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Rengar Build Guide by inertial

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author inertial

Heart of the Tiger - Rengar Jungle [Under Contruction]

inertial Last updated on September 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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'Ello ladies and gents! Welcome to my guide on Jungling Rengar. Please rate/comment this guide! Feedback would be great especially since Rengar is still a new champion :D

[*] Fun to play - hes a gank dependent jungler and so you're always on the prowl :D
[*] Insane Damage
[*] Exclusive Rengar Fashion Apparel Jewelry
[*] Adaptable - can be AP/AD, tanky/DPS
[*] Most importantly: Is Kilrathi

[*] Inherently Squishy (see: lame base stats)
[*] High cool-downs at lower levels
[*] No Real Escape
[*] Can snowball out of control and suddenly become 2 ezz to play

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TODO list:

-Runes & Summoner Spells
-Ability & Skill sequence
-Video/Screenshot area
-Changelog & Patch Notes

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Champion Abilities

This is by far the most hilarious thing about our furry friend. Kareem Abdul Rengar can leap out of any brush at an enemy player/minion. It's important to use this passive to it's maximum potential early on as your bola strike is a weak gap closer(even with its ferocity bonus). Don't forget you have a short delay after leaving the brush to leap so practice doing that. Also its important to say RAWR each time you leap.

This is AD Rengar's main damage ability. It is known to do WTF damage, heres how: 4 stacks of ferocity -> press Q & attack -> proc ferocity bonus instantly refreshing cooldown -> press Q again dealing bonus damage and double attack speed -> press Q again. PRESS Q to win.

I max this first in the jungle as it will be necessary for obtaining them early kills. But NOT before obtaining all of my abilities first to be able to spam the ferocity bonuses.

This is his sustain ability. Since this guide does not deal with AP Rengar we won't discuss it much except for the fact that you get it second to get the ****-tastic armor bonus and sustain.

E-BOLA STRIKE! Use this to cause LOL damage and LOL slow. That's right folks this ability is pretty useless even with ferocity bonus. It's really only useful to get your ferocity stacks up.

Gives you full ferocity, stealth, infra-red vision and the ability to leap at anyone in your vicinity. This ability is what makes Rengar so ****ing scary. It has a low cooldown so dont't be afraid to waste it to check if the enemy is doing baron or to escape while counter-jungling. Since Rengar's base stats are wizeak, this is usually what you will initiate with in team fights.

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Itemization - Dat Snowball Kitty Mentality

Now I know what you're saying: "Sword of the occult? WTF SCRABNAB that item is garbage right?"

Rengar's bonetooth necklace gives some mediocre bonuses, becoming cost effective at 6 stacks since the bonuses given at 9 and 14 are useless by the time you reach that many kills. Don't get me wrong, his bonetooth necklace is central to the build and it NEEDS to be supplemented to be worth buying. You will find that each item bought after bonetooth necklace shares a stat with this item. Not only are these stats beneficial to Rengar's playstyle but they also make his necklace that much stronger.

bonetooth necklace
When to buy this? Level 6!
Once you get your ultimate you should be using it to pick up kills left and right. It's not cost effective before 6 and there are better items to help you get through your jungling early on (Doran's blade/Vamp Scepter). This is a snowball item and although it might SEEM more forgiving to dying than other snowball items it takes longer to obtain stacks since you only receive one stack per kill. Bottom line: DONT DIE. You should never be initiating other players to begin with. Your job is to "seal le deal" on retreating enemies.

Bonetooth Necklace gives a bonus 10(+2 per level) damage. At level 18 this comes out to be a meager 46 bonus damage. Sword of the occult on the other hand gives you 10(+5 per stack) damage. You receive two stacks per kill and one per assist losing 1/3rd of them if you die. At 20 stacks you get 15% increased movement speed along with a whopping 110 attack damage... HEY wait a minute.. isn't there a movement speed bonus on bonetooth necklace? Anyways, SOTO is cost effective at 5 stacks which is way easier to obtain than the 6 stacks needed for bonetooth movement speed.

Bottom line: DON'T DIE and you will become more ad carry than the ad carry. 2 ezz.

This item costs you 1337 gold and is 1337. CDR and armor pen both stacking with bonetooth necklace. Late game you could build it into a Ghostblade for extra umph and winmore potential.

This item is often overlooked since it has an active and people tend to forget to use it. DON'T FORGET TO USE IT! Put it in your first slot and just remember to press 1 when you're going in for a kill. The passive is sweet enough giving you extra CDR and armor pen that you need for damage output but the active is 2stronk to forget. If you pop this when you're going into you will be coming in HOT and be able to pick up multiple kills if you play correctly.

I get this after sheen usually. Combined with brutalizer and bonetooth necklace you will be at 40% armor penetration +65 flat armor penetration. True damage, baby.

I complete this item last. I get a sheen early and complete trinity force only after obtaining the ghostblade. The kitty loves sheen being a burst AD and all. And trinity force is just too nice an item on him to pass up.

Boots can be situational. Not for Rengar. You don't need mercury treads even if the AP carry is fed and they have OP CC over 9000. Why? You will never be engaged in a team fight long enough to die. Why? Because you aren't a tank and unless you build him that way you will die no matter what. Play like an ad carry minding your positioning and avoiding focus. The best advice I can give is to arrive at the team fight a few moments after it begins, picking off a fleeing enemy and maybe pulling some aggro away from your team.
Furthermore boots of mobility stack with bonetooth necklace AND SotO. You have no gap closer without your ulti and a smart player would avoid the jungle while being chased by you to make your passive completely useless so movement speed is your best friend.

Situational items (to be added)

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Start blue with a strong leash. Although Rengar is mana-less he desperately needs the CDR to be able to clear his jungle at level 1.
At level 2 get his W ability. Continue jungling after blue (using the ferocity bonus W to heal yourself) but focus on ganking instead of just clearing the jungle.
Don't worry about falling behind while waiting to gank as it's very important for you to get early kills.
Rengar gank is 2 stronk early on.

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Problems In Late Game

So you are 20/4 Rengar but your team sucks so hard you're still losing? Don't fret it's not your fault. Rengar falls off late game because he cannot really stay in a team fight very long without being focused down. He's still a major threat though. You should be trying to backdoor turrets/inhibitors while your failsauce team is feeding shaco defending what's left of your base. Use your ultimate to sneak past enemy lines and f some **** up and get the hell outta there.

Basically if you start to die you will lose your sword of the occult stacks very quickly and thus most of your damage. Chances are by this point you have full build and no slots for extra items. If it gets to this point sell your SotO and use whatever gold you have to buy a useful item. If you're below 14 stacks and its endgame its time to get rid of it. the itemization section has some viable options listed however the best advice I can give is that you have to adapt to every game. Is their ad carry fed? Do they have 3 AD? Then get / . Is disabling you with his ultimate? Buy a and make him useless. etc.

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Videos & Screenshots

NOTE: Guide is still under heavy construction :D plz check back frequently for updates and changes!

Well that's the end of the guide. I hope you learned something about this champ, he is a lot of fun to play and quite underestimated in the current meta. If you have any cool videos or screenshots of you playing Rengar with my guide plz send me a PM and I will put them up here :D