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How to not Feed as Te emo

Last updated on January 27, 2011
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Don't feed

There is 1 viable way to build Teemo, AP, AD is BAD and can be done better by pretty much any normally physical carry, and some of the Mages / Supports (Annie, Janna)

Skill Priority, R, Q, E, W, If you are mid sometimes it is a good idea to get a couple early points in W so you can boogie down to side lanes and gank, Teemo is not good at this but 3v2 or 2v1 is good odds so its not a bad idea, worst case scenario they waste summoner spells or have to b after the attempt.

Memorize when there blue buff is likely to respawn due to its timer. Most junglers start at blue buff, It will likely respawn about the same time your junglers blue buff did, because they both started there. Move quick makes it very easy to sneak over and either slow down there jungler from getting blue or maybe kill him / steal it.

Masteries 9/0/21, Summoner Spells FLASH, Exhaust usually

Always start with a Dorans especially in a dual lane, PEOPLE HATE Teemo and you will be the target of the enemies Harrass, always everytime forever. Get used to your global taunt, its on all the time. This is why you do not build an Auto attack Teemo.

Core Items, Rylals, Lich Bane, Rabadons. Still debating the order here. Rabadons is amazing, it nets you 211 AP for 2k gold, Lichbane doubles your burst damage as you go from 1 nuke with blind shot to 2 nukes and your mediocre poisen on auto attacks. Rylals gives you HP, decent AP, and a Slow on your blind.

Other great items, CDR Items are amazing as you need to be shrooming everything all the time forever. Void Staff helps you retain some bite even after late game when people stack MR a bit.

Get it out of your head that Teemo is a auto attack ranged champion, he sucks at this and is only good when fed Teemo's poisen does not stack so its better to hit and run then to stand around auto attacking repeatedly.

Carpet Shrooming, This is not just effective it's the entire point of playing Teemo over someone else. Pick an area of the map you want to absolutely deny them from going to.... SHROOM THE **** out of it. Seriously 4 shrooms directly out front of dragon / baron with 4-5 shrooms on EVERY path leading them to baron is usually a GUARENTEE that your team will be able to get Baron safely.

With Rylals, Lichbane+Rabadons you can Slow the carry with blind then tag them with the follow up super powered Autoattack, continue attacking them until the blind wears off then either GTFO or Exhaust and by the time there done being boned by that, you tag them with another blind and its lights out. Usually the enemies carry will not survive 2 rounds of Blind+lichbane procs.

Remember you do not have the health to try and wade into the middle of the enemy team to chase there Carry, if the enemy carry is sitting in the very back, wait and auto attack what is in range, don't worry your Teemo, you have a global taunt, one of there Squishies will come to you to try and kill you.

Don't leave Movequick turned on all the time, Use it to get around then generally keep it off, Flash+Instantly available move quick works wonders for getting away rather then having to wait 10 million years cause you had it on and they just turned it off for you.

Don't Feed.