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How to Perfect Rengar

Last updated on October 28, 2012
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Intro to Perfecting Rengar

Hai First Guide

Rengar is tier 1 (nerf/not nerfed)
One of the best Top/jungle in game so far Ya DIG? This guide is mostly for Top Laners
Regnar is that obessive ex-girlfriend who never leaves you alone.
Rengar is stronk due to his Q-W and he can also prove that he is tank enough for.
Rengar has been nerf numerous times but i think they found a way to balance him (NOT)

So here's what to do.
Step 1: Don't be an Aldon
Step 2: Make sure before you enter a game that you have both the right mastieres and summoners unlike Dom.
Step 3: Starts Boots 3 but there's a trick huehue. If on Purple/Red side you want to start boots 4 YA DIG?
Step 4: Use the brush effectively. Most Rengar's not all don't use the brush. The brush in top lane is like LoL gods gift to rengar. USE IT and HARASS THE **** OUT OF YOUR OPPONENT. and get ****en kills
Step 5: If winning then skip this step if not continue reading......Theo is a hoe. If you start losing then there's a problem with you. Unless you got flat out counter or camped like marzhmellows then its your fault. RENGAR IS OP. But the solution is to start taking your junglers golems/wolves depending on side. Make sure you tell your jungler so he/she can understand that an OP champ is losing and that it will never happen again.
Step 6: Team fights are important to Rengar. Rengar job is to get those ****** AD Carries (JIMMY) Rengar might have to ult in to get the ad carry but its a must do job for Rengar. Rengar should have enoguh burst/dps to smash the ad carry and turn onto his next prey
Step 7: If you have won your match with Rengar, you may celebrate. If you have lost your match with Rengar you must trainer harda.

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Pros and Cons of a Perfect Rengar

Rengar is OP enough said
Rengar has best burst/dps in game
Rengar is great in teamfights

Rengar got NERF
Rengar is white
Rengar is a very odd

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Items you must get to PERFECT HIM

So these are the items that will help perfect Rengar.

First you want boots 3 or boots 4
Then you want some sustain like Dorans Sword not Shield (2 Swords should be good enough unless you feel 1 is good)
Bonetooth GG
Phage into a Frozen Mallet is stronk and forever will be stronk
Next is a very difficult call and the player must take approach it either Guardian Angel or Warmogs.
The reason i say this and before you go noo noob is that you already have a good item in Mallet. You have to sustain items in Dorans Sword and the bonetooth should be good enough too.
Getting either a Warmogs or Guardian Angel will keep you alive in fights longer than having damage item. For Rengar you want to live as long as possible to be KING OF THE RIFT
By now you should have 3 Major items in Bonetooth, Frozen Mallet, Guardian Angel or Warmogs. Leaving you with 3 slots left.

There are many ways to go depending on the game.

I like to go BT, LW, and MAW.
These items are good enough that you can rampage theo and his vagina or toms anus.

Another way would be the safe way

Meaning MAW, Guardian Angel or Warmogs (whichever one you didn't get), and OMEN