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Hecarim Jungle - Unstoppable speed

Last updated on November 27, 2012
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So I picked for runes movement speed quints, (You will need these, trust me.) Flad AD marks for jungle damage and overall damage when fighting enemy champs. Armor in the zeals and magic resist in glyphs for that off-tank feel.

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Now for items, Do take the 5 hp potions with cloth armor, I Highly recommend it instead of boots, with your movement speed quints, you start out at 350 movement speed Without boots. Plus hecarim needs the pots. Go for Madrids before first boots if you have to choose. Or how I do it, don't return back to base until you have 1050 gold (full jungle clearing and an assist from ganking) that makes you able to get both and puts you in a good spot to clear jungle and gank. From there, get zeal and trinity force since hecarim gets every bit out of the trinity force. And next force of nature for the AP mid, and movement speed.

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Summoner Spells

Some prefer flash instead of ghost, But I recommend ghost as I've experimented with both and found that ghost helps you gank better, gives damage bonus due to passive, and just a better escape than flash sometimes.

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Skill Sequence

You want to max your Q first, for your damage. It has a low cooldown so there's no real reason to build cooldown reduction anyawys. Next your W because at level 5 it heals you for 30% of all damage enemy champions take in the circle. (That's huge in a teamfight) your E can wait, all it does it do more damage and refreshes faster, speed stays the same.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Fast and very effective ganks, great ultimate for teamfights, fast jungle clearings, and many opportunities for counter-jungling. Also a great off-tank or bruiser. Cons: Not very good in 1v1 fights, Doesn't do a whole lot of damage by himself, and snares/stuns/silences work well against him.

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Creeping / Jungling

I suggest start at wolves, then blue, wraiths, golems, red, then gank. You can always pull a lv2 gank for mid if the enemy is pushed. But be careful not to die low level, it throws hecarim behind.