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How to get better at jung in low elo what to do.

Last updated on September 8, 2013
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What to pick what not to pick


I would like to help low elo players learn how to properly jung there are going to be a few methods from what to do what to pick how to gank what to do.

1st. What not or what to pick in low elo till around 1500+ so silver I lets say :

What not to pick accept you are a god like player on the champion/ sick at mechanics or really have a comp build around that jungler :

Top not to pick jun in low elo which i see often there is not a real order at how bad they are because some are rly good but just not recommended for these elo ( accept like i said) here i only will mantion the most i saw when i was in these elo and what i don't recommended for you really there are other wired jun that exist but ill rather talk about good ones

1st Lee sin i wouldn't recommended him very mechanical the skill you need is like allot of games he dose have a slow and all but there are better jung that will help you in these elo players will really hardly fallow you accept if u can get solo potential on him drop him .

2nd Master Yi his jungling is bad i seen some jung yis witch do good but i don't know how the problem with yi is no stun slow accept if red buff and won't help much the only thing that is good with these is maybe if you counter a gank and do tons of dmg that or the opponents are very stupid and have 0 wards or even if lane gank they will die i guess other vise drop him he is a better mid / top ( true i won't say that cuz i hate yi ) he needs farm and kills which jung ... just dose not have.

3rd tryndamere jung very slow early jung weak ganks works but just better jung out there

4th xin zhao hard to gank really focuses on dmg mostly if team comp is right and you are like 1-10 a 7 maybe i would pick him but not really

5th kha zix dunno why people do kha zix jung y really op lvl 6 and if you have a tank top and your team won't feed till ur lvl 4 at least ( lets say 6 ) then good luck his top or mid are better he is not bad at jung but you will need some skill to know how when and who to gank dosn't have stun his late game can be really good but in these elo late game happens like 10 % of the time

Now here are the top jung in season 3 and in your elo

so what should you pick or learn in normal games :

1st Jarvan IV really good dosn't need alot of items to be good has a knock up a good team fight ult you can carry with him and do dmg / tank with no items kinda he is a good counter jung plus very good in low elo if your know when to go in

2nd any invis champ Shaco, Evelynn even kha zix but like i said well eve and shaco can be really good if you gank alot you will probably be really good cuz ppl already don't ward god pink wards are like ... rly not there in these elo maybe bot late but rear ... but with shaco be care full try finish games faster then evelynn late game is much more op then shaco has a like a period he is good accept if all lanes are like really good ofc i would say try finish games max 30 mins .

3rd Hecarim you want to carry your team kinda good ganks pre 4 good gank 6 a ult that owns and fears pick hecarim up really good if you really wanna carry jung he is the go to he needs items but god like when you have the iceborn gauntlets and anciant golom with spirit visage or fire cape your gona be really good plus he is very fast at clear and ganks i know in higer elo people know how to deal with him but in low elo he is like really good if you just know a bit on him.

4th amumu and rammus 1st amumu really good as long as you don't get counter jungled pre 6 you are good and know how to gank like your ult might change games in high elo forget these chemp exists because he is rly squishy early and easy to counter jung . 2nd rammus many people forget him but in low elo if they don't lvl 1 counter jung you and till your lvl 3 or 4 its good game rammus Q is so fast and the E op like just creeps are the problem late game he is still gg he is very good like in low elo i have 73 % win rate on him so really good.

5th Vi very good low - high elo she is basicly op she is good vs tanky comps or squishy comps the point is you can easy get to the adc or apc with ulti really good ganks good dmg whitout dmg items.

6th maokai if you want change team fights your ult is op and the ganks are good to .

7th udyr good early late game to but you won't get to adc if the low elo players know how to position.

all other jung that exist are ok but these 7 or 8 here are the best you should learn many where nerfed the ones i didn't mention are so-so in these elo they might work but try these 7 and your golden.

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What to do what not to do

So you got in game u picked your jung and stuff so what you should do well 1st advice every lane to buy a ward ofc cuz if they get ganked and you where not there and ganked bot got double kill while he died top welp skc that i guess .

ok so for real tell people what route you will take so example i will go blue red gank top ( if on purple side ) so that top knows your on the way top and he now knows he must not push tell every lane not to push to hard if they push to the towers you won't be able to gank tell them try not to push or don't complain later. tell people to pull for you never go to wolfs then wraiths then golom because it will take you to much time to get lvl 3 witch you probably need

What can stop your route well if example top dies you will probably need to shift mid also if you change it so going red blue bot or mid depends on jung you are depends on what you think is best to gank try gank a lane with stun slow already so you can fallow it up. you should probably camp lanes that are not warded or gank 2 times if you see them come back after they where ganked and didn't die why ? well punish them for the lac of wards.

what lane should i really gank after my 1st rotatition ? well try to go over your rotation again ur about 7 min in game so you should have probably ganked about 2-3 times but what should you do now? its hard to say check last hits who should you help where is it use less to even come so check last hits check how much % do you have to make that gank is the lane to fed to pushed and stuff you should constantly check the map like as the jung its your role to watch the map watch the score if possible and try to take time of dragons barons red and blue buffs.

Should i help a lane that is fed ? depeds on what the match up is really but some times if the opponent pushes to hard and is low you should 100%

what should you use to your advantage ? just use that these elo players like to auto attack or push allot ( whitout knowing what they are doing ) so if you see a lane pushed its your time to shine go gank.

what to do after a gank it really depends on time but i would tell you do objectives like take a tower try take there blue red take the dragon / baron because some times that 1 kill won't help in the end .

Jung is the best role to be in trust me the potential you have on changing a lane is HUGE like the point is if you get that shen 3 kills top and he knows wth he is doing it will come back really good you can tell teams what to do cordinate if posible other lanes can't rly do that cuz dragons and barons plus pushes all depend on your jung like 60 % of the time accept a lane won then he can solo take towers .

Should i take kills ?

YES and NO in low elo some people might cry and leave be care full of that and ruin your game for nothing when to take kills is when you don't trust your team and you know that even if they leave or even if they cry you can still carry these

what summoner spells should i take try to take ghost/ flash and smite some some people also take exhaust its ok to but depends on jun

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Thank you

well that is prety much it amm also learn to smite and stuff learn these stuff and you will be golden

just a mini help guied