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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xatxil

How to be a nicer LoL player - Don't be that guy (Updated)

Xatxil Last updated on August 4, 2014
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1. Introduction

IMPORTANT NOTE: Now that season 4 is upon us, being nice is now totally different. Just kidding. Nothing has changed, carry on!


It has come to my attention that as a whole, the League of Legends community is a totally toxic. The reason I'm writing this guide is because some people have the delusion that this game, which requires teamwork, revolves around them. It does not. League of Legends is a game that revolves around strategy and working as a team to complete a goal. My goal here is to put and end to Whiners, Children, Flamers, Trolls, and the like. If I can get just one of you jerkfaces to shut up, my job here is a success. The guide will be broken into two parts, one on how to deal with problematic players and the other to avoid being a player no one likes to be around.

This game does not revolve around you, it revolves around your team, and if you beg to differ, please read this guide to find out why it doesn't.

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2. The Six Player Subtypes

Lets start with defining the problem. In order to fix something, we need to know what is wrong. The problem is people. There are 6 types of people in LoL that cause problems that you need to watch out for:

1: Whiners
2: Children
3: Quitters
4: Flamers
5: Trolls
6: Non-Communicators

These six types of people cause 95% of the problems you will encounter when it comes to dealing with other people. This guide will help you learn to identify, deal with, and possibly dispose of these people. To start, you'll need to know exactly who these people are and how they operate.

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3. Know the Difference

Let us begin!!


These people will complain about anything they can. They'll find any flaw with your team, or with one person and they won't shut up! These people will be your most common encounter in League of Legends, and will probably aggravate you most often.


Children are close to complainers in the fact that they seem to believe that in order to keep their program running, they need to keep talking. These problematic encounters generally are League's most immature community. They'll brag about how great they are despite any flaws, they'll bash you, your team, or the other team for any reason they can find. If you're having trouble imagining the 'Child', think of your typical 6-year old Call of Duty player. It is important to note that children will have no real reason to complain, whereas whiners usually have legit reasons to be doing so.


These people are generally misunderstood, but we'll get to that in a bit. The name is self explanatory; they leave the game or go afk. They're easy to identify and some of the most hated people in the game. Some people drop out right from the start, others drop out randomly through out the game.


Similar to whiners but flamers have one soul purpose: To piss you off. Flamers can be hard to identify but can be caught by looking out for the following traits. Flamers like to spam chat, they like to provoke other players into getting into arguments, and they'll do the opposite of what you ask them to do. Flamers are some of the lowest scum on the internet, they live only to see other people get mad. Don't give them that satisfaction


Trolls can be mistaken for many things and can be of the most harmful and harmless people that play this game. Trolls often try to engage in harmless fun that can lead to a lot of people getting angry. Typically trolls just take a joke too far or it gets out of hand. On some occasions trolls can be flamers in disguise, subtly trying to make you angry.


The pit of the LoL community. These people are the single most aggravating group you can encounter. They are different from the last 5 groups in that they don't talk. They ignore you, your team mates, the other team, and all other outside influences. These people generally ignore requests or commands, they are immune to insults, and refuse to work as a team. They defy everything this game is about: Teamwork

Now what?

Now that you know what each group is, you must learn the types of factors that divide people before you can begin learning on how to deal with them.

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4a. The Other Team Harassing You

The first dividing factor is the problematic player being on the other team. This is the easiest kind of player to tune out. Simply turn off '/all' chat and you'll not even notice their flaunted need to speak. While this is an effective way to get rid of spammed or offensive chat it has no effect on their actions as a champion. Fortunately they can't disobey you or do anything to make you angry that the enemy team wouldn't do already.

In conclusion, problematic players on the opposing team are the easiest players to deal with by shutting off '/all' chat.

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4b. The Other Team Harassing Your Team Mate

This is more difficult to deal with. There is little you can do in this situation because its all up to how the team mate reacts. Politely tell your team mate to turn off '/all' chat or to simply ignore them.

