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How to not suck in Jungle

Last updated on August 18, 2015
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Leash and Double Jungle

Leashing is the help you kill the camp easier and faster. Don't blame your team for getting a bad leash because you actually should be able to clear the jungle without help. Practise it in a custom game because in some situation you can't get an early leash.
Customize your runes and masteries so you can jungle as easy as possible. If you can't go through the jungle without dying you should work on your runes and masteries.

There are some tactics like double jungle, what's simply the easiest start in the jungle you can get.

Understanding double jungle: It's possible to do if your top laner has tp. The top laner tanks the first camp + the first buff and only get the small jungle minions while you get the big ones. After clearing the buff both of you are level 2, your top laner goes back to his lane with tp and you continue doing your casual jungler life. While you two double jungling the bot lane can kill Grump or Krugs to benefit of it.

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Don't fall behind in XP and gold

Sometime I look at the score board and see my jungler being 2 levels behind even without done ganks/failed ganks or being counter jungled.

So how can that happen?
-> they don't clear their jungle effective and waste time.
As you know time is money and so is experience. Without enough levels you have less armor, ad, ap or whatever the **** you get per level.

How to jungle effectivly?

Always start bot jungle (except when double jungling) for getting a good leash. At least a leash by two people are better than a leash by only one.
Look around the map after every finished camp to see what's going on and look for possible ganks.

Another important option to get your experience gold and experience is push the wave after a succesful gank and hold the lane of your laner who wants to go back.
When holding the lane you prevent gold to get wasted and your tower to get damaged. Make sure to get all the last hits and go back to your jungle when done.

You're good when haveing the same level as your mid or top laner. If that doesn't work out you do something wrong.
You have to be the richest mofo in your team to buy wards, dewards and items to carry your team to victory.

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Your first back

Your purchases after the first back are:

  • Red trinket, doesn't matter who you play
  • Your smite item
  • One or two green wards
  • Pink ward
  • Eventually health pots

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Ganks and Counter Ganks

If you're looking around for ganks your goal is either burning enemies' summoner spells, getting a kill for you or the laner or both.
Get sure to perform one of these goals! If you think you can't do one of these don't go for a gank then and look for better options.

Don't blame your lane when pushing to their tower even when he's weaker than his lane opponent. Abuse this to do a counter gank.

How to counter gank?

An important part of counter ganking is having control about the enemy jungle and the enemy jungler's position (kinda hard when facing evelynn tho).
Only camp in a bush, waiting for an enemy gank when you're sure the bush isn't warded and you know the enemy jungler will come to gank the lane.
Don't waste time when you're not sure if the enemy comes to gank because time is money and so is experience (as I said before).

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Vision control

As you might noticed vision and wards of your and the enemy team are quite game winning.
If you think "I don't need to buy wards because the support have to buy wards!" then you're a moron and don't deserve to win the game. VISION = WIN
So where to ward?

Basically whereever the **** you want to.
If you notice the enemy jungler is counter jungling you ward your jungle and surprise and kill him doing one of your camps. Ward their jungle if you want to know the moves of their jungler. Put a pink ward in their jungle because they rarely expect that and keep vision control of the dragon if the enemies has a early dragon potential and your support is too stupid to ward it.
Be sure to ward baron past his first spawn. Baron and dragon buffs can win the game really easily. There is basically no chance of winning a fight against a 5th drake and baron buff team.

Always use your red trinket on common spots when it's off cooldown preventing the enemies to have vision control.


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