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League of Legends Build Guide Author Perpetuum Mobile

Heimerdinger, the Turret Fanatic

Perpetuum Mobile Last updated on October 22, 2010
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NOTE: This build description is outdated, however the builds are un to date... description coming soon!

Left build is for experienced players and the right one is a bit more noob-proof.

"Indeed, a wise choice!"


I'd like to say hi to all of you scientist enthusiasts and apologize you for any mistakes in the following guide. This is my first ever and I'll do my best to help you with it.
Also, sorry for any typos/other mistakes in text - english isn't my mother tongue, so spare me.
Enjoy reading!

As said, we'll be playing Heimerdinger, The Revered Inventor who is my favorite champion of ~20 I've played until now... This guide also focuses on playing on mid lane, solo-ing it.

~ PROs/CONs:

+ Has a high damage output (especially at higher levels), that can be compared to some weaker nukes
+ Has a stun
+ Has an AoE blind
+ Has turrets (that keep attacking even if you're stunned/blinded/snared...)
+ Good farmer
+ Very useful in teamfights (if played correctly)
+ Has a great joke :D

- Can be quite squishy at times
- If you rely on turrets as your main skill (as this guide does), you can have problems with champions that have AoE damage and keep on killing your turrets
- Very slow, makes it hard to get out of those "OH SH&#!" situations

~ Introduction:

Heimerdinger, in my opinion is one of the best, if not the best carry in the game. When you start well, you will shine in late game, if played correctly. You don't even need to get (an) early kill(s) - it's usually fine if you just stay alive and farm those minions on your lane.

About lanes, you'll be wanting to go mid lane, alone.
Mostly because you need all the farming space you can get. Your turrets will be ripping those minions apart in no time and you'll get gold while just standing there. :D

~ All About Heimerdinger:

I really won't bother copy/pasting all his abilities and stuff like that, when you can just click this link and see it, with pictures too. ;D

~ Pre-Game (Masteries/Runes/Spells):


Marks - Magic Pen. (makes turrets even more imba :D)
Seals - Dodge Chance (just to help you survive a bit - can use mana regeneration too)
Glyphs - Cooldown Reduction (self-explanatory)
Quintessences - Mana Regen./Move Speed (Basically anything you think you need)


*Take "Cripple" in the Offense tree.
Other are optional, but you may want to max those concerning mana/mana regen. in the Utility tree.

Summoner Spells:

My advice: Clarity + Exhaust
Clarity will help you stay longer, especially in early/mid game, but can be quite helpful in late game too.
Exhaust is helpful to trap an enemy next to your turrets, which gets me quite some kills, but you can also use it for escape purposes.

Other useful choices:
Teleport gets you back to your lane across the map and saves you the long walk and precious time.
Flash is used by many Heimers, although I don't see much point in it, except for running away, as Heimer isn't a really good chaser.

~ Ability Build:

We will be playing 5v5, so our priority skill will be the Turrets (Q).
Grenades (E) are also great, and can do quite a lot of damage, while the Micro Rockets are meh. in my opinion - not that great damage, only useful for harrasing and maybe farming faster in mid/late game.
(R >) Q > E > W

~ The Game:

~Early Game:

Heimerdinger's success is mostly based on early game, so be careful, you're still quite squishy and you don't wanna die...
The game starts, you grab 2x Faerie Charm & 2x Health Potion. You run to your lane (preferably mid) and lay down a Turret (Q). I recommend placing it just before the middle of mid lane - this way it'll get minion kills asap, but it won't let your enemy kill it, as it will be behind your minions.

At level 2 get your Grenades (E) and hit your opponent if he wants to get closer to you. You'll want to get used to how these nukes fly, so you can direct-hit enemies and stun them... even if this doesn't help you kill them in early game, it does scare the **** out of them, especially if they're near turrets.
When you get turrets to level 4, you can place all 3 of them at a time. Do so in a line perpendicular to the incoming minion waves. You can place the side turrets wide apart (every side of the lane), but I prefer having them closer together.

Also make sure you keep them safe - use minions as meatshield.
This is basically all you do until lvl 5-7... Lay down your "artillery" and harass your enemy with your Grenades (E).

I like to go back to my base when I get to lvl 7 and place 3 turrets down... The enemy will see that i'm gone and some really stupid ones may try to kill the turrets (even without their minions). If something like that happens, I just press "R" (UPGRADE!!!) and the turrets will frenzy, leaving your enemy fleeing.
At the time I get back to base I turn the two Faerie Charms into a Mana Manipulator and buy Boots of Speed (basic boots) or Sorcerer's Shoes.
Mercury's treads are quite useless if you ask me, the Magic Pen. from Sorc's makes your turrets do even more damage. :)

After this, continue your harrasment on your lane... if the enemy gets close to your turrets Exhaust/Stun him (with a grenade hit) and maybe let the Rockets (W) on him and he'll most likely run away (if still alive). :P
When you get some kills you'll soon be able to buy a Haunting Guise. It's great in early game; gives some survivability and even more firepower to the Turrets.
Your lanemate is probably already afraid of you and you should expect some ganks towards you really soon...