But Xatxil, what if my team mate is actually doing really badly?
So what? If your team member is doing poorly, think before doing anything else. Ask them if they are new to LoL. Ask if they are new to their Champion or if they know what items to buy. Its a good chance that one of the questions will result in a response like this:

"Yeah, it's my first game"
"First time with (Champion)"

Not only will this give you a better, upstanding view in that team mate's eyes but also in the rest of the team because you're taking time out of your game to help out someone who needs help. This will also help them become a better player and better players mean less people complaining and no one likes it when people complain.


NEVER side with the other team about a team mate's poor skill even if they are doing badly. This is your team, treat them like family. If your favorite sports team is doing poorly, do you decide to become fans of the other team just because they're better? It's the same concept in League of Legends.

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4c. Your Team Harassing You

Being harassed by players on your team isn't fun by any means, in fact its the most infuriating of many ways to get bullied. There are several ways to stop this.

1. Turn the other cheek

This is of the most difficult and most effective ways to deal with that guy on your team. By simply turning the other cheek, ignoring what they say, and speaking only to coordinate other team mates. Eventually they'll get the hint that you don't actually care and will shut up making life easier for everyone.

2. Inform them, politely, to shut their face

This is almost as difficult to do because you have to do so nicely. Sometimes if you just tell them to shut up, they'll actually do it. Personally, when I'm having a bad game or a losing streak and some guy gets on my back about how poorly I'm doing I say this:

"Look man, I know I'm doing badly, so instead of bashing me, please give me some constructive criticism"

Saying something to that effect will let them know that you are aware of flaws they might be pointing out, and their blabbering mouth would be better utilized helping you rather than being a jerk.

3. Return Fire

I DO NOT ENDORSE THIS ACTION. This is unfortunately the option most often chosen by players when their team gives them ****; and coincidentally this action is the cause of the current situation in player maturity. This will start arguments and throw your entire team against each other. This strategy makes losing a game all the easier for you, the more concentration you spend trying to hurt the other guy's feelings, the less you spend on playing the damn game. Plus, you probably aren't hurting anyone's feelings, its just mudslinging for the sake of mudslinging.

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4d. Your Team Harassing Another Team Mate

This is arguably the most difficult situation to deal with when it comes to harassment. In this case act as you would if it were the enemy team being offensive. Ask the player if they need help or are new to LoL, this might pop the idea into your team's head that not everyone is a pro LoL player right off the bat. Never side with your team when they verbally attack another player. You don't need to say anything at all, just don't join in. The goal is to be anything but destructive to your teams morale.

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4e. Your Team Harassing an Enemy Player

This can be summed up by the three words: Don't Join In
They're probably doing something that will, in the end, allow your team to win more easily than if they had not. They do not need to be reminded of how poorly they're doing, especially when they're probably receiving harassment from their team as well.

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5. Dealing With The Six Player Subtypes

Be the Better Person

Here is a more in-depth way to deal with each subtype specifically.

Dealing with Whiners

Whiners, like all six subtypes, are hard to handle unless you have an incredible temper (or kids). When you encounter a whiner the best course of action is to just keep quiet. Often times, they'll just get bored and shut up. During a LoL game a player is guaranteed a nine person audience to listen to them talk. Politely let them no one cares by not saying anything at all.

Dealing with Children

For me, I flip out the easiest with children. Bring back that image of the 6-year old CoD player. No matter how well you do, or what you say to degrade him, you can not win. He'll just keep insulting you and other people just because he can.

If you've ever tried to argue with one of these people, its like playing chess with a pigeon, you can beat him but the pigeon will just knock down all the pieces and strut around like its victorious. The 'Child' is so immature, the best you can do is to nicely ask them to shut up or just not say anything at all.

Dealing with Quitters

Quitters are the most misunderstood group in LoL. Ask anyone who plays the game and they'll tell you that quitting a game of League of Legends is a sin with no repent. Leaving a game seriously screws over your team and it can get you banned. Yet it still happens and I want to break that down.

