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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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How to Ezreal for Lilly

Last updated on August 10, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Chapter 1. Choosing between summoners.

The Heal is nerfed, i know... But it also gives you a movement speed buff when used and to your ally too, it does heal you for health you've lost so it can give you a nice value in the early game and be a life saver in late game for it's healing and utility.

Why not always run barrier since it's so good?
Well barrier is tricky, even though it provides "invisible health" it's still not permanent like heal is...BUT it protects you against people like Leblanc and Karthus burst, since it sort of adds on top of your health bar.

So if you face someone who will outright burst you to death, Zed/Leblanc/Karthus et.c then barrier is the obvious choice, but if you face "normal" enemies, then heal is better in almost all scenarios.

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Chapter 2. Itemization.

The reason why i build like this is to take advantage of him being a ranged caster who is heavily based on grabbing a lot of ad to utilize Trinity Force and his Q spam.

Going with a quick Dorans Blade and pots pretty much saves your laning phase against opponents who wants to engage on you early or poke you out.

Grabbing a Vampiric Scepter will sustain yourself so you can farm and take low to mediocre poke and continue to farm the gold necessary for a Sheen and Berzerkers greaves.

After you've gotten the Trinity Force you might need to feel around if you need to use the Vampiric scepter for the BloodThirster or Ruined King wether or not you need the extra sustain or the % Damage against tanks and the slow for bruisers.

The rest feels pretty self explanatory

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Chapter 3. Abilities.

Why do i skill the way i do?

After playing ezreal for so long since he got released i've realised things after each nerfs and buffs and changes to his playstyle, leveling up W will not give you any damage or mana sustain, by maxing E after the main Q ability, ensures better damage and better cooldown with the passive too. Basically you will be more safe and having better chase potential if you land your Q's.

Taking ult at 6-11-16 is just ... well it's just something you have to do if you wanna win.

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Chapter 4. Masteries and Runes.

Using the standard AD masteries but i have a slight change when it comes to the runes.

Marks are normal AD flat runes which gives you a nice amount of base AD so you can last hit well under tower and have the ability to push out quickly at level 1.

Seals are normal ARMOR runes to protect you from incoming physical damage from the ad carries and some supports.

Glyphs are a bit strange, i run half scaling magic resistance runes and the rest are flat ones, my reasoning behind this is that some supports will deal a hefty amount of magical damage early so you'll be more protected for heavy engages, while still having some scaling ones to cover you in mid game.

Quints are 2 attack speed runes to give you better last hitting power if you're running low on mana from using Q to either spam on their champs or from double last hitting.
The last one is for more AD to give you a slightly higher base AD.

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Chapter 5. Skins

Since you ****ed up and bought a skin before i could tell you what to get you need to use the Debonair one </3 Great job Lilly.

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Chapter 6. How to act in laning and when to roam.

You fu ck sh it up! but since i need to explain how to fu ck sh it up... this will probably end up confusing both you and me... no hate.

Laning Phase: From this point, if you're having a tanky support you will need to use your Q on the first minion you see and push the lane so hard that you'll get to level 2 before they do so you can try and win the early lane fast. Using your Q to get the enemies low is good, but you need to save some mana for your E in case you get ganked, so if you aim to always have 35-40% mana left will make you feel safe and last hit under tower if you get ganked and are low in health.

Mid game/Roaming: After winning your laning phase so easily because you're so damn good....I mean after the laning phase you will either roam to mid lane and push their tower [That's if you have gotten theirs] or you will try to get an easy kill on their support or jungler so you can get dragon and score more objectives depending on if you're in their jungler or not. You will have to help the team acquire vision in the enemy jungle or key locations so you know when things are gonna happen or can take a nice kill with your ultimate.

Late game: This is the point when you'll most likely have 3-4 core items wether you're fed or not. You will most likely want to push bot lane as far as possible with your team so you can get the inhibitor and force a baron fight or just make them stay near there so your minions can do what they do best... Winions... Always be safe, if you need to flash and use your E to be safe, then so be it. you want to make sure you use an auto attack inbetween your Q spam so you can to give your passive more value and it will also reset the Furor passive on your boots, giving you more control on your positioning.