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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Hellla assists

Last updated on January 18, 2011
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Why I choose Soraka

For one, she's a champion that is very hard to kill early game, and late game her team becomes very hard to kill. With enough AP, you can burst heal your team from near death to ready to push for the ace. It's also rather fun to turn the tables on your enemies when they try to tower dive you when you silence and damage them and heal you self while your tower gives you a double kill. Though it won't be that easy all the time.

If you play this guide right, I'm confident it can sum up to many 25 minute games in your favor, but it doesn't mean it's perfect so feel free to criticize or comment about it.

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Though Soraka is a good early game support champion, end games is where she really shines, and where it really matters. Thats why I go for the large amount of Ability Power per level.

Why no mana regen, magic pen, health?
Like I said I need to do some work LATE game for the win, and Soraka's main goal is to heal AP per level is where to go for that.

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Well I use Mender's faith for the more effective heal and reduced cooldown because, well burst healing and not dieing to your opponents surprise and frustration is the point of playing soraka obviously.

I use 8 in offensive tree for the AP and CD reduction. Faster heals harass.

The rest I put in utilities. The bonus XP is nice because an under leveled Soraka is pretty difficult to play. I get the bonus mana also because it works with archangels staff to give more AP.

I get the extra money because Soraka has a difficult time earning enough money to get a full build, which is also why I go with a Kages Pick build.

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Item Build

I start with an amplifying tomb and a mana potion.

I get 330gold, recall back get a pick and then use teleport to get right back in the action.
I wait until 765g for my 2nd pick.
I do the same thing for a 3rd pick and it's usually about at 14mins when I get my 3rd pick.
If I ever have 350g or more when I go back to get a pick, but cannot afford my 2nd or 3rd whole pick, ill grab my boots. I'll also grab sightwards if they have a jungler or a pesky invisible champion and ill throw it in the bush near the river.

The reason I go for picks before everything else is because Soraka has trouble last hitting minions and get few kills. The good thing about this is that your lane partner will be able to gather up lot's of minion kills and enemy champion kills because you don't need them to finish your build because of your picks and assists.

What I do when I die(if i even do) I check what kind of damage is killing me the hardest(melee or magic) and Ill get either ninja tabi or Mercury treads. When facing champions like fiddle or AP shaco, i usually always get treads, but champions like yi and warwick makes me really want tabi. It really depends on who really is actually trying to pop the healer.

Then I go for Spirit Visage. Every benefit from the visage is very much needed. The CD reduc means you can heal faster, and the improved self healing makes you heal yourself for huge, and along with the magic res and HP, gives you a very great deal of survivability.

Rabadons Deathcap. This is where Soraka get's fun. T his is about the time you're gonna be the cause of a ace and the push for an inhibitor. Your heals with the visage, your heals will burst yourself to full HP, plus you will have big heals for your team.

**NOTE** If you are having a lot of trouble with the enemy bursting you down to nothing and then ruining your team when your gone, go for the hourglass instead because the invulnerability and armor plus some AP.

When healing yourself ALWAYS USE ALT+W
When infusing yourself ALWAYS USE ALT+E

Also, getting used to using the portraits can be a very effective way of not accidently healing or filling up a creeps mana, and thus getting your lane partner killed.

Put the hourglass in your 1 spot.
When you use it and your low on hp, hold alt and spam that W key so you're healed directly after the 2 second invulnerability. Or you can also mash that R key or your summoner heal.

Then I change 1 of my Picks into a Death Fire Grasp. The CD reduction and AP is nice and it can you be able to burst more than %50 of an enemy's HP, but you'll have to go for a low magic res enemy because of your lack of magic pen. But it works great on them pesky yi's that think they can jump you and get out.

Archangels staff. You get a very good amount of AP, plus you'll have enough mana to never have to infuse yourself anymore and it can always be used to fill an ally's mana, or to harass.

Hmmmm my last item.... It really always depends on how the game is going. If the UNIQUE passive from Banshees Veil seems like it will be very useful then i'll go for it. But if I wnt some armor also I'll go for guardian angel. If I dont feel like I need the last defensive item because my allies can killing their faces off, then I'll go for Will of ancients to give my allies more AP, and spell vamp, to make them even more unkillable(which is your goal).

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Summoner Spells

Heal. Soraka is burst healer. Summoner heal is generally used to heal yourself because it does %50 to allies, but it still can be use to save a fleeing ally in trouble.

Teleport. Used to get out of battle to buy picks early game, and the earlier you get your picks the earlier you will be able to get your late game gears.

Teleport is really useful to tele near your allies to save them too.