Take your average LoL game and ask yourself 'What would it take for me to quit this game?'
It'd have to be something legit to get you to move from your chair right? Dinner can wait, the phone is probably a telemarketer, someone else will put out the fire, the baby will stop crying eventually. (Note: Do not neglect your children)
So far we've established that there is really no good reason to leave a game of League, but why do people do it?
My guess is its mostly due to external problems beyond the control of the player. A wrong place, wrong time situation. The following have happened to me causing me to leave games:

1. Power outage
2. ISP loses power and shuts down internet for an hour
3. Family Emergency

While these occurrences are few and far between, they still do happen. Things like lag can't always be avoided and sometimes your ISP herps a derp and kills you internet. Keep in mind no one goes into a game saying "I'm going to totally screw with these guys". People don't just quit LoL games for fun. Whenever someone drops connection, its for a reason.

Dealing with Flamers

Flamers, Children, and Whiners are all similar in the fact that what they want from you is some sort of reaction this is true with flamers the most. Flamers just want to make you mad, so don't get mad. One of my mottos when playing LoL is "Just play the damn game!"

If you ignore the flamer like you ignored the Whiner and the Child you'll get along fine. It is imperitive that you do NOT speak with the flamer. If you speak to them, the terrorists win and we all go home dead.

Dealing with Trolls

Everyone likes a little humor, and so does the Troll. One of the more rare encounters, the Troll just wants to have a little fun. Don't deny him his fun, joke around with him and have a good time; just don't let things get out of hand. When the jokes turn into insults and the tricks turn into making choices that could lose you the game, its time to stop.

The troll can be harmless and harmful, just be on the look out for when they're being the latter.

Dealing with Non-Communicators

I have expressed my dislike for this group once and I shall do so a second time. Teamwork can not be attained without communication of some sort, and Communication is not where this group excels. Games in League of Legends can be fought and won without saying a word, but often include the usage of the ping and retreat ping tools. Along with ignoring the pings of other team mates, the non-communicator will not join in team fights, ignore your requests, and will do as they please.

The non-communicator's motives are known only to them so it is best that you approach one carefully. Do not be rude to them, ask nicely, perhaps they don't even speak the language you're speaking. If so ask in any language you know if they know your language (They probably do not) if a language barrier is your problem, try to get them to cooperate by using the ping tool, it's about all you can do with someone who cant understand you.

However, when it comes down to someone just outright ignoring you, it might be best to ignore them too. Consider how you'd act if they were not on your team at all. The problem with non-communicators is that there is virtually no way to deal with them other than to carry on.

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6. Reporting the Six Player Subtypes


Everyone's favorite after game activity is ruthlessly reporting anyone they harbored any ill feelings toward for any reason at all. Please think before you report someone, refer to this guide if you're unsure if someone really needs to be reported.


Were they harassing anyone?
Did they impede on anyone's ability to play the game?
Where they nice?
Did they have a reason to be whining?

(For me, whiners are usually up in the air, if they were bad it's a report, if they had reasons to be doing so and they were doing it with class and with kindness I give them the slide)


If someone gets labeled as a child they deserve a report, hands down


Author's Note: To start this bit, people have been putting out a little flak for how I handle quitters so I'm going to rewrite this bit:

As you know from above, quitters usually quit for a reason. If they stated said reason use your own judgment. No once can foresee the worst case scenario. Hell, Just today I played a game as Lux and my ping sat at 500 the entire time. I restarted my Internet but it was to no avail. There was little I could do other than surrender at 20.

I didn't go into the game INTENDING to lag out. I told my team my problems and while they were unhappy they accepted their fate and we ended up losing. No one got mad at me, no one raged. Why? Because I couldn't control it, I was a victim of fate.

What it comes down to is that you must ask yourself if they deserve a report. Each quitter is a different situation and to be handled different each time.


Flamers rank down with children for me. These people are scum and do not deserve to play this game.


As long as the Troll played nice and things didn't get out of hand, I generally give the troll the slip


League of Legends is a game about teamwork and communication. These people failed to do so. Its like they went to a basketball game and played football, they deserve a report.