Mid Game:

So, let's say you're doing well, you killed your lane opponent a few times, you didn't die at all or maybe once... You've damaged the outer turret quite a lot too, so the enemy team decides to take you out. What to do? Probably, the best option is to run. You're not good enough to take 2/3/4 enemies at a time, but you may take out one or maybe two of them, if you run to/past your turrets and ulti (UPGRADE!!!) at the right moment... It's useful if you hit a stun-grenade or exhaust any of them too. You just might surprise them. ;)

Remember, that this is still quite early game and you're a carry and not a tank, or a nuke (yet :D).
So, you survived (or not) your first gank, but still, you decide that you need some more survivability... GoGo, get yourself a Soul Shroud. The HP bonus on this is great, the mana regeneration is more than useful and the cooldown reduction is just the icing on the cake. :P
By this time, you should already have your Turrets (Q) at lvl 5 and it's time to turn your Grenades (E) into real nukes... When you get them to ~lvl 3/4 you'll notice that most people just run away when they hear the "TEE-DEEP!" when you throw one. At level 5 these can hit quite a lot and if you manage to stun your target too, it's an easy kill for you. ;)

As you see your power growing and enemies getting afraid of you, you can start playing a bit more agressively. Some less-intelligent (:P) opponents will try to hunt you down, if you're away from your turrets, but you can run back there, stun/slow them or just exhaust... Fire at them with everything you've got and they'll be dead or with less than 20% of HP left.
Keep harrasing enemies and fearing them.

Late Game:

This is the part of the game in which a well played Heimerdinger can be nearly undefeatable. When I start well, I only die in late games, because I try to be too agressive, sometimes I even dive a turret and I fail... What I'm trying to say is that even if you dominate the game, you still may get killed, which is not a disaster, but it's a loss for your team and you, and a gain for the enemies.
About items; your core late game item is Zhonya's Ring. When you get this (even when you get the Needlessly Large Rod), your turrets will become AoE attackers with a decent attack-rate and even more decent damage... If you multiply it by 3... ;D
The Ring also has a Unique ability that is perfect for you; it makes you invulnerable for 2 seconds, while your turrets keep on firing.
What (normally) happens in those 2 seconds:
Let's say I get ganked by 2 enemies and I'm alone with my 3 turrets. There's no minions around. I fire my Rockets and a Grenade at them, but that doesn't do it...
I run to my turrets, UPGRADE!!! (if ready) and use zhonya's ring's Unique.
The enemies probably won't know what to do for the 2 seconds and by that time the turrets will do quite an amout of damage... The 2 seconds also mean that my Grenades/Rockets are almost ready again, so I start running (if I'm still losing the fight) and fire the abilities when availible again.
This is a great way to turn the tides of a gank to your advantage. ;)

Sometimes in longer games I'm able to buy a Rylai's Crystal Scepter which grants me a nice chunk of HP and MOAR POWAH! ;D
If it goes on and on and on, you may go for a Void Staff or get it before the Rylai's if you see the enemy stacking resist stuff in despair. ;)

~ Shortened Item Build:

Try to build in the following order:
(underlined items are priority items, bold are core items)

- 2x Faerie Charm + 2x HP Potion
- Boots of Speed + Mana Manipulator
- Sorcerer's Shoes (optional: Mercury's Treads)
- Haunting Guise
- Soul Shroud
- Zhonya's Ring
- Rylai's Crystal Scepter // Void Staff
- Rylai's Crystal Scepter // Void Staff (get the one you haven't before)

~ Random Tips:

- Don't place Turrets (Q) under enemy turrets because they will get targeted and killed in 1-3 shots
- Place Turrets (Q) next to the enemy inhibitor/nexus to get it destroyed quickly
- Turrets (Q) attack 50% faster the first 6 seconds after they are placed - make use of this, 50% can mean a lot more damage
- Your Grenades (E) can damage buildings (if hitting a champion/minions near a turret, try to hit the turret too - every bit of damage helps)
- Your Rockets (W) are great for last hitting when there's no minions near (jungle)
- Don't use Grenades (E) or Rockets (W) on minions too much, or you could end up mana-less quite soon (and this makes you a lot easier to kill)
- Your Innate ability - the increased HP regeneration can be used to keep you(r turrets) alive longer - when not busy fighting, just stand next to your turrets to heal them a bit

~ Conclusion:

Thank you for reading my guide. I hope you can make good use of it. Let me know if you notice any mistakes/typos.
Please test it in-game and share your thoughts with me. Well written criticism welcome!

Just a final thought: "Why do chemists call helium, curium and barium "the medical elements"? Because, if you can't "helium" or "curium", you "barium!" Heheh."
Go, bury them all! :D

Even after the last nerf (only 2 turrets) I use the exact same setup...
The only change you might want if you need more HP is get a Rylai's Crystal Scepter first - instead of Zhonya's Ring.
If you still this that Zhonya's ACTIVE can save your *** more effectively, take it first. :D

Edit No.2:
Lately I prefer to lane on a side lane - with a teammate... It's useful if that champ has any CC (stun/slow/snare/fear), so that you can push that lane faster and enable you (and your teammate) to focus on the enemies, while your turrets kill creeps.

Please comment and rate!

Thanks for taking the time to read through this guide!