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Hope you don't have any MR

Last updated on April 9, 2012
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Hello everybody!

Hello everybody, this is my very first build/guide and since it is my first guide, I would like some criticism on it, whether u thought my build was good or bad, plese tell me :)

First off I would like to get out of the way that this is more a fun to try out build then a main build that you would use every time and switch minor things for the situation, this is more of a build to try in normal mode for fun. As you can see there are items in this build that do Magic damamge on hit, this flows really well with his passive because if you know ww's passive is that the more he attacks a target, the more magic damage he'll do on hit and recieve it back as health. Anyways some of the first things you guys may be wondering is "Why isnt there any Executioner's Calling? That has Magic damamge on hit too!" Yes, I realised this, but i've come to the thought to increase the fun in this build is to increase the attack speed so you can see those numbers keep on comin'! Also these items that I chose not only give Attack speed but also give Durability! (Armor, Magic resist) That is why I did not choose Executioner's Calling, Not to mention I wouldn't have room for the 2 other really important items that would be more necesary. Another good point to have is that Malady decreases the enemys magic resist so it will make the magic damage you do with your on hit ability's even stronger, ALSO Wit's end will INCREASE your magic resistance. Now that I have gotten the 3 man items out of the way i'll move on to the other 3. Although it should be obvious why I chose to use Sorc's Shoes instead of say Ludicity or Swiftness that are sometimes rolled on WW aswell but to clear up why it's because of the magic penetration! If you for seome reason don't remember Magic resist just lowers ALL sources of magic damamge so the MP from the boots will lower the little MR say an AD carry or a Glass cannon might have (This may not be the case for a lot of the time but in normal mode, like I said that that is what this build is for, poeple don't normally get MR unless they're a tank or in desperate need of it) and also WW's Q ability does magic damamge and this is your main damamge ability and your most useful ability early game (If not ganking). Onto the Gunblade, this should be fairly obvious aswell but i'll go over it, Gunblade's stats just give overall great synergy with this build because the Spell vamp will give even more health gained from your Q and the Lifesteal takes a percenetage of the damamge you deal on your auto attacks and on hit effects and gives it back as health, since this works with on hit affects this works with the items aswell as your passive along with your auto attacks (Obviously). Gunblade is also good because it gives attack damamge and ability power to further damamge the enemys with your auto attacks and abilitys. Spirit visage will make it so you can use your abilitys more often and increase all healing done by you or to you (I forget and i'm too lazy to go up and look :) so this will further increase your healing to yourself. As I said your Q will be your main ability early game so max that ASAP. Then mid-late game attack speed is what you really need to deal as much damamge as possible with your items and passive, then finally max your e last becuase you won't really need it, you already have enough items and abilitys to jump to your target if they do run, this is just a bonus :)
Basicly this build has great synergy with each item in the build(Great health and resistance, damage, lifesteal, spell vamp and on hit effects) and from my experience fun is hell to play :)
One last thing, In the mastery tree "Executioner is AMAZING with ww because of his blood scent late game
Have fun!