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Ahri Build Guide by Fruxo

Middle gold

✔️ How to be a Charm

By Fruxo | Updated on October 14, 2019
52 Votes
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jhoijhoi (2044) | August 22, 2019 2:03am
Super comprehensive!
Fruxo (225) | August 22, 2019 6:41am
Thank you so much Jhoi! I've worked really hard on it.
Silverman43 (27) | August 9, 2019 1:11pm
Well, +100000000000 if I could!
I seriously don't think I have ever seen a more in-depth guide on the site. I was even more surprised when I saw that this guide is still so new. Also really love the coding and the colorful look. And Ahri mains are blessed with some beautiful skins! This guide makes me want to play midlane again and Ahri seems like an interesting champion to try :). IMO this guide should win the guide contest. If I could win last time, you surely can too. You would deserve it at least!


Fruxo (225) | August 9, 2019 1:49pm
Hey Silverman43,

Thanks for the kind words! I try my best and yeah this is how far it is currently even though I still think there is a lot of guides that are even cooler than mine. :o
AST Raposo (3) | August 8, 2019 1:05pm
Hi Fruxo, Liked a lot your guide , i think some are too long ,but ,i've read it anyway. Your Ahri guide is very complete and i am sure this guide can also help another Ahri players.
Only one thing i am curious. On matchup sessions , i missed the Leblanc presence (medium or hard matchup), because she is common used to respond ahri pick before the game starts
I don't know if you didn't put it because you are used to play very well against , but in theory, The matchup is favorable to Leblanc.
Anyway, Good job!
Fruxo (225) | August 8, 2019 1:19pm
Hello AST Raposo,

It's quite long I know, trying to change it a bit to make it concise (to a small degree at least), but thanks for the kind words! :)

As for the matchups, all of them aren't quite done yet, I still have more matchups in progress and to get finished (I do mention that at the end of the section). If you're looking for a LeBlanc matchup, then I promise it'll come soon! It isn't actually all that LB favored anymore since you can stop in progress dashes. This generally means that if she uses Distortion onto you then you can Charm instantly (make sure to avoid minions) and it'll remove you from taking any damage from that W, which can help as the Q will not proc unless she hits E afterwards. However even with this, I don't think she's Hard really, more like a solid Medium matchup and she's been like that even before Ahri's E buff. Generally speaking, it's just a skill matchup between both players.
AST Raposo (3) | August 9, 2019 3:06pm
Indeed , all your explanation has a lot of sense. Being honest , the Leblanc matchup i mentioned is not for help me , but to help others who like playing as Ahri.As a Ahri player I Still has some difficulties against Leblanc,but Vladimir for me is a very confortable matchup , even in theory he has advantage.

Well that's it. Thanks for the reply :)
Bouhhsolene (9) | August 7, 2019 7:32am
That's what I call a good guide ! Well done :)
Fruxo (225) | August 8, 2019 2:26am
Thank you :)
Vapora Dark (600) | August 7, 2019 6:28am
Elusive Ferret never left.
Fruxo (225) | August 7, 2019 6:50am
Katasandra (36) | August 5, 2019 4:52am
Hi there,
You asked me to take a look at your guide, so I did! (I did use the format you used to review my guide so don't kill me... jk)
Overall the guide looks pretty good, lots of Ahri info and good formatting. The main issues are the large notes in the cheatsheet and the huge item section (you were already working on this). The rest is mainly nitpicks and stuff like that.

Spelling 'n stuff


If you want me to go over the guide again (please tell me the sections you want me too look at) or you want me to search specifically for spelling mistakes, feel free to message me ^_^.

Comment has been deleted

Katasandra (36) | August 8, 2019 1:10am
Hey there, here is the spelling control/review on the item section. Looking back at it I might have been a bit too focused on details (oops). Take your time!
So without further ado, here it is is:

Spelling ‘N Stuff: Items edition

Spelling 'N Stuff Gameplay, FAQ & Summary
Fruxo (225) | August 6, 2019 12:15am
Thank you so much for the review Katasandra, I should have all of this covered now. ^^
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