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Hextech Kennen - survive w/ damage

Last updated on September 11, 2010
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Hi everyone! And welcome to my Kennen build. I won't claim to be some genius at the game, but I have 117 wins and 121 losses. I also won't say this build is for everyone, but I have seen success with it, and in checking it looks as though it is at least somewhat unique. I will start by saying, though, that Heat's build is fantastic, and I probably wouldn't have stuck with Kennen long enough to enjoy him without Heat's build. Kudos. It's listed at the top for a reason.

One thing I will mention, cause I didn't realize it at first.... as far as going after other champions....... E, W, Q. Lightning rush, 1 mark, Electrical Surge, 2 marks, Thunder Shuriken, 3 marks and a stun. From full energy you can whip through all 3 really fast... and the Surge and Shuriken can catch them even if they are running. That stun, especially if you have your ultimate up too..... Has massive gank potential, moreso if you have help :) For a long time I didn't realize that the Surge actually added a mark of the storm.... ya... it pays to read.

Let's cover items first, since for the most part that's why people are looking, I think. I posted the items in order of purchasing, so as not to be confusing. Your core items are the boots of swiftness, the hextech gunblade, and the doran's shield. You can do surprisingly well just with those. Why a doran's shield first? Well, Kennen starts out pretty squishy... and the regen, health, and armor help him survive a bit longer. And it's a safer survival pick than the vampiric scepter because you need to be attacking for that to work. Sometimes things don't go so well for me, so I need to do a little tower hugging... which means I'm not attacking, which means I'm sitting at my 1/4 health... which is no good. The other solid way to start, that I have seen posted quite a few times, is some shoes and 3 health potions. I think that's a little better option if you aren't in the middle lane. Or, at least, that's how it's worked for me. Then it's on to the shoes, then the revolver. I choose getting the revolver soon because of the AP and the spell vamp. Especially early on, almost all you are doing is magic damage..... THEN get the cutlass and as long as you are attacking, you are getting some life back. Then I suggest getting the boots of swiftness. I've seen the tabi, the zerk's, and the merc's posted, but these make the most sense to me. The speed gives you more map control, better chasing, better fleeing, and a longer range on your lightning rush. It's especially for the range on lightning rush that I like the boots of swiftness. Then you get the gunblade. At this point you are already in happy land and doing okay. I go for the stinger next. AS and CD reduction for that price is nice. Next I'd suggest guinsoo's rageblade. No brainer. AD, AS, AP... you can't go wrong. The stinger and the rageblade do pretty solid, in my opinion, in giving you speed. Now, for me, I go for the nashor's tooth, then a gunblade. If the game is still going.... i replace the shield... with another gunblade. Seems redundant.... but the AP, AD, LS, and spell vamp all stack. I find this not only allows me to hit hard, but gives some solid survivability. NOW, this certainly isn't the only way to go....
Your core, like I said, is the boots of swiftness, the gunblade, and the shield. Beyond that, by all means take into account thine enemies. If you are getting lots of stuns and slows from the other team... mercs seem like a good idea. I wouldn't do the tabi personally, even with lots of AD on the other side, but that's just me. And the loss of speed getting the berserker greaves instead of the boots of swiftness I won't do. I can also see choosing the sorcerer's shoes for the MagPen, even though I'd still rather have the speed. In a 3v3, though, the speed matters a bit less. If you are looking at lots and lots of AP raining down, then the mercury treads are good, but also, instead of the second gunblade, pick up an abyssal scepter. AP, MRes, and MagPen is all good. Survivability and extra damage. In general, if you are feeling too squishy, you can replace the nashors with a trinity force. Trinity force is fantastic on Kennen. The only thing wasted here is the +300 mana.... Slowdown... the sheen buff... more health, more speed, AS, crit, AD... it's all good. Another option, in place of nashor's, is a phantom dancer. The dancer with the swift boots and you can really move. And hey, it's more attack speed too. Also, you can replace the second, or the second and third gunblades with rageblades. All that AD, AP, and AS stacking is nothing to sneeze at. Going wit this build in general I find I can build for damage, and still survive pretty well. That and the K man can munch towers pretty quick too. It seems like alot of money... all those gunblades... but kennen is a master farmer after the first gunblade, cause by then you have at least 1 point in both lightning rush and electrical surge. Farm-tastic. As a final note, I've seen people post up the Mejai's Soulstealer, and the Sword of the Occult. Both excellent items, but I don't personally like to choose them because of the death chopping down your viability so thoroughly. Not the same with a bloodthirstier.... that's an op item if i've seen one. Everything stacks on that sucker. Everything. I screwed around in practice with master yi one time with berserker boots and 5 of those puppies. 700 AD, 120% lifesteal? Holy **** pwnage. One swing and I get back 700 health. And even if you die... .on the bloodthirstier you can restack... with minions. You don't even need to kill champions. I soloed baron nashor with this build by right clicking on him, then watching til he died. I didn't even use an ability and never went below 1/2 health. .... wow, that was a tangent.

As far as masteries.... Archmage's Savvy, Archaic Knowledge, Brute Force, and Sunder are all pretty standard. Perseverence I get so I can snag Greed and Awareness. The extra gold and experience, I've found, help immensely. I can see skipping Resistance and Hardiness, but like I said... the little guy is pretty squishy in the beginning, and non-l33t players like myself need all the help they can get. If you are more confident, by all means go for more in the offensive tree.

My rune choices are similar to my mastery choices, as far as my play style. If I can survive early game, end game is a TON easier. Not dying, in this game, I have found to be KEY. It plays too much like monopoly to ignore survivability. The monopoly reference to say.... once one team has boardwalk AND parkplace? It really starts to lean in the GG direction. Here, boardwalk and parkplace are having more early kills, giving better items FASTER EARLY ON, which starts the landslide. Hard to crawl out of that hole. Which is why I get the health quintessences. Attack speed, armor penetration, and magic penetration just seemed to make sense. Right now I'm sitting on more health runes in the seal slots, and my glyph slots are empty... but there you go.

As for skill choices, if you are not going mid lane, I like to choose lightning rush first. You can run in well, and... maybe more importantly, run away well. Not dying... again, is important. Especially for mid laning, though, definitely choose the shuriken first. After that... well I don't tend to be too particular, and maybe I should. I ALWAYS put a point in the ultimate every time it comes up... which is true for me of every champion. Beyond that, I like focusing on the skills in a basic order. Surge, Rush, Shuriken. Surge seems more all around applicable, and Rush is just SO USEFUL.

Feel absolutely free to scoff at my rune and skill choices. It works for me, but I'm no ladder player, and I'm not ranked at all.

OH, SUMMONER SKILLS.... I almost forgot. I choose exhaust and teleport for 5v5 a lot. I find exhaust to be really helpful in so many ways, and I don't like not having the map control that teleport gives me. Cleanse, ghost, heal, flash and ignite all work well for kennen too. I don't really recommend revive, smite, fortify, rally, or clairvoyance. And for the love of god... on kennen NEVER choose clarity. People may laugh at you if you do.... This also applies to other characters... with no mana.... such as shen, katarina, akali, and the like. Please... if you choose these champions and clarity... you'll make me cry.

Please feel free to comment and make any suggestions you wish. Improvement is a good thing. I hope this helps some people out :) And if this doesn't work for you... have a look at Heat's build. It really is rock solid.

GL and HF!