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How to accel in League Ranked play.

Last updated on June 9, 2014
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Hello, I am Crashstash5 a senior player and have been level 30 since about the end of season 2. I have done ranked for multiple seasons now. There are several things I have noticed people should or shouldnt do to improve there gameplay. I will be giving a general guide to why and why not you should do several of these things and ways to improve your gameplay even outside of ranked.

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High Ranked Play

One of the most major mistakes I see is people watch high ranked play as much or more than they actually play. Honestly there is nothing wrong with this except the fact that many people (quite a few actually) Go to a low elo match and try to play the same champions and make the same big plays as some of the higher ranked players. This is NOT A GOOD IDEA. Although it may seem like a perfectly fine thng to do this LOSES games. Players when watching instinctively look for there favorite champion or player and look to see what they are doing. They take in the incredible plays but not teamwork. True the plays can be impressive but thats not what wins games. The teamwork involved is what wins the games.

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Team Work

One major factor in ranked play is teamwork. The secret to winning ranked is going all mid and ganking BEFORE the other team. This allows for an easy turret and kill. This can then force the other team to come and if the other team doesnt come fast enough can lead to more kills and objectives along with a gold or xp advantage. This may be deemed unimportant but I have been to bronze V and the reason you get stuck there is one thing: teamwork.

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Another HUGE factor in ranked is jungling. Smite is considered a major factor in objectives and winning games. But there are really 3 types of junglers: The ones who can jungle without smite but take it for said objectives, Those who actually need smite when jungling to not fall behind, And those who can go without smite and instead take another summoner spell they deam to be worth more in the game. Guess which one wins the most games? Heres a hint the people who dont use smite in low ranked play. If youy are reading this right now you are thinking this guy is clueless. Let me ask you: Out of how many games is an objective stolen? every game? Because as I see it I dont even see 1/10 games an objective being stolen by smite. True an objective might be contested but smite is just unnescessary if you dont need it.

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Knowing your champions

The single best piece of advice I can give you for being prepared for ranked is this: Know and have played every champion in the game at least 1 time before doing ranked. The closer to this you are and the more you know about every champion the better. Even if you havent played every champion if you know what generally what somebody playing that champion is going to do gives you a major advantage in all kinds of play. Also going off what I have said earlier a player who just saw an incredible ranked game featuring a champion and goes to play that champion for the first time will lose to a person who has never see nthe game or specific plays but understands the champion and knows there way around that champion.

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Another usefull but slightly unneccesary tip is knowing what every item does. if you can press tab and know what just about every champion in the game is building and what playstyle they will go for based on that build is a major advantage and allows you to seemingly "read" the game and know the outcome before it actually happens.

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One thing I reccomend is in say up to the last 5 levels before you do ranked play Draft pick occasionally to get used to the ranked format and know what you should do. I did this and at the time Vayne was a hugely popular pick and this was reflected by draft and I did Ashe adc vs Vayne for several draft games and by that point was winning every one of them because I knew how to play Ashe and how to stop Vayne from getting fed. This then allowed me to win several games in ranked. Also then when I was in promotionals several people had never done ranked or draft guess which team they were on? Heres a hint: the losing side.

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One thing that is worth practicing for ranked is your farming. Especially if you plan on doing adc you should practice farming minions and freezing lanes a couple times to make sure you can do it efficently. It doesnt require much practice only that you know more about it than the other team. This can give you a slight winning edge in a game and give you a bit more feed allowing for better items which means more GG. And GG is good.

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The Damages

A slightly important thing to know is the math and legistics and what will most improve your champion through items. Im honest about this I have seen even my friends make stupid decisions. For example my friend was playing Nidalee and had about 400 AP and was going for a last item. The other team had built no magic resist so rather than grabbing a Deathcap he went for a Rod of ages to make his spears "basically do true damage" True this was an interesting idea and would counter if any of them decided to build a little MR but at the current point I did the calculations and Deathcap would cause him to do several hundred more points of damage per ability. So you can kinda see thinking items through a little bit can be helpfull to maxing your damage dealt to the oposing team.

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One thing I noticed is that people always seem to go for standard runes of flat attack damage instead of scaling even on hypercarry champions. But like from the damages champter if you do the math scaling runes as of 4.8 give you more stats by levels 6-9 making some champions who really only have 1 significant ability or ult or are late game can get a much larger advantage than going for flat runes of damage or resistance.

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One last thing I reccomend is DONT look up guides for a champion. True this can be helpfull but you may find a better build through individual thought and may be much more satisfied with it.


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