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Last updated on September 22, 2010
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this is my master yi build. this is what works best for the way i play master yi and if you play like me then i'm sure you'll agree. ok first things first. ima just run through and basically give you the reason for why i picked the stuff i picked and later maybe a few

SPELLS FIRST.... always get exhaust when u play wit yi cause his speed pretty much gives u a free kill when u use this. i usually also go wit heal cause i cant tell you how many times i almost killed someone and had to stop chasin cause of my health.(or ignite is good too or clarity for extra mana to harrass longer in tight situations)those are the only four i would suggest for yi.

NOW MASTERIES... i went with just 8 in offense and i got the crit chance one in the top left and the exhaust one since thats my skill of choice. and then the sorcery one for added cooldown reduction. then i put one point in defense to boost my heal spell.(notice how so far all my masteries kinda tie in with my spells... youll see more of this)and the rest in utility for mana regen, time dead reduction,xp increase, more cooldown reduction and spell reduction.if u use clarity be sure to get the clarity mastery. always get the masteries that help your spells. sooooooo important

THEN SKILL SEQUENCE.....u can look at my chart to see what i did and im sure that some of you will disagree but i did my third skill first because other than your ult its the most important one. and it also helps with ganks at early should have it maxed out by level eight. always upgrade your ult when its available. if you do this your damage output will be pretty good for a yi. make sure to balance wuju style and alpha strike(should be maxed by lv12)at level 2 get alpha so you can harras when the enemy pushes your tower. by level eight if you do your skills right alpha strike should be letting you run through minion packs pretty quick. (this is good when pushin a tower)when you hit lv13 meditate will pop up three times in a row then at 17 and 18 get them all. this works well when gettin harrassed so you dont lose towers so easily. and most people dont get brave enough to push a tower until maybe level 9 0r ten so u still got alpha for harras.when meditate is fully upgraded you can heal through certain peoples damage which is awesome...(people hate it)NOTE that heal and meditate make it too where you dont have to recall as much grantin you more time to collect gold. like i said everthing ties in....

NEXT IS RUNES... my favorite! for my marks i decided to go wit crit chance runes to tie into with my masteries. (note not to get crit damage cause without crit chance u really dont crit that much so the damage wouldnt matter it would be just wasted money and space)if you look at my masteries all i really got was crit chance and cooldowns wit some mana regen and other cooldowns. i also got crit chance for my seals to help crit more often. which also ties into my masteries AGAIN..LOL. yi is a crit character if you didnt know. (hes mostly built on criting movement speed and attack speed)and for my glyphs i choose cooldown reduction runes which also tie in wit my masteries.. AGAIN!(YI HAS PREETY LOW COOLDOWNS NORMALLY SO THIS JUST ADDS TO THE RAPPINGS BETWEEN MASTERIES AND RUNES).last for my quintessences i got mana regen runes which.., uh ohh ties into my masteries yet again.

LASTLY.. my items. first i get my boots which is always a must at beginning game to help with movement speed a lil and attack speed which when used with exhaust and wuju are awesome for ganks early game.then i get youmuu's ghostblade to start criting good. (helps with kills early game tremendously)it comes with a lil life steal too which is a plus so its no guess that my next item is malady. added life steal and attack speed and not to expensive. next i get phantom dancer to add on crit and attack speed wit a lil dodge. by now criting becomes then this is just my choice but i get another malady to help stay in the game longer. also works well wit meditate and heal.(notice a pattern) then finally i get infinity edge which is the game winnig item for attack damage and way more crit chane and crit damage. also ghostblade has an active that grants movement speed and attack speed for pushin or if your just tryna get away.

TIPS AND POINTERS.... for offense first of all use alpha to clear minions fast and then pop your other two skills(wuju and ult) along wit the active on ghostblade to completely tear away the towers.also try to get the mana buff from the monster this will make it to where u almost never run out of mana.(along wit mana masteries and runes) see ties in again. with the cooldown reductions and mana regens(masteries and runes) u should be poppin skills left and right. granting maximum damage output.
for defense always target minions first when gettin pushed so the tower will target the champion quickly. most people freak out and go straight for the champion which is wrong cause if its a tank hes gonna eat your damage and take your tower. and the tower will be steady shooting the minions and not you. and never try to attack a tank solo unless you got infinity cause it doesnt work at all. try to avoid ranged characters cause they are good against yi defensively. and wait and watch the map when takin a tower to use your ult cause you might need it to get away cause alot of people use the ghost spell. if you do use it though just remeber that u still got the active on the ghostblade to help with gettin away. thats about all i got for ya really. hope u like it. PEACE AND TRY IT OUT AND LET ME KNOW WHERE I COULD IMPROVE. AND IF U USE THIS BUILD JUST GIVE ME MY CREDIT THATS ALL I ASK.... HAVE FUN YALL