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How to play the TANK of supports

Last updated on November 22, 2015
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Hi my name is Press Q 2 Win (NA) and this is my guide to destroying noobs in season 6 as I was a Braum Main in season 5 and i play a good deal in season 6 I main riven (Im sorry for being a terrible person)

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You want to go 0/12/18 and get the key stone that gives you more hp not resist

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Pros / Cons

+Tanky As fu*k
+Solid poke for a tank support
+2nd Most CC for a support
+You carry around a yasuo Wind Wall
+Protecting your friends like-a-boss
+Easy to learn

-No sustain
-High Cooldowns Compared to other supports
-You have no sword
-If your ADC is stupid really hard to pull off because cant carry lane if your ADC cant right click
-Hard to master
-Again about your ADC as if their stupid and you are behind you are usless but if they are smart you can make money happen even when behind

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Team Work

Peel for days
CC the fuq out of enemy team
Protect your poro's and friends
Win Game