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League of Legends Build Guide Author ARAM melee only

Hit by mark on ARAM

ARAM melee only Last updated on August 30, 2016
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So many times, ARAMs are decided by the one Mark/Dash that hits. Sometimes I have marked an enemy champion, decided to not go in, but changed my mind and went in anyways because of a misplay of the marked target. This guide is not going to teach you how to dodge mark, but rather what to do when you have been marked. The way to play around getting marked differs according to the marker's intention.

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Early game: kill you and escape

Everyone seems to be familiar with this. You are marked by someone like Riven , Garen, or Irelia while being semi-low. The marker wants to burst you down, and escape before your team can retiliate. Try to stay in relevant range of your allies. What I mean by this is that you don't need to be any closer to your friendly team's Vayne than her auto attack range. prioritize staying in range of heals and shields, as well as cc, for example Eye Of The Storm or Pick A Card. Your team can prepare some cc for the marker where you need to stand in a particular place, Heroic Charge, Decimating Smash, Gravity Field. Stand there if it's safe.

If you use mobility while the dash animation is going,the user will follow you through the dash. on this stage of the game, this can be a good thing. The user may be tempted to dash in to chunk you, but the you Flash, and now they went too deep and die.

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Early game: kill your ally and escape

Sometimes, the marker will set you up for a kill on your teammate. Notice who is marking and act acordingly. If an Irelia has marked you, don't stand in Bladesurge range to Irelia's target. If Poppy has marked you, make your your position doesn't set up a Heroic Charge onto Poppy's target.

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Post lv 6: AOE

There's tons of nasty aoe abilities people can throw out. Curse of the Sad Mummy, Slicing Maelstrom, Crowstorm. These champions are looking to gapclose with Mark/Dash and/or Flash, to hit 5 people in the aoe. If you are marked by those champions, it may be better to die than to let those champions get off a 5 man ult. The best case is if they waste their big aoe ult, while only hitting the marked target. Now your team has the advantage, and can turn around.

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Mid Game: duelist marks carry

So we are assuming we are in the middle of the fight, and you as the carry (AD or AP), gets marked. If you at this points wants to Flash or use your escape, you would need to wait until after the dash animation, so you actually increase distance between yourself and the duelist. Move away from the other members of the enemy team and move Towards your own team's peel. So many times, I've seen carries just gapclose away from their team, and then I can just use my own gapcloser, and be out of range off everything but my target.


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