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How to pew pew with Shaco, successfully.

Last updated on December 24, 2010
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Meeting the Author
Good evening, ladies and gents, this is my first guide,
and I've held off on it for a while, cause well, I'm ****ing lazy.
Finally though, I've had the urge to want to write it, so here it is.

Well obviously enough, you can pew pew several ways, one being AP, one being AD,
another being the oh so silly sunfire Shaco, who is no longer with us,
but may he rest in peace.
As for me, I make sure I go all the way down the offensive tree for maximum pew, but there's a huge part in actually being able to use Shaco, to bring him to his maximum potential, but don't worry, I'm not givin' up on ya.
We'll try to make you, who knows nothing about the psycho Jester, at least better than average. I keed. Seriously though, most Shacos are badder dan bad. It's quite embarrassing, to say the least, but moving on. Offensive masteries, got it, good good.

Summoner Spells
There are many ****ing ways to play Shaco, that it's almost impossible to settle for just one thing, for he's just so versatile and sexy, that it's almost hard to stick with one thing. Though I do find some uselessness in most of the summoner spells, other than exhaust, ignite, flash or ghost. I'll tell you what I use, and well...
that would be Exhaust, and Ignite.
Don't ask me that blasphemous question, you know very well why.
Obviously Shaco being the master of backstabbity stab goodness, reducing their armor, with exhaust, and slowing, while topped with ignite, can score you FB or just early ganks pretty easily. Nuf said, don't question me. Getcha teleport, and all ya other nastiness outta hur. Though sometimes I do like Flash and Ghost, simply cause well, who's going to gank a Shaco with that? LAWL.

Oh, finally on to the gameplay, well fine fine.
I play Shaco pretty risky, I farm straight for a BF sword and start hunting people.
I feel it's just too good to pass up, BUT, I will say, that getting lizard, along with BF sword is sexy.
Yes, yes, and yes, very sexy, especially with the buff that it got last patch, mmmmmmm. With the armor pen, and rushing BF sword, I guarantee the results being splendid, but oh, that's not all.
Obviously Lizard is a huge part in your psychopathic success, but another is setting up ganks proficiently.
Obviously enough, you can't rambo in like a herpderp, you actually have to position yourself fairly decently to secure ganks. Deceive behind them, this is where your home is, think of it as, if you don't get behind them, you don't get that ice cream you wanted from the store, and you want that ice cream, so ****ing do it, no questions asked.
Obviously enough if they get oracles, you have to play your odds, but it doesn't mean you're completely screwed, you just break the person that has it, indicate your team mates that this person done goofed and went in your territory, and soon enough he'll die.
Unless well, your team mates suck, and ELO Hell is a very typical place for all of us.
Moving on, before I go insane, to overview;
If you know you can kill someone, sit in a bush and boxbait, then pop hallucinate, they'll get feared, exhausted and raped, for sho.
Always strike from behind, this goes without explanation.
Last, but not least, position yourself, timing is everything.

Well I did say I rushed BF sword, well nah **** dude.
I rush Infinity Edge, like speedracer, gank as much as you can until you get that.
It really doesn't take a lot of effort, and you can break towers so easily this way.
I honestly hate Trinforce, people tell of their success, and I just snarl, because if people are smart, they'll buy oracles, if people are smart, they'll look for the aura around your clone and say, oh, well there's the real image. If people are smart, they'll know. Period. Getting Trinforce, nerfs your damage, EYEMOh. ,but this is just how I play.
Soon as I get the infinity edge, depending on their team comp, if they got meaty HP people, I'm getting Madred's Bloodrazor, if they're squishier than a fire****ed marshmallow, I'm getting Ghostblade, bringing your crits up to around 870, in the back with the armor pen runes. Just too good to pass up, and making sure you have Lizard at all times. I don't care if anyone else needs it, Shaco is the carry, therefore is an exception, they can deal whit it. after that, I get bloodthirsters, or sometimes Phantom dancers if I'm bored with attacking slow, fit Guardian Angel in thur somewhere, cause it's definitely a trip. Gives you and your clone the aura, pretty lawlzy.
,though it did get nerfed, it's still good.

Lyke, how do we know you're not trollololin, and just suck, cause this nerf owned Shaco, dur hur.
He definitely got hit pretty hard with the nerf, but honestly it doesn't affect the players who know how to maneuver him well in the first place.
Although, I will say, it took a long time to get the hang of Shaco, he definitely wasn't jelly beans in the bag when I first played him. I was pretty bad, lawl.
I'm aight now, not the best, never will say I am, but I am better than most, in saying that.

"Lyke, where's the furor runes, cause lyke Shaco is teh crit monster, and owns face with dem"
I oughta slap you for saying it's better than Armor Penetration, but you know, I'm gonna tell you anyway, cause I pity you;
Critical Damage? is based on a chance, sure late game it shines on a pile of golden ****, over Armor Penetration, but Armor Penetration is flat, and is guaranteed reduction of one's armor, and that, along with a BF sword, if you rush it, can pack some serious damage EARLY game, which is where my playstyle comes from. I gank, and I gank, and I gank, and end the game ASAP. Critical Damage can suck my bells. Har.

Shaco is still scary, you just gotta find the right way to play him, unless they nerf him to dog****, which people think they did, and we'll let them think so, cause the good Shaco players can actually vouch that he's actually decently balanced now, and well, doesn't need buffs or a nerf. QQ moar.

Thanks for reading this ******** of a guide, I hope you learned a little something here and there, I really just wrote this, because well, I'm bored, and I felt like helping people. It's a small world in the land of intelligent players, and well, I'm just here to spread it. Take care folks.