IceCreamy reminds us to keep in mind that a report is not equal to a ban. Say Player X leaves the game without saying anything. I will always report him! If that was the only time, nothing will happen and he can play without even knowing I reported him. If it was the 65th time, Tribunal will understand that a punishment is probably best. You could also take a look at the score (did the leaver just die for the 4th time in 6 minutes?) to make the best decision.

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7. The Guide This Far (tl;dr part 1)

What have we learned?

This marks and end to the first half of the guide. You've learned about the six player subtypes, how to handle them, when and if to report them, and how to identify them. In reading the first half of the guide you've gained the following knowledge:

-Players are split up into 6 subtypes: Whiners, Children, Quitters, Flamers, Trolls, and Non-Communicators.
-One person can be multiple Subtypes
-When dealing with harrasment be polite and ignore whoever is being unreasonable.
-Do not be any of the platyer subtypes
-Be kind to your team and the other team
-Always report Non-communicators, Children, and Flamers.
-When acceptable report the others.

The bottom line here is:

Don't be a jerk!

The next half of the guide will help you avoid becoming one of the six player subtypes, cover the topic of the seventh subype: The noob. It will also help you traverse into Subtype 8: The Team Player

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When your D gets S'd, it feels G!

This next section comes almost entirely from my favorite Youtuber Skye. He is a Platinum Player and one of the funniest dudes out there. Watch this video and watch yourself shoot through your ranked promos. For real though, this guy knows his stuff, this helps you cooperate with your team and not be a **** in the process!

On a side note: He mentions asking a lot of questions because the angry person just wants to be heard. I think this is not explained in depth enough, what hes referring to is the Socratic method. I **** you not, Socrates came up with this:

(Shamelessly taken from Wikipedia ) The Socratic a form of inquiry and discussion between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas. It is a dialectical method, often involving a discussion in which the defense of one point of view is questioned; one participant may lead another to contradict himself in some way, thus strengthening the inquirer's own point.

Such an example: (Taken from WikiHow )

Step 1: You can employ the Socratic method using any declarative statement which a person sounds certain of, like "This table is blue."

Step 2: Examine the implications of the statement. Assume that their statement is false and find an example where the statement is false. Can you provide a scenario, real or imaginary, that is inconsistent with their statement? Wrap this scenario in a question:

"To a blind person, is this table still blue?"
If the person says no, proceed to the next step.
If the person says yes, ask: "What makes it blue to a blind person, and not green, or pink, or purple?" In other words, if someone can't see, what makes the table blue? This question might stump some people who regard colour as only existing in the perception of the human experiencing it. If so, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Change the initial statement to take the exception into account. "So the table is blue only to those who can see."

Step 4: Challenge the new statement with another question. E.g. "If the table is in the middle of an empty room, where no one can see it, is it still blue?" Eventually, you should come to a statement that the person has agreed to but that contradicts their original statement. In this example, you might end up pointing out the subjectivity of the perception of color and argue (using questions, not statements) that color only exists in a person's mind as a result of their perception; it isn't actually a property of the table. In other words, the table is not blue. Your opponent's perception of it is blue.
If the person rejects existentialism as a presupposed truth however, they may still disagree with your final assertion.

Shazam, look what you did! Using this method to break down someone's rage can help them find and fix their flaws and help strengthen your own arguments. It can even help you find flaws in your arguments and it makes everyone a better player.

The bottom line: The nicer you are the better your team does

Imagine that!

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9. The Last Two Subtypes

There are two subtypes I've intentionally left out because they stand away from the rest. They're the two subtypes common in all multiplayer games and two subtypes that cannot be avoided. They are:

7: The Noob
8: The Team Player

People have different feelings about both of these subtypes but they're important nonetheless. So without further ado lest's find out what makes these two so special.

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9a. The Noob

The Bane of Our Existance

Noob is a relative term. It is defined by as:

Noun Slang: Usually Disparaging.
a newbie, especially a person who is new to an online community and whose online participation and interactions display a lack of skill or knowledge.

Breaking this down we see that a noob lacks skill and/or knowledge pertaining to a game, in this case League of Legends. People


noobs. The reason is simple: Noobs lose games.

