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Hecarim Build Guide by Guest

Hecarim Run Like The Wind...the wind that can kill you

Hecarim Run Like The Wind...the wind that can kill you

Updated on April 20, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 1,545 Views 1 Comments
1,545 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hecarim Build Guide By Guest Updated on April 20, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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More Hecarim Runes

Why I made this build

Hello everyone and welcome
I noticed there was only one Hecarim build and frankly, it looked like ****.
Since he came out I've constantly been playing as Hecarim,testing out different builds
untill I found something that worked. This guide was based on the principle that
movespeed equals AD. Offcourse there's more to it than that as I will explain later.
For now let's skip on to Runes, Masteries and so on and if you apply them right u will
be getting scores like 12/5 in no time.
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What Runes to get and why

Since you will be getting multiple Phantom Dancer's you will have lot's of Attack Speed
and lot's of Critical Strike Chance and offcourse Movement Speed which will supply
u with a good ammount of Attack Damage . I found that no extra Attack Damage is needed
even when facing Master Yi.That's Why I picked Attack Speed runes mostly and 3
Quintessences Of Swiftness Just to give u that extra Attack Damage bonus.
Why Attack Speed? Well simply because I feel it synchronises well with the rest of the
build (you have lots of criticals) and those extra HPS (hits per second) never hurt.
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I'm goin 7/15/8 maxing out Movement Speed wherever I can. Summoner's Wrath is an
obvious choice, it raises ghost movespeed and thus your AD bonus. It also gives exhaust
the ability to lower Armor and Magic Resistance plus a nice Slow which makes
it easier to chase, escape and to give your Devastating Charge maximum effectiveness.
furthermore I max out Brute Force for that bit of extra damage and Alacrity for
that extra bit Attack Speed. Initiator and Swiftness are a given for the
reasons I stated above. You will get a movespeed rating of well over 550 so u cannot
be overtaken by anyone unless u get slowed by a group of coordinated gankers.
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Items I found worked really well

Start off with Boots of Swiftness and 3 X Health Potion u won't need any DPS items
at first because the movespeed u get from masteries,runes and the boots will give u a
sufficient startingboost. The nice bonus being ur also the fastest champ in the game from
the very start. Later get Zeal and build to your first Phantom Dancer than u
want to get Vampiric Scepter for that bit of extra help concerning survivability.
Then it depends on the enemy team, do they outdamage you? Get Thornmail and/or
Force of Nature before your second Phantom Dancer Lastly upgrade your
Vampiric Scepter into Sanguine Blade and you should be able to overcome most
if not all enemies. Don't go rushing alone against multiple opponents offcourse.
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Skill Sequence

Put 1 point in every skill at the beginning. After that u want to keep it even in leveling
with a slight preference to Rampage
Prioritise them like this :

Onslaught of Shadows> Rampage> Devastating Charge> Spirit of Dread

So far I found this to be the best way, but if u find yourself not lasting long enough
u can allways try to max Spirit of Dread sooner.
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Summoner Spells

Exhaust See Masteries
Ghost See Masteries

Possible Alternatives

Flash this can replace Exhaust if u want allthough I personally don't find it nesesary.
It can help u lengthen the distance traveled with Devastating Charge active,
but like I said I feel it can be dropped with all the speedboosts dominion offers
and your natural speed and ghost.Nuff said.

Ignite can also be used to replace Exhaust because Hecarim has AD and AP damaging
moves. This depends solely on taste.
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Pros / Cons

Pros: - You can outrun anyone with a whopping +550 Movespeed
- You have descent resistance thx to Thornmail & Force of Nature
- Lifesteal gives u good survivability even if its not enough against high burst
DPS champs, just run away slay minions, grab some Health pickups and voila
- Surprise enemies by racing through the jungle from Point to Point

Cons: - Not quite as resistant as some champs
- You will have less of a life being addicted to this champ
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Team Work

Supreme speed will be a great help to your team to : - help weak teammates
- get to points fast to capture
- chase down weak enemies your team cant
quite finish

Champs you might want to keep close : Lulu If u ram with Devastating Charge she can
enlarge you giving u time to lay on the pain.
And her ability to transform them doesnt hurt
either :D

Morgana Her Black Shield never hurts

Galio Righteous Gust increases your movespeed
get it? :p

TrundleHis Pillar of Filth can be handy for u
to keep circeling around with your
Spirit of Dread, dealing damage while
easily keeping out of range + all the damage
the enemy suffers from anyone heals u
not bad right? q°/_°p

Tactics: - Try to go on the speedbuffs as much as possible for increased damage
- Thx to your movespeed u can pick up all the Health pickups in no time at all
- See a teammate running for his life? Intercept with Devastating Charge
- Onslaught of Shadows Ghostriders can be fired through obstacles while u
remain safe
- Rampage and Spirit of Dread can be combined to farm and regain HP quickly

The rest I leave up to you to be creative with hf and gl :D
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Ok so to sum it all up for you guys : - Good Damage
- Uncatchable with the obvious exeption of gankers with
stuns,snares and so on
- Faster than Rammus thx to constant superspeed
- Utilise your moves to their fullest potential
- Know who to stick with if ur not going bot solo
League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Hecarim Guide
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Hecarim Run Like The Wind...the wind that can kill you

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