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How to play Vain: the nite hunt3r at hi elo

Last updated on February 5, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hi im an challenjour player vain main

guide to vain is how you want to play her. u mjust have gosu level mechanoics b4 u play so
for build i go with the randuins omen first for the sustain in lane. this makes it really hard to kil me since im so tank. next get the wids end so u cna attakc faster yea.
then go with the sephyr and cdr boots so u can ult like every 1 min next get the runans so u can atak l**** 70 times. anyway u wantr end ur build with the void staff so u cna burst enemies late game with ur passive.
mechaniocs: ok so to play vain u have t o have mecahnoics so u need to learns to play her to the best of whoich u can play vain so u can in wihc. anywayas first u want to
\Skil levceling up; i can r at lv 1 so u can kil then and then taker e ur e 2nd so uu can pout them aganst thje walla so u can kil the m agen.
how to lern vain mechanpoics: so u need to practcice ur vain mechanoics so u can be vain like me. first ui canw want to drop u raduins so they slow and then use ur frozen mallet . since u have ap u r forzen mallet wil havensst big damoges lol. next u can want to have need to

macthcups: basicly u dont need to wry sicne u wil be unstoipple with ur ult atken a lv 1 ok so u can eneed to kil very one so u can win the game then go to worlds and replace hi im gous on the tsm. i wl go in depth abiut how t play each a nd every match pu so ucan vian to the best of ur abvilyry s ok lol.

additonal build: ok if u can want to get rid of ur build and go for more dmg thenn u can want to have to sel u r bork and buy a red pot, what this wil do ui s give masiv damoge in lain lol. slao sel u r boots for teh ohmwreck and get teh gates lol d canes d cane ayy lam,o. once u have 1000 stacks just 1 hit th adc and just split push.

y woud u pick vain???? : so vains curetnyly the bast adc in teh hole gam3. she is #1 adc inm worlds and is pcik everytime in lcs. he=r jungling abiltfdtys r u su;pr goodlol so u nca basiclly play her anywhere u can want to go.

prosj and cons: vaine isss the bes t cary in the worlkd ssicne sh e has the most damgeasok in the bame . but once u play her then u can win.

cons nonelol
how to plau vainr in the game. so u cna want to bkill thenm early as gfcan be then win
in the midlde game if u can not ein yet then u can want to have you may be able to want to

if tu r in the end of the games end then u can finalyl kil them all wirth ur forznen mallt since its scaledsss in to the late game like u haha

int eam fight dont ugiev a **** sinceu so tanky and can kiol then but if u diy then they are scrtiping or some bulshjit lol./

consclusuin, so uf i can paly vain the n u bad alego legends. ope my gid hgelped u