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How to Fiora, There is no worthy opponent

Last updated on February 14, 2014
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in this guide im going to go over how i build and play fiora.

fiora is a late game hyper carry, and is the champion many people believe to be bad, but if you have ever seen a 6 item fiora, you probably saw the defeat screen soon after, or got carried to victory.

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for runes i like to run lifesteal quints, this added with the dorans blade allows me to sustain well in lane, and in trades.

i prefer armor penn marks, because top lane you will face some very tanky champions.

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Skill Sequence

i start with my W, i have no AD runes so its just logical for last hitting.

i get Q at level 2, then i max fiora's E, Q, W, ofc always R when you can.

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when to pick fiora?

i personally have picked fiora into some matchups people would never think she could win.

i have beat lee sins, renektons, darius, and even malphites top lane with her.

you can play her mid, i beat zed, yasuo with her easily.

she is considered a counter to garen, she eats yasuo alive, same for champions like gangplank, when you have your ult, you can cleanse teemos blind and easily all in him.

for those who dont know, this is a site for counter picks, its not always correct so be forewarned, and skill > counters almost always.

pick fiora when your team doesnt need a tank, but could use some extra damage, or when you are sure of your fiora abilities.

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i always run cleanse, because when i don't, i lose.

rare except is if im vs darius top, i tend to take barrier.

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fiora tips

with fiora you should be engaging with your Q ofc, activate your W if they fight, and press E, do not be one of those noobs that double Q's, save the second Q for their flash or escape, you have 4 seconds to use it at no mana cost.

if you have hydra, activate it once your E ends, by this time somebody is probably dead, if not, just click R.

in teamfights, your goal is to dodge as much CC as possible with your ult, what i do most of the time, double Q in, then if my team is right there, i send the R.

when it ends, i cleanse whatever cc's left and E a low champion in the face, getting my reset, rinse and repeat, if you have zephyr you will deal ALOT of damage really fast, this is why i prefer it on fiora, but vs very tanky teams you probably are better off with more armor penn.

glass cannon fiora is the way folks, your tankyness is your sustain, its your attack speed and lifesteal while ****ping out damage, this is why either merc treads or zephyr + cleanse is so badly needed on fiora, it just wins games.

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hydra is always core on fiora, and should always be rushed, but there are exceptions i have found.

if you are vs a renekton, malphite, etc you are better off rushing armor penn like last whisperer, you wont farm as well but you will get kills in lane, and kills = wont take to long to get hydra anyways.

once you have your hydra, you need to always be god farming, never stop, always be moving to farm, remember you are a late game hyper carry, farm jungle, farm mid, farm every lane when it all breaks down, dont get caught deep, goto wraiths, golems, wolves, just keep farming.

but make sure you are ready to move to the fight at any moments notice.

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thats it?

Yeah, pretty ****ty guide i know, but it gets the job done for people wanting to master a unique and very fun champion.

no pretty pictures, i fked up the skill order, first guide wouldnt let me reset it without deleting it all, cba...