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How to ACTUALLY play Tryndamere

Last updated on December 9, 2015
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Let me just start out by saying, if you came here for a jungle Tryndamere build then please stay and listen what I have to say.

First off, Tryndamere is not the broken OP champ people seem to think he is at the moment. In fact, he's one of the worst champs there are. I would know, since I've mained him for years, even before his rework. I used to think he was broken and OP as well, but then I stopped playing normals and got good. Tryndamere is a pub-stomp champ; he'll win you normals and maybe carry you into silver, but if you try to play him anywhere above silver you WILL get utterly destroyed and shut down.

And this is for the people wanting to try and jungle Tryndamere. Don't do it. I have a ton of reasons why this isn't a good idea. Sure, he can clear the jungle well, but that's about the only good reason to jungle with him.
For one, his ganks are god awful and he'll more than likely feed your lane if he isn't level 6. Having absolutely no CC outside of his ****ty slow, ganking with him is pretty much pointless. Not to mention how squishy he is compared to other, better jungles that can do a much better job at ganking, CC, teamfights, and literally everything else.
Secondly, you're giving up slots for actual good items that work with Trynd. Pretty much none of the jungle items available go well with Tryndamere. You will do zero damage, and have zero health. You also can't rush the items you DO need with Trynd.
Third, less CS. Tryndamere is a god at collecting that dank *** CS, but being in the jungle kind of hinders that ability. You could have gone top and gotten 200 CS before the 20 minute mark, but instead you went into the jungle and now have no gold to get any items that make Tryndamere GOOD.
Fourth, he's easily countered. I've seen so many Tryndameres get countered by the ****tiest of junglers that aren't even relevant anymore, and take ALL of his jungle. Without any way to protect himself early game he's also easily killed in the jungle.
Fifth, you could have been back dooring all game if you went top, instead you went into jungle and are, again, useless.
Etc etc, I could go on and on why I hate jungle Tryndamere but I'll stop there.

Keep in mind Tryndamere is not a "team-player" champion. If you want to win teamfights then he is not for you. If you do want to win team fights then pick a champion that isn't complete and utter garbage like Malphite or something. If you're still with me here then continue reading on.

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The runes are self explanatory, Trynd is a crit monster so you need to get runes for it. The armor runes are probably the only defense you'll need for Trynd early game.

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Again, self explanatory. Start off with dorans blade for more damage early on. You should be doing crits out the *** even if you didn't have dorans if you have the runes and killing the enemy in your lane in 3 hits.
I've pretty much used the same build for years, if it isn't broke, don't fix it.

Infinity Edge is Trynd's main weapon of choice. Without it you are nothing. The increase in crit damage is what will make you an unstoppable monster killing every one in two hits.

Phantom Dancer is important, but not as important as Infinity Edge. Coupled with the berserker's greaves' attack speed, they're the only attack speed items you'll probably need. The same could be said for both Phantom and Infinity in terms of crit chance. You should have 50% crit chance with both of them, not including the runes and passive.

For defense, you should only get one of either Banshees, Mercurial, or Dervish, it's entirely up to you. But I would recommend getting Mercurial.

This is pretty much all you need as tryndamere to be "OP"

Late game items are entirely up to you, but I'd get Bloodthirster for the life steal and attack damage, and black cleaver for the armor reduce.

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"Why don't you have any defense items for Trynd?"

Simple, he doesn't need it. Or rather it's pointless to get it on him. Tryndamere is an easily countered champ that can be kited by pretty much every one. Getting armor and health on him is pointless if you can't even reach your enemy, and even if you do you'll be doing zero damage because you decided to make Tryndamere tanky. His ult exists for a reason

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Skill Sequence

Not much to say here. Trynd's bread and butter ability is his bloodlust. Gives you a nice heal along with passive attack damage, so it's natural that you should max it first.
You'll also give your second level ability to spinning slash, just in case the jungle decides to gank early and you need an escape. Also provides distance closer.
Max mocking shout second, since it slows and decreases attack damage to every one around you.

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Team Work

There is no team work with Tryndamere, if you chose him for that then you're going to be horridly disappointed. Tryndamere gets absolutely blown up in teamfights and just the littlest of CC makes him pretty much useless. This is why he's useless outside of normals. In ranked, people will know how to counter you. You will be slowed, you will be knocked up, and you will be countered. You are useless in trying to focus their ADC, as they will kite your dumb ***. But what you CAN do is backdoor, backdoor, backdoor, and clean up.
Trynd only works when he appears out of no where. If your enemy knows where you are and have you in their vision, be prepared to get obliterated. If your team starts a fight without you, then this is a good time to pop up unannounced, perhaps through a teleport or by sitting in a bush. You are NOT the initiator.
Not only that, but you can pretty much win your team the game by backdooring for the entire game. Trynd destroys towers in mere seconds, making him a great pusher. And with his spinning slash, you can easily escape when the enemy shows up.