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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nebruzais

Health is your enemy

Nebruzais Last updated on August 11, 2010
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First of all this build is inspired by the tankkilling Ashe-build (Or whatever the name).
Second, Im not entirely sure if the skill sequence is right, but the idea is to get Hawkshot to lvl 5 ASAP.

Now you probably are asking why? I've played Ashe many times and my experience is that she is very item dependant. For items you need money and hawkeye is gonnna give you that. Furthermore, volley aint gonna kill all the minions at start anyway and frost shot will become very usefull later in the game, so lvl 1 will be enough to start with for early kills.

For the summoner spells I take ghost and Clarity. Ghost is a lifesaver and a killer in one. You can use it to run of when its getting to hot or use it to turretdive someone who is almost dead and be able to run out of the turrets range before it kills you and ofc you can use it to follow someone who tends to get away. Clarity is mostly for early- and midgame, it lets you stay in lane or mid as long as you need to be and thats exactly what you need to do. Stay in lane as long as possible to be most efficient in gathering gold.

Which brings us to the next part, the item build. I start of with Vampiric Scepter for countering Harassment which in turn lets me stay in lane as long as I have to. You can go back to base once you have 1400 gold to buy boots of speed and recurve bow but I suggest to stay at least till 1970 gold so you can buy Berserker Greaves and Recurve Bow. If you have 1970 gold and you dont feel the need to buy items, meaning you havent been nearly killed yet, then stay. The next milestone is at 2945 gold to build Pickaxe in addition to the items I previously named. Around this time mid-game has most likey started (One of the teams has taken down a tower), meaning laning fase is over and you can expect small team fights. Time for you to buy items, if you havent done so yet. Now get back into the fight and get Madred's Bloodrazor ASAP. Once you have this item its time to start hurting. I used to go for Infinity Edge first, but people with over 2000 health are gonna feel more pain from Bloodrazor than from Infinity Edge (Simple Math), besides people now also need magig res to counter you attacks. For the next item go for Last Whisper, you find attack speed more deadly than you expect.

At this point you have your base items and should be able to kill of people with high health quite easyly and dont forget to put on your frostshot when you go attack some1. To even further increase your damage go for infinity edge or buy 3 B.F. Swords and upgrade those to Infinity Edge and 2 Bloodthirsters.

About the masteries I go for 22-0-8. The reason I dont go for 21-0-9 is that Utility tier 3 doesnt really have any usefull talents. Ofcourse Greed is arguable since I said that ashe is item, thus money dependable. Simple math shows thats even in a match which lasts an hour it only generates 1 gold x every 10 seconds, is 6 in a minute x 60 minutes in 1 hour = 1 x 6 x 60 = 360 gold. Its hardly worth the effort. I rather go for a bit more CD reduction on your skills. Especially because your Ulti is a very good engagement skill to start if a teamfight.

As you can see this build keeps Ashe very squishy, which shouldnt be a problem, just becarefull how you jump into a fight. Make sure you're behind the front line and look out for a possible sandwich.

1. Since Ashe needs money quick, make sure YOU kill of the minions, dont let your own minions kill them. Attack speed is really gonna help you with that.
2. If you're almost dead dont h***itate to recall, you better lose your tower than you feed someone.
3. If you are gonna volley try to position yourself so that you also hit the enemey champion(s).
4. If you're up against a Teemo buy Oracle's Elixir, the shrooms are gonna generate alot of money for you.
5. If you're up against any stealth champion (i.e. Twitch, Evelyn, Shaco) buy an Orcacle's Elixir. Without it you are an easy gank target, expecially because they know you are squishe, so they will come for you.

Well, I believe this is everything I have to tell :). Have fun and kill some high healthy peopl, because their health is their enemy!