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How to Carry your Team as Taric

Last updated on November 7, 2012
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Taric, you're supporting...

Okay, that's cool. I like to support. Let's do this, everyone's pumped. Everyone's excited. Load, in, get to lane... and. Well, graves missed 20 CS already and just fed a kill. Let's see... Well, all the other lanes are 0 - 3. Hmm. I need to carry, but... how can I do that? Oh look, I just killed Tristana with a Philo Stone. That gold is nice... wait a minute. I have kills, my team doesn't have kills... am I.. the carry?

If this is a thought process you've had before, this guide is for you!

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Pros / Cons


    Terrible Damage
    Moderate Tankiness
    Terrible Speed
    Expensive Items don't do much

    Dude, you are gonna lose! Get in there and carry!

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Items And Play Explanation

Items. Right. Well, since nothing is really optimal for building damage on taric, let's look at what meager scraps he DOES have going for him. Good armor Shred with his W, good burst between his W and his Ultimate... and. That's it. His stun is strong, but everything has .5ish scaling. So you're going to need to damage with attacks, not spells, because that's pretty poor scaling and he can't spam abilities. So a melee mage is really the best way to build him, because the AP definitely adds nicely to his burst. Some other options are to build the insanely inefficient Nashor's Tooth, but. It's Nashor's Tooth. We are all pros here. We don't build that ****. NO. WE ARE HERE TO CARRY. Our adc's **** and we want to win. Since we have decided to build him melee mage, Lichbane is really our best choice. Sheen procs are amazing, essentially doubling your auto attacks. Which is awesome because he has terrible attack speed. So this is probably what you're going to pick up first after aegis. It's around this time you'll want to start building damage anyway, because the game is on the downward slide. Then, after you finish up Lichbane you have... a couple of options. Malady is cheap, and since you have zero farm, cheap is good. It gives you a nice boost to your AS, which means MORE DAMAGE, easier to land sheen procs, and faster E + AA + W + AA + Q + AA with an R + AA whenever you have the opportunity. You need to land EVERY PROC to even remotely do damage, so it's important you don't waste them and get your combo out fast. Luckily the stun on your E helps with this alot. What next? PFF. You are playing AP Battle Taric, you're not getting more money this this. Of course, you could always just build Triforce, since none of the stats are wasted and it's amazing. But, do we look like chumps? Nope. No we don't. We give no ***** about crits. Did you follow this guide to the letter? [*] GG, you just lost. But at least you lost like a Man. Truly, truly outrageous.