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Hogan's Mordekaiser

Last updated on July 27, 2010
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Hey guys! Welcome to my first build here on Mobafire. If you guys have any suggestions, ideas, thoughts, or just want to say how well (or not so well) this build is doing for you, let me know by leaving a comment at the bottom. Leave some ratings for me as well, we all know we love to get ratings.

The basic idea behind this build it to make Mordekaiser a beefy tank (via armor, magic resist, health, health regeneration, and of course, his passive ability: Iron Man) while still dealing fairly good amount of damage (via magic penetration, CofG + Ignite combo, and AoE). Farming and lane control with Morde is fairly simple task once you gain a good understanding of his spells and knowing his shield and health limits.

1. High Farming Potential
2. High Survivability with Iron Man
3. Can Create Plenty of Threat and Pressure
4. A Great Mid/Solo Champion
5. Only Costs 3.1k IP.

1. Fairly Squishy Early Game with no Iron Man built up.
2. No Quick Way to Initiate or Chase
3. No Taunts, No Slows, No Crowd Control :/
4. High Item Dependency

Summoner Spells

Ignite - A great way to deal damage with Morde. It makes a great combo with Children of the Grave. 50dmg+(20xlvl) over five seconds, along with 4% health each second for 8 seconds can deal some pretty hefty damage. A great way to finish off any runners or low health champions. Just watch out for Heal, Soraka, and those other ways to heal.

Ghost - I personally use Ghost as a way to move between lanes faster and create pressure all over the map. It's also nice to have to dive for kills (you will do it a good bit), and as always, a way to get the hell out of dodge.

With the new update to Cleanse, it's not a valid choice for Morde, or at least not as much as it used to be, but if you are in ranked matches, and after the bans you see a a good bit of slows and stuns still on the board, it might not be a bad choice. Exhaust can be used in the same sense if you see a large amount of DPS characters like Yi and Warwick.


My rune set is fairly self-explanatory. Flat magic resist quintessences to help keep you alive in the early game against casters, magic penetration marks get your abilities hitting harder and dodge seals are widely considered the best defensive runes. Now I get a bit off-beat. I take cooldown glyphs over magic resist glyphs. Why you ask? I want to spam Morde's abilities as much as a I can to keep his Iron Man as high as possible. Sure, you burn more health this way, but you will gain plenty of health over time, and in the late game, the 100+ health you burn to gain over 400~500 shield you gain is a trade-off you are willing to take, considering you will gain the life back anyways.