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Healthstealing Crit Machine

Last updated on December 14, 2011
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This build is meant to be played as an AD, bot carry Sion, built around crit chance, lifesteal, attack speed, and AD, in that order.

The best part about lifesteal and Sion is that you'll do more damage than most champs starting out, so you really don't need to upgrade Vampiric Scepter until late game. Your crit chance is important, and attack speed also, and once you have some serious combo of those two, you shouldn't build damage.

Then comes the fun part; actually building the damage! Infinity Edge is really the best AD item in game for any AD Carry, and it is also a staple of this build. Crit chance + Crit damage + AD = the whole idea of building an AD champ.

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I use Greater Mark of Desolation because armor pen is pretty cool to have. Most champs won't be able to defend against many attacks at lvl 1 because your armor pen will outdo whatever they have.

Greater Seal of Evasion is your anti-opponent AD Carry defense system. Only use 8, because that's 6% dodge and 6.75 isn't really all that important.
Instead use a Greater Seal of Alacrity, because starting attack speed is very important.

And use Greater Glyph of Alacrity x 9 so that you have that much more attack speed starting.

And Greater Quintessence of Alacrity x 3 is also pretty cool, rounding you off at 17& runed attack speed.

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I usually use both Ghost and Exhaust, because it's nice to make sure you have the kill in a tower dive situation, and that you have a chance to GTFO or chase down those annoying flashers. Those are both helped by the first slot in your Mastery Tree, Summoner's Wrath. The faster you move the easier a chase or a getaway is, and the extra Armor Pen is really helpful in most situations.

3 AD
4% Attack Speed (a total of 21% starting out)
4% Crit Chance
10% Crit Damage
6 Armor Pen (a total of 21)
10% Armor Pen (for the late game mostly, but with 21 + 10%, early game will also be useful)
3% Lifesteal (total of 15% with Vampiric Scepter)
6% Extra Damage to heroes below 40% hp (DUH)
6 Armor
6 MR
3 HP/5 (survivability, with Doran's Shield it's really helpful)

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Start with Doran's Shield. You can farm longer, and most often I don't even get boots on my first back. I usually get Zeal to start out with, because it also gives you move speed. But generally, this is the importance:

Boots of Speed > Zeal > Vampiric Scepter

That should get you to where you have some options for what to build next. Sometimes, I just get a BF sword right here. Sometimes I get Phantom Dancer next. If you're struggling for cash, a Cloak of Agiliy would also leave you room to build something afterwards, since both IE and PD uses it. Generally, I'll build Phantom Dancer.

Phantom Dancer > Infinity Edge > Bloodthirster

Usually by this point you should be around 7-1-x, because you do so much damage and lifesteal, and your ult shares the lifesteal with your minions and team. You might have even ended the game already, depending on how fed you are. By this point you should have:

Boots lvl 2; PD; IE; Bthirster

Now, as far as boots go, you have some options.
Ill generally go with one of these three things;
Mercury's Treads
Ninja Tabi
Berserker's Greaves

-Merc Treads are my favorite, because of Tenacity and your seceptiblitiy to AP champs.
-Ninja Tabi is good for fighting Yi, Trynd, Jax, any AD champ. You'll have a TON of dodge, around 17-18%, and that will remove sometimes critical damage that would have otherwise done you in.
-Berserker's Greaves ***ONLY IF YOU'RE FED ENOUGH***

Use your imagination and come up with a good combo of extra damage/crit/attack speed items. Specialize this part of your build to your enemy's bane.
Here are some good combos;

Warmog's Armor + Atma's Impaler = Atmog's Death Machine
Bonus HP and damage for all that HP is great.

Atma's Impaler + Frozen Mallet = Frozen Impaler
Bonus HP, damage/hp, SLOW TARGETS, you get the idea..

Madred's + Phantom Dancer = TankBane Formula
Madred's is for opponents that have lots of HP. Phantom Dancer will increase attack speed. So, all the damage you already do coupled with 4% HP per swing, QUICKLY, is equal to Tanks HP losing dimishing returns for you.

Wit's End + Phantom Dancer = MageBane Formula
It's the same idea as TankBane Formula, except for it's for mages.

Phantom Dancer + Bthirster = Also very OP
At this point, you'll have around 80+ Crit chance and then your damage will need a supplement to be critting over 1k damage, 2x per second. (***Editor's Choice***)

Bthirster + Bthirster = OP
Do I really need to explain this one?

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Skill Sequence

Lifesteal is the backbone of a good Sion

Cannibalism > Death's Caress > Cryptic Gaze ***ALWAYS TOGGLE ENRAGE***

It's pretty simple. Hit Cannibalism. Shield yourself from damage. Run in and stun the Carry. Attack with full force.