So, people don't like noobs because they lose games, so one can infer that people


losing games like they



So what makes losing games so bad? There are two types of games, ranked and non-ranked. Because losing a non-ranked game doesn't do much beside give you less IP than if you had won, people either really like getting IP or they care about ranked games which get your rank up.

Alright, as the girl above suggests, why can't people like both? I don't see why not, so we'll assume that people like getting their rank up and getting IP. Rank means you're better and IP lets you buy more champions, and everyone loves more champions. Now that we've established why people dislike noobs so much we'll cover what makes up a noob and how to avoid being one.

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9b. The Workings of the Noob

Noobs, how do they work?

How does a noob work? The answer is difficult because noobs come in many different skill levels (most of them poor), maturity levels, ages, and intelligence levels. Examples of a noob may be:

1: Someone who doesn't know how to play
2: Someone who has no idea how to use their champion
3: Someone who has no idea what build to use
4: Someone who has no concept of the game's mechanics

These are just a few examples of noobs that you might encounter in the wild world of LoL. Notice how they all include the lack of knowledge and not skill. This is because the lack of said knowledge makes them bad in skill. LoL is not a hard game to play IF you know how to play it right. Thusly we can conclude that these people don't know how to play. Makes sense right?

Nothing but knowledge seperates a pro player from a poor player.

Apollios says: Know the differenct between Newbs and Noobs: Newbs being legitimately new to the game and therefore lacking the saturation of experience that comes from multiple games in multiple modes, reading guides and playing multiple champs. Mistakes will be made. To be fair if you are trying something for the first time (new champ, new game mode, new custom) inform your team so they no what to expect and can react accordingly. ( total agreement here with the bot practicing on new champs as well, but still let ppl know when its your first pvp match with a champ)

Noobs on the other hand are players who have played a considerable amount (lvl 30 etc) but still make newb mistakes (ergo no variance in builds, continuing to fight battles they cant win etc). Simply put, players who refuse to learn, adapt or take criticism.

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9c. How to Avoid Being a Noob

Yes, this is possible.

This is one of the easiest things you can do in this game. There are two basic rules to not being a noob. Pay attention now.

1: Read a guide before doing anything you're unfamilliar with
2: For the sake of all things holy, play bot games with champions you've never played before!

Holy SH*T Xatxil, is that all there is too it?

Yes, it's not that difficult. And just for the special few of you, I'll break this down.

Rule one is the easier to follow. Because if you're reading this, that probably means you use mobafire for reading other guides. So, you probably have that covered, but in case you don't let me tell you that taking the ten minutes out of your day on how to use a champion or how to jungle well is well worth the read. It lets you perform better in game and makes you look like less of an idiot.

Rule two is the harder to follow. For the love of all things holy, bot games exist for a reason so use them. Nothing is more annoying than having some guy waltz into your game lobby and picks a character he’s never used before. Of course you won't know he's never used it until he goes 0/2496/2 or tells you how horrible he'll do. This will lose you the game, don't be that guy, no one likes that guy.

That's all there is too it. If you know how to use your champion, or know how to do whatever you're trying to do, then you'll succeed more often than if you blindly waltz into a game and say "I'll figure it out". People will hate you less if you know what you're doing.

That's all there is too not being a noob. However that's not all you can do. You can do even better.

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10. The Team Player


This subtype is what we all aspire to be. If its not, it’s what you SHOULD aspire to be. The team player can be identified by the following traits:

1. Communicates with other players
2. Is nice to other players
3. Tries to discourage fights and arguments
4. Will take the blame for things they did poorly
5. Will give tips to other players
6. Can take a joke

These traits are things you should practice in game. Usually a player will stop whatever they're doing if you assert your dominance over them and politely ask them to stop. If they don't, then refer on how to deal with player subtypes.

This kind of player isn’t greedy about winning. They want to win, but its ok to them if they lose. They'll acknowledge that sometimes team mates are better or worse than they are and that they can't always control which players they're matched up with. The team player gets along with most everyone and can recognize who is right and wrong in a situation.

