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League of Legends Build Guide Author SnowmanDanny

How to find the champion that suits you!

SnowmanDanny Last updated on December 23, 2014
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Welcome summoner,

Please keep in mind that this short guide is a general purpose guide that guides you into learning what each role is about and how to find a champion that suits your needs.
This is still a work in progress and i will update it when possible so please do leave your feedback and or upvote if you like this guide.

In this guide you will learn about the key features and jobs of every role and how to find the champion that suits your playstyle. This guide is focused on what you like in a champion and how you should utilize it.

I have also created a quiz which helps in finding what roles or champions you might like to play which you can visit down here:

Quiz: Find my main

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Welcome to the havoc!

Top is the lane that is often called "the island" this for the reason that it is most of the times a 1 versus 1 situation with the occasional gank. Unlike other lanes where there is a lot of fighting and roaming toplane is most of the time played as a farm lane for mid or late game (with the exceptions here and there). Top laners can be very versatile as in they could be a tanky meatwall such as Dr. Mundo, an ap magetoplane such as lissandra or even a bruiser such as irelia(better nerf irelia).

There is a specific quiz for finding your top laner which you can find here:

Quiz: which top laner should you play?

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Lets have some REAL fun

Mid lane is often the "roam lane" because most of the champions played mid are those that depend highly on levels,gold or those who excel in helping their teammates in the sidelanes.
There are quite a few different kind of types for the mid laners such as the power farmer like anivia or karthus or the roam heavy kind such as fizz or ahri.

There is a specific quiz for finding your mid laner which you can find here:

Quiz: Which mid laner should you play?

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Blindness is no impairment against smelly opponents!

The jungler is the heart of the team as they decide the pace of the game by either pressuring every lane early or if they decide to play farm frenzy in order to become that powerhouse late game. There are a lot of different junglers such as the gank heavy jungler which usually has an excellent early and mid game in order to get their lanes ahead. Such champions are for example lee sin and pantheon. Next you have the split pushing champions that will mainly farm and push and gank very little such as master yi. You also have the utility junglers which are there to provide a huge amount of utility for their team in various ways. Champions that provide a lot of utility in the jungler are for example amumu and nautilius.

There is a specific quiz for finding your jungler which you can find here:

Quiz: Which jungler should you play?

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Welcome to the league of Draven~

As the ADC you are the canon of the team. And just like a canon you have to be loaded before you can start dishing out the pain. This means that you will have to farm safely for the first 30 minutes or so depending on your champion before you get to the point that you can start doing reliably high damage.Examples of early/mid game adc are Graves/Corki who can dominate and force an early end to the game. Examples of late game monsters are Kog'Maw and Vayne who can shred anyone from afar.

There is a specific quiz for finding your adc/marksmen which you can find here:

Which adc should you play?

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Hehe, life is good, no?

You are the eyes of your team. The one who provides help and support which are invaluable to everyone. As the support you are the one loading the canon for your team by protecting and nurturing it till it is ready. You also provide map awareness with your well placed wards and at the same time you deny this for the enemies by destroying their wards.
There are mainly two different kinds of supports which consists of those who protect their own adc or initiates against theirs. Examples of those who protect are Janna and Soraka. Initiating supports are for example Leona and Morgana. Then you also have those who are a balance of both and can either protect or initiate like Alistar.

There is a specific quiz for finding your adc/marksmen which you can find here:

Which support should you play?

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Conclusion + Thanks!

Many thanks to you for watching this guide. I hope it was usefull to you in a way or another. If you have any feedback or recommendations please do leave them in the comments and upvote if you liked this guide! :)


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