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Hecarim Build Guide by splitsecond215

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author splitsecond215

Hecarim Tanky DPS PAIN!!!!!!

splitsecond215 Last updated on April 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all! this is my first guide. i like this build and it worked pretty well so i just want to share it. I personally did not play jungle because i never been able to :S. This guide is for hecarim lane. I am not from USA or ENGLAND so please be nice as I might be making some mistake. any suggestion will be accepted and included in the guide. And finally enjoy my guide!

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Summoner Spell

I personally have find Ghost and Exhaust works best. other alternative will be using Ghost and Heal in order to stay alive in middle of team fight. if you want to jungle then get smite and change your starting item as your favorite jungle item.

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As an Tanky DPS you need to be tough. thats why i prefer 9-21-0. Focusing on hp and armor. This way when you dash in with the tactic below, you don't have to worry being taken down so easily.

For rune, as physical damager, you would want to have armor penetration Mark, Armor Glyphs and Seals, and most importantly MS quints. I have not checked the real effectiveness of this Quints as I don't have it yet. :S. but those 2 armor seals and glyphs are pretty good for sustaining Damage.

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Pros / Cons

  • Awesome damage
  • Tanky
  • squishy killer
  • Turret destroyer.
  • Early need to be careful
  • Squishy early
  • hard to farm except you have support

Pretty good for tanky DPS. except early game really squishy, if you are going top you will need to stay as close to the turret but you can still last hit the minion. and always ward. he is pretty squishy if disabled.

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Skill Sequence

Why did i take E first? because when you actually use your ultimate. The damage can be devastating by pressing E then ult then attack the target you want to kill. and usually it will also knockback the champion to corner or back at your team which is awesome. Q is just for damage booster. feel free to max E without W if you are doing well in lane. W is basically just for sustain. You guys are welcome to maximize W first and getting some health while you are tanking if you feel like real tanking without doing so much damage with your E.

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Starting Items

If you know what to buy skip!

First get boot and 3 Health pot. then aim straight for next boot. I personally picked berserker's greaves. This way later game when you tanked in front, you can damage your opponent badly and they will get disturbed making choice to kill you or the carry.

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Rush for tri-force ! it's your damage output! extra life and movement speed! good item, expensive tho. once you are done with tri-force you can go straight atmog, following youmuu's for extra MS and AS and crits!. if you feel like tankier, go another warmog, or force of nature, or Thornmail depending on situation. You can have Wriggle's lantern before having bloodthirster for early lifesteal and some armor.

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Team Work

you can either initiate teamfight or disturbing enemy team fight and turn to your team's favor. either way, first activate E, then quickly use your ultimate to crush any squishy and quickly again attack the target followed by Q. Most of the time this tactic deal enormous damage and the squishy usually take about 75-100% of the target's health. Warning: before doing this tactic, make sure your teammate is ready or in middle of teamfight so you can aim other while not really getting aimed or trapped in the middle of the fight.

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Unique Skills

Unlike most champion, Hecarim's devastating charge can actually damages turret. Combine with tri-force bonus damage, it will deal about 200-300 damage to turret, which is about 1/8 of its HP. this can help you if you are turret diving when turret has about 150 health, feel free to run with your E and crush it down. with early level of devastating charge, it should be quick enough to destroy a turret. And as i said in Team Work Devastating Charge can be combined with the Ultimate. The sequence should be like this :

E->R->Attack target( Buffed with E and tri-force)->Q-> attack.

This combo will deal enourmous damage. combine this step with some CC of your teammate, KILL CONFIRMED

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Well That's it. Hope you guys enjoy it! have a nice day!