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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Hecarim Top OP

Last updated on June 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welp, this is my 1st guilde so I am not so experienced but this is how i play hecarim and wish to share with you guys. ^^

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Pros / Cons

-Unable to be pushed out of lane with this build(because you want to go back yourself)
-Eventually outscale most other champs.
-Eventually wear them down until they must back
-Super anti-carry
-Only horse in game
-Weak early game
-Wierd looking dance

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Creeping / Jungling

At lvl 1, go to wolves when ur at blue side or go to golems when ur purple.The camps spawn at 1.55 and take the small creeps by spamming q on them and after that, eat a biscuit.Instead of lvling up in the 1st creep of the 2nd wave, you will lvl up at the 1st wave.

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Unique Skills

Your q does not stop ur auto attack but cancels its animation.If cancelled too early, it will do the dmg after your q.So reguardless, you will still do the dmg.With this set up, tart with boots 3 pots and a ward.Farm until you get 1.1k gold and back to get mobo.homeguard.With this, it takes about 20 seconds to reach top lane again, making it a worth while purchase. If you die or get knock out of lane before you get the epic boots, tp back to lane and farm.This allows you to trade with your opponents every time, go back and heal and rush back to lanes and farm without losing any creeps.This will eventually wear them down.If you do not feel like trading, just stand on your dying creeps and because your character model is soooo huge, the opponent can only click on you and cannot cs. This denies him alot and because of your homeguard mobo, your can heal up and get back to lane and the only thing that stays is that your opponent has no cs.Next, the gp5 will help you get more gold more quickly, allowing your to rich your late game peak at the midgame mark if you are farming decently.No need for 10 cs every min.About 8 cs/min will do you good. Next tip about getting this build and the bonus 2% ms when out of combat is that your can enter a bush, charge your e up and since ur leveling it up, the dmg is high and rush around in the bush.When you exit the bush, you will be every fast and the bonus range it gives will give you a 99.99% free harress on the opponent and because of the bonus ms, you get more ad and dmg on e and q
Do this trick by pressing e and running in the bush,then charge out at the opponent. As hecarim character model flies up in the air, press q and w. If you do this after the last enemy creep dies, you have time to go back and heal up and when you reach the lane, the minions have just started fighting only.

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With this trick, you can deny your enemy farm, harress them down for free and hit your peak( late game items) before late game! Hope this build can help out those hecarim top players and if they say hecarim top is bad and riot nerfed hecarim so much, tell them that the nett total hecarim buffs and nerfs still makes him stronger than when he was released.Of course at late game, you can split push and sell your mobos for swiftness ,merc or tabi but homeguard is still a very good item on heacarim, especially if your enemies are in your base and when you came out of base, bam. You do 300 dmg with 1000++ ms and you can always run back and do the same thing or just kill that proxy singed which everyone is crazy about nowadays. Good luck and have fun hecarim players^^