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Hecarim Build Guide by ZhadE

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZhadE

Hecarim Jungle Tanky DPS

ZhadE Last updated on May 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi my name is ZhadE and im a player from LoL ph. This is my first guide in mobafire so I hope you enjoy it ^^. This guide will tell you about my Hecarim build I play him as an anti escape/initiator/tankydps champ. Since this is my first guide so please feel free to post comments ^^

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Hecarim for me without items is a squishy dps without having a good lane to be with he isnt a carry because his skills arent strong his first 2 abilities are dps abilities and his last 2 abilities are a bit of a nuke. So here we will make Hecarim a tanky dps by giving him all his needed sustain while also giving him increased dps.

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For runes I make him tanky by giving him Armor Pen Marks for damage Armor Seals for AD sustain Magic Resist Per Level Glyphs for AP sustain and MS Quints for well extra ms and damage you can also try runes from other tiers

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For masteries I take 1/21/8 taking Summoners Wrath in the offense tree, the tanky stuff from the defense tree, and some utility in thee Utility tree. I use these masteries to increase my tankynes but you can also try to shuffle some of the points to your liking ^^

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Item build/Jungle Route


For jungling I take 1 Cloth Armor and 5 pots then I rush it to Wriggles Lantern then depending on the enemy team damage buy Ninja Tabi for AD or Mercury Treads for AP then I buy a Sunfire Cape to increase my sustain and my dps then I but Trinity Force purchasing Sheen Phage then Zeal then I buy Thornmail to increase my tankyness and to give a boost on the dps when enemies are attacking you then finally to increase my damage output I buy the Maw of Malmortius to increase my Magic Resist and to have a Tryndamere passive and finally you can sell your Wriggles Lantern for a Blood Thirster


I take the standard jungle route <Blue Buff-Wolves-Wraiths-Golems-Red Buff> and I also gank along the way

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Skill Sequence

For the skills I take and max Rampage because it is my main dmg source and it also activates sheen oftenly because of its low cooldown. Then I max Spirit of Dread next because it is where Hecarim gets his sustain at clashes. After that I max Onslaught of Shadows third taking it when ever possible. Then finally I max Devastating Charge because the movement increase is the same at all levels. You wont even use it oftenly in battles because of its cd. But try to use it for its bonus damage and not just for utility.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I take Smite and Exhaust
Smite because it increases my jungling speed and when inlane it increases the lanes pushing speed
Exhaust because it can greatly decrease the enemies performance and it can also help you in ganks especially in early game and it can also save you and your teammates lives.

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Dos And Donts


    Hecarim is a team fighter so in order to use him most effectivley always cooperate with your team.
    When starting ganks try to use Devastating Charge early and attack your enemy from behind so he will be pushed away from the turret.
    Always try to get the blue buff or red buff because they will always come in handy in increasing your dps and decreasing your troubles killing fleeing champions.
    When you spot a fleeing champion especially after a clash use your skills to bring them down because its Hecarims specialty taking down fleeing champions.
    Gank always keep on Ganking your team needs it because your Ganking just might result on how the game will end
    Always wait for your team because of your ms you might outrun your team and there will be no one to back you up if you got set

    Do not charge inside a clash without backup you have great ms and an over terrain ultimate but you must wait for your team mates to appear in the battlezone coz youll get
    Do not tower dive unless you can sustain the turrets damage
    Do not try to become the hero of the team by killing many heroes just assists will do leave the damaging to your Burst,Carries,Mages and take out the enemy while they try to flee

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So this build will increase Hecarims survivability and dps because youll have fairly high armor to have a bit more sustain while dealing dps to enemies even if your not attacking them. Youll also have have good Magic Resist because of you MoM(Maw of Malmortius) every time you take magic dmg that leaves you with little health youll get a shield and youll also get more damage when your health is lower.

Conclusion: You will beceome a hard to kill champion with high dps and an anti escape/escape skill so you are formidable on the battlefield when they try to focus you on a clash you can sustain their damage while watching them kill themselves with your Thornmail and your SFC

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Last Word

Im sorry for the short guide but this is my first guide and I built this for the alt tabbers so I made it this simple so bye feel free to comment for some better items because I might include them good bye ^^