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How to stop playing like **** with an AD carry

Last updated on February 23, 2012
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The purpose of this guide is simple: to make my life slightly easier. I've played over 1600 games, and, in that time, I have seen a HUGE amount of just plain bad carry play.
So, in order to (hopefully) improve my win/lose ratio, I've decided to impart my substantial knowledge of the carry role to those bored enough to read it.

The idea of a carry is simple in concept, though remarkably difficult to carry out. Teams will attempt to deny you, focus you, or then just run away from any conflict that you're a part of, in that order, if you play your role well.

Carries win games. That is your charge, I am prepared to teach you how to do so.

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Now, to truly begin the process of alienating players who think they know better, from players that wish to try a new way of playing AD.

My rune page is simple. Everything is flat attack damage. "What?!" You say? "how can this fool have the nerve to preach a carry guide that utilizes an entire page of attack damage runes?"
My reasons are many, and I'll outline them for you.

1. Runes are ONLY truly effective at bolstering your characters strength at the start of the game. Once players start to get a few good items, the relative bonus you can claim from your rune set starts to fall. only the utility and penetration runes don't fall off as the game progresses. This of course doesn't justify a full page of attack damage runes, as undoubtedly they fall off in value at the same rate as all of the others. However, only red runes and quintessences can be armour penetration, so attack damage is a decent statistic for blue and yellow slots.

2. The other guy probably won't have attack damage runes. This is the most important reason for taking a full page the formerly mentioned aggressive runes. Picture an early laning phase, the other teams carry/support comp is thirsting for your blood, however, every time they come near you, the MASSIVE amount of extra damage from both the scaling on your skills and the damage of a single auto will, most of the time, convince them that fighting you is just not worth it. Obviously, this only works if you're on the ball, or they'll just steam-roll your face when you aren't paying attention and your support won't be able to help you. However, with a suitable aggressive support (doesn't matter who, all supports have the capacity to be aggressive, some just instil a different mindset to the player) you can reduce their overly aggressive carry into a pile of arrow/bullet/boomerang/rocket/card/weird-light-pulse strewn meat in the matter of about 2 seconds. Which brings me to my third point.

3. Carries are MEANT TO BE PASSIVE. Thus, if you get all antsy and start trying to shoot them in the face whilst they're standing next to their tower, I'll rage at you and punch you through the internet. Unless you are confident that the other teams lane are truly, truly terrible, and their jungler is elsewhere on the map, there is often no reason WHATSOEVER to step on their side of the lane. This means that, since you're going to be nice and staying well out of range of all those arrows and missiles, defensive runesets are effectively useless, essentially limiting your choice of yellow and blue runes to sttack damage, critical strike rating, and critical strike damage, of which the obvious choice (unless you like those weird builds that are generally terrible) is attack damage.

4. I said earlier that the only viable picks for red runes and quintessences (for an attack damage carry) are armour penetration or attack damage runes. In this paragraph, I'm going to sum up my reasons for selecting the latter, rather than the former. Armour penetration runes are better late game. That is a fact, as proven by our good friend {urgot thingy guy}. However, late game is not all game, and early game, attack damage runes unquestionably annihilate armour penetration runes in a straight out fight. Thus, my build
concentrates all attainable power into your carries early game, bolstering them where they're at their weakest. You become useful much more quickly, and deal a substantial amount of damage even at level one (especially with a carry like corki, sivir or graves, with decent scaling on hard hitting early game abilities) which allows you to win your lane almost invariably, if you play correctly.

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Support is **** now, (for dps) and you're a carry, so that defensive **** is just that: defensive ****.


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