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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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How to play Zed in Jungle

Last updated on September 20, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I do not want to make a list of Pros/Cons like everyone else. I will just summarize why you can play Zed in Jungle without regret.

Everyone who played Zed in Mid knows that people analyze how good you are with Zed and than try to counter you with their jungler or even with top/bot- lane support. In jungle you have no one who can interrupt you getting strong. Even the enemy jungle has not many possiblities to counter you if you keep your W up and ward at the right spots. Since Black Cleaver does not work with Brutalizer anymore you have the chance to buy it anyway for Stalkers Blade - Warrior (AD + Armorpen. + CDR). You shall have a smite for every ultimate you set or just so slow someone up or speed yourself up (giving you more options so escape/engage like botrk which you have anyway). With the right build and some practice you are a beast that could not be tamed in lane.

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The last item depends on the situation :

My favorit choice when I got an AP Mid which needs Blue is Essence Reaver
Essence Reaver = +AD + Lifesteal + 10% CD (you reach 40% CD)

If I can go for Blue, I go for Bloodthirster
Bloodthirster = + AD + Lifesteal + Shield (10% more lifesteal than Essence Reaver)

This shield can safe your life more than once, also you can win close 1. vs 1. fights
Maw of Malmortius = + AD + Mage Resistance + Shield against heavy AP

As Zed you need your mobility and if someone like Warwick Malphite Malzahar can take this away you are just a free kill
Mercurial Scimitar = + AD + QQS ( very good against hard CC like )

Guardian Angel = Is your last way out and ususally I do not buy this because mostly you just die to die again

Ravenous Hydra = I'm not a huge fan of this item even if much of you prefer Ravenous Hydra than Essence Reaver or Bloodthirster

I recommend using Boots of Mobility as fast as possible. Even go for Homeguard so you can be everywhere.

I'm also not a fan of Youmuu's Ghostblade. In my opinion it is a weak item even if it could safe a kill or your life in my build there is no room for a cheap item.

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Creeping / Jungling

Your early is not very strong, you start with you Q to clear it fast. Your Q shall always hit the big one first. Until you get your ultimate you try to stay in your jungle and get it as fast as possible.

Starting Blue Side :
Golem > Wraiths > Wolves > Red - Back
Golem > Red > Wraiths > Wolves - Back

Starting Red Side :
Gromp > Wolves > Wraiths > Red - Back
Gromp > Blue > Wolves > Wraiths/Red - Back

You shall be able to buy Stalkers Blade and another 5 Health Potions.

This rotations are just a suggestion. You can still go for a gank in this rotation but I recommend just doing it if you are sure you get a kill or at least an assist.

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Skill Sequence

There is not much to say about the Skill Sequence if you know how to play Zed in lane.

Ganking :
W > SMITE > R > BOTRK > E > Q

1. v 1. :
SMITE > E > R > BOTRK > Q > W > E

Always try to hit your Q from 3 positions.

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Fighting with Zed

If you see a Zed in game playing he will mostly just try to surprise enemys with a ultimate, burn all cooldowns and return to his shadow. Most Zeds forget that they are able to kill enemys even without their ultimate and just sit on their ultimate cooldown.
In fact its hard to kill someone without your ultimate but it is still possible.
Remeber that you are not an AD-Spellcaster. You are an ***sassin even if you can throw your Q and poke, your attacks do most of the job so dont be affraid. Go for your kill, dodge all and rip out their heart with your hidden blades