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Hecarim - Unranked Lane DPS Approach by Underdog

Last updated on April 19, 2012
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Hey. This is my guide to Hecarim. I bought him on Day 1, and have been having a lot of fun with him. This is my guide after 1 day of play, and will be subject to change as I learn him more over the coming weeks. I want to point out now that this is NOT a ranked guide. I do not play ranked as I find that it is stressful without a fixed team, and I cannot play with a fixed team as of now. If I begin ranked I will most likely update this guide if I play him, most likely as a solo top or jungler. I am yet to jungle, as I cannot practice my route in a custom game due to the buggy patch, but will most likely add a jungling guide and build fairly soon.

About me: I play League of Legends casually, and thought it would be fun to write a guide. I play on EU West, and my username is TheOnlyUnderdog. Feel free to add me and play with me!

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Overview of Guide

I like to build Hecarim as a slightly tanky DPSer. I wan't enough durability to not be bursted easily, or die from being focused, while maintaining a high amount of AoE DPS with Rampage, as well as good single target DPS with auto attacks in between strikes of Ramage . The build above is the ideal snowball DPS build, that you should stick to if you are getting kills, and not dying much. This build is of course subject to change (see Items section). I will highlight everything from items, runes, masteries, skill sequence, summoner spells and more in this guide, and explain my reasons for taking them to fit this idea of "Slightly Tanky DPS". I hope you enjoy reading this guide, and I hope it is of use to you.

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Before every game you must prepare what runes you are going to take into the game. As someone limited to 2 rune pages and the runes I have accrued over approximately 700-800 games, these are the ones I suggest. Please note that some are speculation of what would be good, and may not be ideal, please report back in the comments what you think.


Top Choice:

greater mark of desolation Armor Penetration +15
This is because very few items give this stat, and with the Brutalizer it brings many champions, even those with Armor Seals greater seal of resiliance. This means you can basically be dealing true damage to them with your physical attacks.

Other options include:

Attack Damage +15
Still a valid option, helps with last hitting minions, but not as good as the Armor Pen because its an easy stat to get, and will not bring people down to true damage level.

Attack Speed +15%
I wouldn't really go for this, but if you feel your attack speed is too low late game, you might want to take these. My problem with these is that you don't particularly need attack speed with Hecarim, as you should be spamming Rampage , and not auto-attacking often. It would be better to build a Phantom Dancer though if you feel your attack speed is too slow (see items).