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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Home wreckers

Last updated on February 15, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Diana with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Orianna squish. same goes for other squishy mid laners that do not have much burst and gap close
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1. Get starting items
2. start gromp (smite right away)
3. get blue (eat ur pots)
4. attack wolves
5. go red (smite it when u get below 60% health)
6. go chickens
7. go rocks (smite right away)
8. get the two river bugs (and see if any lane is in dire need of help- ur not much good before lvl 6 tho)
9. go to froggy again and smite it
10. if u have enuf health go wolves then b
11. U should have enough cash to stalkers and codex. grab 3 pots (pots before boots if u don have enouf $$ for both)
12. check how much time u have before blue is up. u should be almost lvl 6 by now. if u have time get another camp if not go blue (dont smite unless u have to)
13. after u get blue you should be lvl 6. if u not u screwed up go grab a camp.
14. start ganking super aggressively. run behind the enemy bot laners and kill them (or mid)
15. when u go back next, get boots and upgrade smiter + pinky ward if u have the money
16. put ward in river, enemy jung, or ur jung if they are winning (they might try to take ur camps and ull see them coming if they try to kill u).
17. rkt

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Other tips:

- you have high dmg. get on ppl and just whack em cause they will die (especially bot lane)
- go for squishy people cause u will kill them fast and get fed then u can kill tankier ppl
- how u can tell if someone is squishy: if they are pure ranged (like lulu, cait, MF, annie, ori). see if they built tanky things. this is why i like to gank mid/ bot
- usually its good to gank top a lot but they are usually tanky and u will not be able to kill them and just waste time and mana (AND NOT GET FED) so i dont do it unless top is in dire need.
- when u r low health dun leave right away if u are near a turret+teammate and u know no enemies are gonna show up behind u and ur teammate. your q and r has great range. ur W and E will help u not die. help ur mate by q-ing the enemy. secure kill by r+w+e if u think ur mate is gonna die or mate is oom and cant kill enemy that is low health.
- when running away, activate W and dodge things
- when dying and ignited, activate W
- if you can save many lives, sacrifice urself to the throng of chasing enemies and E them. Attempt to combo the squishiest of the throng but dont expect to kill anything. you will slow them and help ur mates make a getaway.
- if u see ur mate fighting someone and another enemy is coming, Q R or just R to the newcomer and E him so he doesnt get to ur mate. then when ur mate finishes off the 1st guy u two can kill the new guy.
- you can effectively split up the enemy team in a similar manner during team fights and chases.
- you get less mana hunger as u get more items but still try to conserve ur mana. when u activate a skill, think, do i really need to do this or can i just whack?
- ward; if u see a loner about, sit in a bush and kill them when they come by
- i like camping :)

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How to decide if u wanna wait for lunar or rush right away

- practice will tell u
- if they are faster and low health/ squishy, R + W + E + whacking will kill them fast
- if they are slower than u, wait till strike cd finish then Q R W E whack whack, if u need another R can also be a good idea
- KEEP AN EYE ON THE MAP. dont just chase like an idiot. u will die. if u notice someone not in lane and not recently dead, they prob coming for ur *** cause they wanna save their teammate.
- KEEP AN EYE ON THEIR STATS. if jung is behind and sucky, feel free to chase low health laners in their jung cause if jung show up ITS DOUBLE KILL TIME
- KEEP AN EYE ON UR CD's. a Q on 3 sec cd is very different from Q on 5 sec cd.
- KEEP AN EYE ON UR MANA. ur a very mana hunger champ. dun go in if u have low mana cause most of ur dmg and sustain comes from mana consuming abilities.
- if someone is chasing you and catching up, you can hide in bush and combo their face then run again if u realize ur face smashing combo is not smashing after u slow them with ur E.
- do not engage alone on 50%+ health enemies without ur R (unless R is up soon and u fed)
- sometimes u will want to wait for ur Q to cd again after a Q R combo. I prefer not to Q R R unless there are no other enemies nearby.