Subtype 8 won't always side with you when you do something dumb or say something stupid. Maybe you shouldn't have jumped into that teamfight, or called the other player than name. If you do something wrong, this person won't blindly come to your aid. The team player is fair as well as kind.

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10a. The Dark Player

Dun Dun Dun

This is something that was brought to my attention by Fynnebab. He said that,
"There is a very important sup type that you're forgetting: The dark side of the team player, also known as the elitist jerk. The guy that does good but is a total jerk; throwing orders out left and right, telling you how to play even when you have not made mistakes. If you're 10 for 0, he'll still spot some imaginary flaw. Oh, and when he dies, it's YOUR fault etc. "

This is an extremely valid point. I personally like to play with people I know, so I don't encounter them much, however this guy IS out there, and at one time or another, you WILL encounter him. Here is how you should deal with them.

This bag of scum is only slightly better than the child in the fact that He is good! He knows what he is doing and he does it well. He leads the team, now I must reinforce that if no one else is leading the team, DO THIS, the team needs a leader and will benefit from one. However they're not at all nice about leading, in their eyes you are below them, and you deserve nothing from them, and they deserve everything from you.

The best way to go about managing this player is to play the scenario by ear, if you and your team are getting the job done and your team is succeeding, then you might just have to suck it up and report them later, or you can blatantly disobey their orders. The problem with doing that is that doing so makes you no better than them, or any other evil subtype for that matter. In no way do I suggest doing this.

There is no real surefire way of making this guy realize his wrongs, after all, both of you are probably doing well. The way I officially endorse is to just go about using your own judgment. If the Elitist jerk is bossing you around with stupid orders, correct him (With integrity), if he's telling you things you should actually be doing, do them. If he tells the team to do something that you think is stupid and the rest of the team follows, tag along. If your team is doing something stupid, the entire team should be doing it, this way you avoid helpless team fights and the like.

Avoiding the Dark Player is impossible, and some times you'll have to do as he says, and other times you'll get to put him in his place, but whenever you deal with the Elitist Jerk, remember the following:

1: Play the game:

don't get so caught up in an argument that you're doing more talking than playing

2: Be respectful:

Just because you don't like what someone says doesn't mean that they don't have the right to say it. Consider their point of view, and assume that they don't know how to play the game as well as you, this will help.

3: Admit your mistakes:

sometimes he might be right, you might have man the **** up and say "You're right and I'm wrong" and that makes you a better person by doing so. Admitting your mistakes and learning from them will make you a better LoL player.

Authors note: This section was not all done at one time and is still up for review. If you want to add/change something in this section, comment please.

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11. The Guide This Far (tl;dr part 2)

What have we learned?

This is the end of the guide. And in part two you've learned about the following.

- The nice you are, the better everyone plays.
- Subtype 7 and 8 are The Noob and The Team Player.
- People hate Noobs because they lose games.
- Try to understand that some Noobs might not even know how to play the game.
- Be understanding and help players doing poorly, they might not be very good or might just be having a bad game.
- Avoid being a Noob by reading guides and playing bot games as practice first.
- Aspire to be a team player.
- Use the Team Player as a role model in courtesy.

That wraps up my guide, thanks for reading :)

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12. Final Notes

Thank you for reading this guide and making it one of the highest rated guides on Mobafire!

Notice something wrong?

I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to things like correct spelling, mainly because I suck at it. If you notice anything wrong with my guide please tell me in the comments below and I'll fix it. I also like feedback!


I'm all for having your own opinion, and if you disagree with anything in particular, or even just have something to add, please tell me. I like constructive criticism. If you are rude and don't give me a reason to why my guide is bad or you don't like it, you will be ignored. However if you're kind and provide material I can work with, or shed some light on a topic that I missed or didn't cover enough, I'll place it in here to improve my guide. I'll even credit the information to you! Please keep it short and too the point though, I'm not one for tangent filled information. Also Votes don't hurt <3

Thanks once again for reading!

Happy Hunting!



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