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How about a Drink? (AP/Tanky Singed)

Last updated on August 27, 2010
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Singed is a unique champion that can really cause some havoc in a team battle and often turn the tides in a skirmish.
This build focuses on pumping both AP, mana and health. With a little extra armour/magic resist dependant on your oponents.

His pros are:

Survivability - singed can build purely for AP and still take a good beating
Chasing down an opponent - insanity potion + ghost = dead runner (it also scares the hell out of the other team which can help save a team mate being focused
Tower Diving - You can tower dive pretty well at any stage of the game and the great thing is since singed isn't played that much your opponents usually don't suspect it.
Supporting - Teamed with a DPS in a lane and you should have no problems dominating your lane early game.
CC - Both Fling and Mega Adhesive are strong CCs I will go more into why in the abilities section

and cons:

DPS - You will not do as much damage as a pure dps champion.
Co-ordination - As singed doesn't get played very much co-ordination with your laning partner can get a bit sketchy if you sign for solo games.

Summoner Abilities

Ghost - Combo'd with insanity potion this ability makes people run for the hills, the cool thing is that you will still catch them anyways.

Exhaust - Really handy for facing up against melee DPS champions and for keeping your enemies in your poison trial for one extra tick to land the kill.


Empowered Bullwark - Gives you 1HP for every 4MP, this passive allows you to gain survivability for buying offensive items, which is what makes this build work.

Poison trail - Leaves a trail of poison behind you when you toggle it. After leaving the poisoned area the poison will last for 3 ticks. This it your main source of dps, it's almost always advisable to have this on when going for a kill. It makes a good farming skill as well mid-late game when you can kill and entire wave just by walking over each mob.

Mega Adhesive - Aoe slow with range. Awesome for team fights and chasing people down. Upon initiating I usually place this right behind the champion I want to focus (the way you predict they are going to run) and then as soon as they reach the end of it, fling them back into it and your poison trail.

Fling - Flings the opponent behind you and deals damage. Great for cutting people off from their team and for chasing people down 1v1. It is important to note that at later levels fling does a nice chunk of damage.

Insanity Potion - Increases multiple stats (including movement speed) for 25 seconds. This will allow you to chase people down, plow down turrets and get in or out of a team battles very quickly.

Skill Rotations

Standard Skill Rotation for solo kills (runners):
    -Insanity potion (if up)
    -Ghost (if up)
    -Toggle poison trail
    -Mega Adhesive where you predict they are going to run
    -Melee them once or twice depending on how close to escaping adhesive
    -Fling them back into the adhesive
    -Run slightly ahead of where they are running with poison trail whilst they are still slowed
    -Finish up with a exhaust (if up) and a melee hit or two

There is no set rotation for team fights other than to follow a few rules
    -Save your adhesive for either saving a team mate or for setting up the fling
    -Once you preform a successful fling make sure your poison is where the target is standing and then cover where they are trying to run to with more poison.
    -Don't think that blowing Insanity potion to get to a team fight is a waste you will still have some buff uptime and your presence in a fight can be devastating for the other team.
    -You are not a pure tank therefore heavy focus will bring you down. You should still play offensively but just not that you cannot take as much damage as say Shen or Rammus.
    -Always be aware of how healty your team is and make sure not to fling an enemy in range of someone with low health. Also be aware that if your team is on low health they are less likley to help you out if you initiate near them.

Champion Specifics

Friends: (good champions to lane with)

Any heavy DPS champions my personal favorites are Ryze, Annie and Garren.


A few champions will cause problems for you. Any CC heavy champion will be problematic such as Morgana or Xin. Any healer or lifestealer will also be extremly annoying to fight against as your damage out put is gradual... Warwick, Soraka and Taric spring to mind.

Tips and Tricks

Singed loves channeled spells, both supporting and fighting against. When teaming with Nunu, Fiddlesticks or Morgana you can fling people trying to escape thier ultimates right back into the middle of them.

Whilst fighting against channeled effects you can just fling to interupt them (allthough fiddlestick's ultimate will still carry on you can still help your team to get away by flinging him away).

Item Descriptions

Sapphire Crystal

- This will help you with you the only issue you will have early game which is mana, with this and your mana potion it should keep you in your lane long enough to get you your first set of boots and catalyst.

Health Potion

- This will as with the other two starting items will help you stay in lane longer, which is the main aim of starting items in my opinion.

Mana Potion

- See above

Catalyst the Protector x2

- Building both of these individually will help stay out in the field for a lot longer and can often give you the upper hand when it comes to team fights.

Boots of Swiftness or Mercury Treads

- Only build these when your laning opponents do and upgrade in kind. I leave the decision of which one to pick in your hands it will change depending on the composition and skill of your opponents.

Rod of Ages x2

- These two will provide some much needed damage to your poison and will allow you to continue to make people scared every time they hear the dreaded kettle sound.

Frozen Heart or Force of Nature

- Buy either depending on who your most dangerous one or two opponents are. I believe them both to be excellent items against physical/magical damage for Singed.

Archangel's Staff

- By now your damage should start to feel slightly lacking, what better way to boost it than by using all that mana you have been acquiring.

Guardian Angel

- At this late stage in the game this item is excellent and may be all you need in order to win the game for your team for that last push. Most games will not last this long though.

How to play

Early Game

Start out withfirst and work towards getting that catalyst quickly. Your course of play over the early game will depend greatly on who you are laning with. With a heavy dps you should try and single one out with fling and mega adhesive so both you and your partner and focus him down. With another tank you should harass like mad, it will give you good lane presence and people will often take risks against you due to your seeming low dps champions and usually pay the price for it. With a support you will be expected to be the main source of damage, so play aggressively and take a few more risks.

With all three scenarios it is important to take note that if you can fling someone out of their tower range and only take 1 hit (very do able) then it's almost always a good idea (unless you or you and your partner are low on health). The first time you do it you will often catch them unaware but the second time they will be a bit more cautious (by which time you will hopefully have enough health to tower dive further).

Whilst fighting around your tower you can easily fling people into your tower using adhesive and ghost which if your partner is paying attention almost always leads to a kill.


By now you should have at least 2xand your boots of choice. Personally I only see 2 boots being viable for singed, Swiftness and Mercury Threads. If the opposing team has heavy CC then take the threads but other wise the Boots of Swiftness really help you navigate encounters well and seal the deal in skirmishes. The 2 catalysts will help you avoid going back to base and let you be a lot more risky when close to levelling up. If your lane is doing fine I suggest aiding mid or wherever needs help. Choose your moment well to strike from the bushes and you will secure kills for whoever you are trying to aid. When ambushing you should follow your normal skill rotation and now that you have a fair chunk of HP don't be afraid to tower dive.

Late game

By now you should easily be able to tell who your biggest threats are. Using this information choose your next item. If your biggest threat is melee/ranged physical damage champions then I suggest Frozen Heart and if it's casters then I suggest Force of Nature. In team fights try not to stray to far away from your team but you should always be in front of you squishies try and single out their team. If the game goes on for a while, the guardians angel will allow you to be really risky and effective when the buff is up so make sure you abuse it.