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Hecarim Build Guide by atadurukan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author atadurukan

Hecarim-Catching and Rampaging (AD + DEF or FULL AD) (SPEED)

atadurukan Last updated on May 14, 2012
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Table of Contents
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Maybe i set wrong skills. My catch is finishing :

1st Rampage
2nd Devastating Charge
3rd Spirit of Dread

(Give points when you can give points to ULTİMATE SKILL.)

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I ll write you to why i selected these items.

Boots of Speed + 3 Pot : I selected because all is selecting Doran's Blade, Armor etc. And when their health become under %20, they out of fight. Also when trying to catching running enemy, 2 champions speeds will be same and chaser can't catch the runner (There is some exceptions about some champs that they start with 330 speed). When u get boots of speed with hecarim, you get (if i remember true) 360 speed. That makes you to catch easyly and rampage them better.

Boots of Speed to Boots of Swiftness : That will extremely increases you movement speed that you can easyly catch your enemies.

Trinity Force : First, dont try to get Trinity Force directly. First get Zeal, then Sheen then Phage. (It will be easyly...) I selected Trinity but i havent got any reasons about it. I thinked from there -> Hecarim got good health and good damage. Not only damage or health. Trinity makes you gain points from all sides. It will be good. And i saw lots of good players with Hecarim get Trinity Force.

Phantom Dancer : I think its best item for Hecarim. Hecarim gains speed %15 and increases attack speed %50 percent. That will make you easyly catch and attack without stopping. Also it gives you Critical Damage but i dont care. I just bought for its attack and movement speed.

Infinity Edge : Now, look items before Infinity. There is no attack damage increaser item. I get it for that. Main idea of getting Infinity Edge is attack damage. (Also some players told me to get The BloodThirster. İts not wrong but it didnt give much attack damage. You can gget Black Cleaver also but i dont think it is true.)

NOW if you want to play attacksive, u should get selected items. These 2 item let you to gain extremely Damage and speed. I selected them for that ability of item.

İf u want more items for attack, you can select

The BloodThirster (Recommended)
Black Cleaver (Recommended)
Madred's BloodRazor (Recommended)
Last Whisper (Recommended)
Youmuu's Ghostblade
The LightBringer
Ionic Spark
Nashor's Tooth
Frozen Mallet

I wrote which items you can get to 5th and 6th slot.

If you play defensive i recommend you

Force of Nature
Warmog's Armor

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I ll give you some tactics about this build about FARMİNG, KİLLİNG etc..

FARMİNG : Try to do lasthit (stereotype sentence). You can use Rampage when you see you are losing a minion kill to minions. Dont use rampage to all minions. Use it for Last Hit if you cant hit normally. You can use Spirit of Dread in Big Minion Army to damage all of them. You can use you Devastating Charge on minions but try to hit a lot of them. DONT USE ULTİ ON MİNİONS..

KİLLİNG : Hecarim's best using is attacking from enemy's back. DONT USE YOU HECARİM LİKE TANK. (İf you do DEF BUİLD for Hecarim, maybe it can happen). HECARİM GOT GOOD HEALTH BUT HECARİM İS NOT A TANK. Use your Hecarim like assassin. Try to attack from their back and try to attack to LOW-HEALTH CHAMPİONS. For example when playing Summoner's Rift, team's plan is 2-1-2. You are down and you see your ally is %10 health and running. Enemy got %30 health and he is chasing. You can change your frontline and go to kill enemy. (I AM USİNG İT ALL THE MATCHES.)