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Horsie gg no re guide to bronze v carrying

Last updated on January 29, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Galio No one plays this champ anyways.
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Before you read I'm a bronze smurf, which is better than Challenger, who keeps getting weighed down by scrubs so I use Hecarim to carry me to Bronze V out of Silver because Silver is the worst ELO as we all know. With this guide you will feed early, have ungodly burst late game (if you survive), but then be useless. Watch out for tanks, the only pen. you build is Ghost Blade. Why play the horsie? Because you go really fast and it's funny. One of the main advantages you have is that no one knows how to play vs this champ in lane effectively since no one does it because it's too good.

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Now, you're probably thinking why you don't get any defensive items? Because you're not a *****. You literally can one shot anyone late game in a team fight (see chapter) late game and fear anyone who tries to stop you. Also, it's really funny seeing someone go so fast.

You're start is really important. You have a horrid early game and are susceptible to poke so you need to sustain. You can play aggressive against the squishies by E-Q-W out.

Core is also nice. It gives you x2 damage on your E (NOT the bonus amount - your speed bonus damage is a BONUS - isn't affected by Sheen or Crits).

Late game is your strength due to the fact you can have a lot of damage with your build while being able to escape with your ulti and provide some CC for your team. You build all items that give you either passive or active movement speed for maximum use of your passive. Be sure to throw some Q's in there as these items give you a lot of AD as well.

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Ability Sequence

Max your Q because it gives you waveclear so you aren't stuck at your turret all game, and good damage early. Ulti whenever you can obviously. E second because when you finally max it, you'll have your core and some more items so you might start to do damage. If you max E first you won't do damage due to a lack of items and you'll have no clear. W is okay to max if you REALLY need the sustain because you didn't start my pro start because you're a ****** or you don't know how to dodge skillshots because you are a ******.

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Ghost so you can go fast and get some AD from your passive. TP because, let's face it, you have minimal kill potential in lane against someone who is somewhat good. You need to be in lane as often as possible to farm, and allows you to back more frequently.

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Early Game

Hope to God they have never seen Hecarim in lane and are somewhat scared of you, or have no CC. Try to farm, maybe throw some Q's in there when they get too close or you need to push the wave. Hecarim is actually a jungler so you might wanna try to roam because you have pretty good ganks, especially post-6. Just farm or kill them if their stupid enough to die to a Hecarim mid lane.

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Mid Game

You're kind of a strong duelist with your 'E' depending on your items and farm, so just get picks. Tell the support to ward. And sweep. That's all they're good for.

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Late Game//Team Fights

Pretty much just sit in spawn while your team is pushing and tell them to place a ward if they fight so you can TP/Homeguard in right for the ADC's booty.

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As far as this champ goes - extremely unreliable. You'll feed 90% of the time, maybe make a comeback late game if you killsteal from your ADC, then blame him/her for feeding while your KDA is better than theirs. Who knows, you might win lane, carry games, get to Bronze. Maybe killstealing might get you to carry a game. Who knows. Anyways, as far as I'm reliable, not at all. But here's a picture of some guy's match history from Season 3. Maybe someone will see the picture and not read this and think I'm reliable.

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My LCS Worlds Score Card

I was actually in Worlds, but they didn't show this game because it was too much of a stomp to Samsung White

Score Card
T Dyrus 4 5 11 100
AD Brendan1928 900 5 11 999
J Santorin 900 11 11 67
S Lustboy 5 2 13 121
AD Wild Turtle 5 58 4 6

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I hope you enjoyed my Hecarim guide to Bronze V. I wish you much luck and GGs