Really, my favorite laners are Tanks.
Rammus has a taunt, Shen has a Taunt.
Volibear has a throw, Singed has a throw.
Blitz, although not the tankiest, has a grab.

Any combo of these will do a lvl 1 champion into your first blood. Singed throw + Cryptic Gaze at a tower is just plain old fashioned fun. Same with Volibear. Rammus or Shen taunt + Sion stun, or Sion stun + Taunt, either order will lead you to deal massive damage to a target. If need be, use Exhaust and Ghost to finish the enemy champs off.

You level your shield over your stun because shields are awesome to keep you alive, laning, and make some enemy attacks useless. Also, it's fun to dive towers with a shield, so when the enemy chases you, your laning partner can jump them from the bushes. Play with it a little, that's the best way to figure out your favorite combo.

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Summoner Spells

I usually use Ghost / Exhaust, simply because I find myself chasing a lot of champions down. Ghost can help you get away too, because sometimes people will turn out focusing you. Exhaust makes Tryndamere or AD Yi useless for a few vital seconds, and if you have Cannibalism up you will take the cake. You do more damage, and you steal their life, so you have also retroactively ruined all the work most junglers or AD carries have done up to that point. Then stun them (especially Tryndamere during Endless Rage), connect the hand bone to the axe bone, and the axe bone to the face bone.

There are probably some other good combos. Flash is nice to chase and stun, and some other ones I'm sure are helpful. Feel free to post good combos in the Comments. I feel like Summoner Spells are usually very much Summoner Based, hence the name. So this one is for you to figure out if you don't like Ghost + Exhaust.

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Pros / Cons

- Lifesteal, and lots of it.
- Cannibalism can keep a teammate, or all of them, alive longer. Coupled with Exhaust and Cryptic Gaze, you can heal a teammate and yourself back while not taking damage, making it almost impossible for a squishy, and sometimes even a tank, to get away.
- Great chase ability
- Run quickly, so you can stun a chaser and allow a teammate to live while also getting away yourself. If you're careful, that is.

- Seceptible to Teemo's blind, Exhaust, etc.
- Thornmail can really set your chances of surviving off.
- your shield can be quite deceiving sometimes; it doesn't really help for that long.
- AP heroes love an AD sion, as long as they can stay a safe distance and harass you.

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Team Work

It's best to play with a buddy who you can Ventrilo with. Then you can tell them, "stand next to me, i popped my ult," and they will be healed with you. Sometimes, I find myself playing support Sion, because i heal and stun. Initiation is not a good idea; have someone else initiate so you can grab a carry with your stun, and with your shield, shave some HP off. A lot of the time, late game, you will be "shaving" 40% of the enemy's health with a swing.

Basically, if someone's being attacked and your stun is up, use it. Also, run over there and hit them. When Cannibalism is active, your teammate will stay alive. And with Exhaust to throw on them right after, they won't be able to get away.

Don't feed. Don't overextend. ETC.

You know the drill.

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Good Team Combos

I decided to add this part because it always gives me pleasure when a friend and I dominate a lane. Usually if I'm vented with someone I know, bottom lane will change inhabitants often. In fact, I think out of the last 5 games, bottom has been attempted first jungle gank from the enemy, and in all of those games, at least one of us got away.

- thrown n' stun
- also tanky
- minions die quick

- throw n' stun
- thrown into poison, the enemy takes damage as Singed turns around to auto attack, or closes off escape routes with more poison.

- grab n' stun
- grab n' toss up n' stun (n' Exhaust n' Ghost)
- hold a lane forever, grab champs who think they're safely around a tower's base out to no-man's land, and instead of AD, they can also do magic damage.

- Slow on chase, stun n' gun
- A good Tryndamere can tank. Endless Rage is the best tank in the game for a few seconds, and twirl + flash is a good escape. That way you can both take out a turret quickly, and then go gank a lane.

- King of HP loss
- You'll be targetted a lot, and if you can use your shield effectively, their attacks will turn into wasted mana and CD's
- He also has lifesteal.

- although rare, your double stun combo coupled with Tormented Soil can be a blessing for both Morgana's damage inrease and your team's CC ability.
- She has spell vamp, so you can both lane all day

I'm sure there are plenty of other ones. Two that I have left out are Rammus and Shen, because stun n' taunt n' kite is a powerful combo, but I'm tired of typing.

If you have any suggestions, please comment.

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You are Sion, the undead assasin, who steals the life of the living and gives nightmares to all squishy toons. Your lifesteal and damage per second combo, coupled with a massive crit chance, will have you alive forever, and all of your smart teammates will be there at the end of the fight too. The idea is pretty simple, because you just have to compliment your teammate's attacks and save their ***es when you can. Hopefully you'll enjoy this build, please leave any comments below.