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High Elo WarWick TANK jungler build

Last updated on November 11, 2011
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My First Guide for SuperWolf


So this is my first guide/build so be nice with me/it:)
Plz comment and tell me how to upgrade it!
Only vote for it if u allready tried it. Ty:)

So, basicly lets start with an overweiv on this WW build.
Its kinda tanky but steel u get a lot of kills and tons of assists.

Start from the begginings:


Yes. Not so standard. I tried Else before and this one works the best for me, as you will need to get CDR for your ulty witch is the most important skill for you, you can get easy kills on lvl4-5 as well but its not common.So this one works the best for me. If u asking why +15% spell penerate, its main coz of your most loved skill Q, and a bit for R.
I guess all of you can see what do i get ponts on, so move on to the next shape:


Basicly i dont buy attackspeed items in-game, but as im a jungler i need it to get speed in jungle, and basicly as one of my surviver abbilities from passive.
So my rune build is looks like as its shown up there!
Some explain:
+3AD from 3 marks is to compense the loss of brutal force. If u dont like all those CDR on WW, this is the part where you shoudl change. But keep in mind. Only vote this guid if you try the way i use it. I guess all can see what runes i use, so lets move on:


I start with a long sword (+10AD) and a Health pot.
I rush for wriggle's ASAP. Why not bloodrazer? A lot of build could tell you why to pick bloodrazer and a lot of can tell you why to pick wriggle's for WW. All i can say is: Bloodrazer has 4% Max hp MAGIC dmg.. so it can be reduced with MR. AND Wriggle's has 20%chance to hit on minions bonus 500magic dmg. Basicly it gives u the abbilitie to solo dragon at lvl5(with its 18% LS and your passive, with your W active).
Than go for the Mercury's Tread anyway, anysituation. You just need some MR and as you a tank, but kinda squishy at early stages, you will mostly wanna get rid of those ugly CC's.
Then i go for my sweetest, mostly beloved item in this buld, Spirit Visage. This item is like the perfect for this buld, and as far as i see for all WW build, yep even an DPS WW could use this like insane. Basicly this item: -10%CDR +HP +MR, and the most fun: +ALL YOUR OTHER ABBILITES:) +15% Hp regen from Q, from R, and from your passive. Then i buy Gaint's Belt, for more hp, more tankyness, and turn it into Frozen Mallet as fast as i can, Now not many enemy can run from you, as you slow, health regen with Q if they do dmg for you, and now you shall have 2-3 point on your E, wich makes you have like 510-530MS at chase.
My last core item is Atma's, it just perfetly fits into build as you give basic attacks to help your team push a lane (killing minion waves with easy wtih Wriggle's or destroying turret while they fight at a different location[basicly a bit backdoor abbility] AND it makes your ulty hurt now). Last item is up to you to choose. Againts hard AD team, with a fed Trynda or Vayne or stuff= Sunfire Cap, Againts a hard Magic dmg team, with a bunch of nukes, Force of Nature gives it all you need (dont forget its Unique passive will just be soo good with your Spirit Visage) Or if u think you just need a good surviver abbilitie in common, buy a Guardian Angel. It all depends on what u need.Lets move on:


Start at small golems. As it is a high elo build enemy will also have jungler in the 99% of times, and at high elo ppl more likly to defend their jungler than gank the other one (its just safer, more countable FB), so you dont need to fear enemy ganks, but you simply dont need blue buff that early, would be a waste, as you cant gank in most of times untill lvl6, only in some cases. So small golems:
DONT use smite. Basic attack one of them, 2 times. Than pop your W and health pot in the same time, your W will be stil active, for at least one hit on the other one, and your health pot will be active almost 'till u kill the second one. Now your lvl 2. Pick Q.
Move to wraits, and kill the big one with smite, hit the closest small one once with basic attack, than pop your W again, and just simply kill them. W will be active 'till they all die for you. Dont use Q. Move to wolfs, go hit the big one, your W will be at cd at araound 5-6sec, use Q when you get belowe 500hp on the big one, and pop W when you can, and finish them. Your lvl3, choose Q again. Go for the blue buff, Start hitting the big one, useing Q when u can and W the same, kill him with smite when hes araound 450 hp(your smite will be on 11-13sec cd when u start fighting blue) than start hitting with right click one of the small ones. They booth give you 9dmg/sec not a deal. so you hit him untill you got Q active and got enaugh mana for it, dont kill it with right clicks, Q to kill, and do the same to the other.. run araound them when u w8 for mana/CD. It gives you ~+170hp. Now u can gnk if you see someone low, a lot of times i see enemies with low hp under turret last hitting minions, you can simply flash in Q-to-kill and run away, and you allready got a kill. If you do this get home ASAP and buy Wriggle's, otherwise go for small golems again, as they are there w8ng for you again. U got lvl4 and picked E. Than red, and wraits, you lvl5 now, and you are looking for a gank. If u go to kill a low hp enemy turn off E, go close, w8 its cd, active it agian, than gank with flash + éane partners. One suggession here:
Allways go into gank with your W on ready. If u pop W, and you dont get the kill, you get an assist, even if you didnt hit enemy(he was too far away and was runing away from you, but lane guy/girl slain him/her).
Basicly the gank should look like this:
You type AND ping the enemy you wanna kill(get some paper-hero from bottom, or the solo top enemy) and ask your lane to let him/her push. You basicly wanna w8 (call for a gank before you acctually wanna gank) 2 mins, to let the enemy think its safe to push. Coz, if your partner who pushed all game suddenly lets enemy push everyone will know you guys wanna gank...


All is easy now, as you got fed, or got a tons of assists with W or just got all dragons solo.
Any how, You shall have at least a Wriggle's Mercury's and Spirit Visage at araound 15-17mins. So your role here is to bait, and tank dmg. Before this you can allways push lanes at different lanes, to make your enemies crazy, get 1-2 turrets destroyed, but lets talk abaout tanking. You wanna get the most danger man with your ulty, like Brand or Veigar, dont waste your ulty on AD carrys in my opponion , as they give smaller dmg, but for longer time, than AP nukes, so you wanna get out the nukes first, and if they die, ad carry will run back in most of the times, so, like if you would ulty Caitlyn, and Brand stands next to him, he simply use his combo on you, coz your standing in one place, others come to help you and they got to 50%hp do to Brands popping ulty. Thats why i choose AP nukes, rather.
But its your choose:)

Now all is left for you guys to practice with this buld. A lot of times you can be Great TANK as WW do to this build, but as all new builds, it takes time to see how this build works.

Finnaly/Last words:
Help me with english grammar:D You must have seen while reading this guid, english isn't my first language, so plz calm, and dont be mad at me for grammar issues. THANK YOU ALL FOR READING MY FIRST GUID, hope you liked it:)