you need to understand that you'll be rushing a lot of expensive things first. This can be deadly to people who haven't played TF a lot.

Rushing bloodthirster, I found, was the best item for TF early game. It provides enough life steal to be viable for solo ganks/laneing mid early game and also gives you a 60 damage bonus (a great combo with stacked deck). Now, when I say rush bloodthirster, that doesn't mean that boots aren't important. I always start with vampiric scepter, then follow with boots of speed. I then decide if I have enough gold to go for my B.F.Sword or if I should build my berserker's greaves. Either way, bloodthirster will be the second item in my inventory before mid game. After bloodthirster you will notice that your attacks hit amazingly hard for your lvl; that's exactly what you want. However, you're going to be slow as balls. The remedy for this, I found, was building last whisper immediately after BS, starting with recurve bow. Once you can get your recurve bow, it's nearly gg for anyone who tries to get in your way by themselves. You'll even give a lot of tanks a scare if you're left alone while in a team fight or combat.

After building those two items the rest is completely up to you. I recommend infinity edge after LW because of the extra damage/unique ability (It's very nice with all of the damage you've accumulated by now). After IE I typically get phantom dancer because of the extra attack speed/dodge. That helps me out a lot late game, but like I said, it's completely up to you at this point.

Final Thoughts and Tips

- They really help you to build the items you need early game so that you can be a wrecking ball mid/late game. If you are unable to get last hits accurately/every time a creep is at low hp, then that's the first thing you need to work on before trying this build. Even if you can play TF, this build wont help if you can't get the gold for it.

- This build is made for you to use destiny every single time it's up. Every. Single. Time. When you use destiny, you need to check for soloing/jungling champs first using your mini-map. If you see someone at low hp, try cutting them off or porting into a bush to get the jump on them. They'll see you coming because of the animation above their head, so you have to anticipate what they're going to do or where they're going to run. That can take some practice. Also, i've gotten good at grabbing a gold card and then teleporting. This way, I can stun whoever I have in my sights right away. This decreases the chance of them getting away or running to help.

- Many TF players ignore this skill. That's a big mistake imo. Using this skill can give you that tiny bit of damage to push a kill. Use it every time you land a gold card.

- Play as a team with your team members. Coordinate attacks and watch for enemies that run away so that you can get them before they port back to base. I promise that if you can maintain a low profile in a team fight, you can potentially kill the entire team with your damage alone. Keeping a low profile also means that you wont have to worry about running or wasting your summoner abilities, because if a dps gets a hold of you, you are most likely going to die.

- Ignite is a great talent for TF in general, solely because he's a hard carry. This also gives him an edge when dealing with characters that can heal. Aiming for those that can heal or have health regen abilities (*COUGH*mundo*COUGH*), will greatly help your team in dealing as much damage as possible. While I have grown accustomed to flash, you are free to chose from these other abilities to fill the last spot.

-Ghost(see exhaust)
-Smite(not recommended, but useful in gathering gold)
-Teleport(gets you back into the lane to get more last hits)