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League of Legends Build Guide Author norrinrad

Healing Hits Irelia

norrinrad Last updated on December 6, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build, so be warned, it is very n00by =]

From what i have built this is and end game scenario, will add more to the list when i get home.
Irelia has 3 main spells to use. all very interesting and all work perfectly when used at the right time.
This move is a great move to farm with. I only get it first to aid in last hitting minions to get gold/xp and because of it's dash capibility. The great advantage of this skill is that whenever she kills with it, her mana gets refreshed and it gets taken off cd. as i said, great for last hitting mobs. This skill can also be used to catch up with enemy champions if they run behind their minions. just last hit a nearly killed minion and appear closer to the champion to kill them.

This skill is key to Irelia however you play her. It allows her to heal herself on passive for x ammount per level up. This enables you to lane longer and maybe even harrass if you have her Q ability. Once activated allows x ammount of true damage, over riding all damage reduction items and runes the player may have (need to check about talent tree selection). this is key with my build because it is added to her original damage, so you deal more, allowing for higher burst damage.
This is (what i feel) Irelia's main spell. dealing huge ammounts of damage and has the ability to stun (when enemy's health is at i higher % than yours) or slow (when it is lower) can really change the tide of any fight. With this spell, i advise you go into any fight with less health than the enemy champion. acheive this by getting hit by minions before you engage.
A great ulti to round of a great champion. once enabled this creates 4 blades above her head, which when fired, deals damage based on AP of irelia and heals her for 20% of damage dealt. There are many ways to use this ability. you can use it mid fight to heal yourself or you can use it tokill fleeing champions. I also find it easier to link 3 of the 4 blades off mid fight and save the last for either more health of to kill fleeing champions. if i have the advantage at the start of the fight i would save it for fleeing champions. THIS MOVE ALSO FLIES THROUGH THE ENEMY, so can be deadly during team fights where multiple enemys are behind eachother to gain maximum health. The cooldown on this spell is also exceedingly qick so can be used faster than most other champion's ulti.

Skill Order
I find it is best to open with Q, then activate W and E as soon as you can, then hit hit hit. If the enemy is dead, great. IF he is fleeing, activate ulti then use as few blades as you can to kill him.

DO NOT FORGET: you can use your E move to stun the enemy when running away, and if it gets really serious then you can pop your ulti and use the healing effect to gain extra health whilst fleeing. DO NOT FORGET YOUR SUMMONER ABILITYS!!!
Item Build
Have gone for attack speed and lifesteal in this build.

to reduce all CC. with Irelia she is very easy to gank once CC'd.

The core of all Irelia builds. The effect of sheen and phage combined will allow you to rip through any opponent.

Hextech gives AD, AP and AS which allow you to have increased lifegain and still deal lots o' damage.

A very good item for Irelia. This gives her 40% AS, as well as 20% life steal and 30hp5 so very effective. can also aid in mass fights because of the aura.

Gives you a boost in AD and lifesteal once maximum stacks are acheived. only downside of this item is that all stacks are lost on death, so you must farm minions to have max effectiveness.

my final item for this build. this increases AS, movement, crit and dodge. the increase dodge allows her to gain even more speed if it procs her talent.

WARNING This is probably not the order i would buy the items. Shall update this in future.

Enjoy and happy hunting!