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How to make ADC's AFK!

Last updated on September 19, 2015
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The Champ that Adc mains fear the most!

Hi guys im PhantomDragoon, a rengar main from the EUNE server!
In this guide i try show you how to play rengar as and Ad assasin carry YOLO SWAG ADC killer MACHINE!

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Pros / Cons

    Pros: - hish dmg out put
    - great late game
    - can 100-0 champions
    -Stealth ultimate
    - a great roamer and ganker
    - can carry almost most game by himself!
    -he can get back to the game with kills if he behind!
    -no mana
    - sustain heal from W
Cons:-squisy not tanky ....
-countered by stong duealist and tanky
- ult can be counter by pinkwards and oracles
-grouping makes his ult useless
-item dependent
- kinda weak if he doenst have kill
- armorstacking ruins his day
- counted by heavy cc

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I use standart 21/9 for the high dmg out put! the other 9 dor defense to survive the early game!

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I use armorpen reds and 2 quints, armor yellows, cdr blues and 1 quint
Since rengar is and AD assasin armorpeneration is good on him because he need to reduce that base armor or armors that squisy targest have!Armorpen scales harder than flat AD but flat AD srtong a bit early game!Armore yellos for the survival , most top laner are Ad based or just tanks that doesnt do much dmg anyway.IF you againts an ap top take hp/lvl's yellows!Rengar scales hard with cdr and with cdr with runes and masterius you have 15% cdr at lvl 1!

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passive:UNSEEN PREDATOR-this passive is so damn fun its make u jump from a brush and jump into an enemy or minion!-also you have a rage bar that mepowers you abailities after getting 5 stack of it!
secondary passive: is the booth-thooth naclange+ passivly gains stakcs with kills and ***its....its gives your passive and your ult buffes!

SAVAGERY (Q) : this is your Damaging ability, its scaler hard with ad and with that bonus AD it can crit! max it first!- empowered hits harder!

BATTLE ROAR (W) : this ability is your sustain heals you if you lost % of your missing hp.....but if you spammit it not heals you much as if you were low on hp!....the not-empored gives you 10 mr and armor if you use it! max it last since its scales with AP!

BOLA STRIKE (E) : your infamous E-bola stike...yoke asaide this is your main CC ablity its slows dow targets and scales with AD! empowered E-snares the target! max it second!

THRILL OF THE HUNT (R) your ultimate . the ult every adc hate the most! make u invible and make oyu jump on a target without using any brushes, after the steatlh is over it start gain 5 fero sacks! max it whenever is possible!

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Ranked Play

Rengar is a stong SoloQ pick!The reason is his high snowball and carry potentional! also his ult makes ppl flaming cuz nobody use pink wards...well not in low elo.....he can 1 sht the back line ...the adc mid..jungler....etc..not the tank that would be op!Also he can screw up the nemy jungler by killing him at his buffes!
A tip with Rengar: ALWAYS ROAM! YES you heard me ROAM!
-Why the **** should i go roam?
-More kills = more gold!
-you start carrying

Have u ever felt you cant deal with this Darius / Garen in top? or your lane opponetn too tanky to be killed?
DONT worry your ult made for killing an ganking PPL! - NO **** SHERLOCK!
-but my bot lane started feeding......nope bro go bot and kill that fed adc!
-but this mid is garbage he feeds zed!
-Be a man and Kill the ninja! thats why we taking exhaust to reduce his dmg out put! :D
-this jungler never gank's me.....
-well.....honetly if yo u getting camped and your jungler dont do anthing well u are srewed,,,,,,try rush 40% cdr and roam a lot!
- they banned rengar!
- well you only need to do is not Jesus i cant make merakles.....
If you fall behind with rengar dont start raging , dont dont sart flaming!
Try roam with your ultimate and get kill and objectives!
Remember always try rush 40% cdr!
Try ganking whenever your ult is up....with 5 ferocity ofc!
With the the ganking of other lanes your enemies will probalby start's flaming and raging and honestly nobody can win a game with bunch of ragers on his team!
Alway be positive
Admit your mistakes
Dont bmame anyone
Farm well
yeah.......try not to get reported!

Thank you for reading my guide and good luck in SoloQ!


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