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How to Thresh ! Play agressiv !

Last updated on June 25, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, my name is Gretto i'm a simple Silver player and i'll share you my b

I wanted to make a build about my favorite champions, i can't prove my strenght with him yet but I also wanted to share my build with you and get some comment about it. This guide can probably reach the gold but I don't think it's viable in plat. It's also funny in normal game. Then enjoy it =)
I'm not a pro player but i carried my bot lane many time with my main with this stuff. I hope some guys who like play agressiv will like this build, runes, masteries and other tip I'll give. Thanks and be indulgent with me, it's my first guide/build.ide/build.

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Then I'll introduce my Thresh gameplay...
Thresh have one of the best passiv to make damages in laning phase when you're support because you don't have to farm and you can easily stacks your passiv to make great damages and outplay the ennemy carry. Make boot at the first back is really important for the mobility to harass and dodge. Make sure to move correctly and be careful of ennemies attacks. This build is interesting against some bot lane who is passiv on the first level. You can easily and completely outplay the ennemy carry and then get some easy kill. The runes and the masteries will give enough AD in early to be reeeeally dangerous and the ennmy will be feared by your presence and they won't be able to do anything ! And then you say "outplay" !

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My build

I start with Relic shield because it make you more tank and the passiv is also interesting and viable for Thresh with is Flay passiv, it's the only supp where the relic is viable I think and it's maybe a must have to be tanky as hell if you're engaged by ennemy support because of a wrong move when you harass the ennemy carry. After i prefer to take the mobility boot, i take it with all support, mobility is best ! Then make a sightstone for warding normal and I take directly a big items like Sunfire or Randuin, I always make a Randuin but it was a little nerf and Sunfire is also good, it's all about you. For finish my build, I take a Warmog but we can also change it for other offensiv items like Frozen Mallet, Trinity or Black Cliver but this option is only if you don't want to make Warmog and you're really good in your game and exept your carry you can also make the damages for the other in your team and probably give more kill after finish your stuff by a Banshee

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For the masteries I take damages with the Martial Mastery for make the most damages as possible and the rest you take tanky masteries, tank is really good for a support, AD and great damages is best ! I take 3 in utility for the mobility

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The runes is based on HP and basic resistance and 9 mark of AD to have the best early as possible. You have 72HP and 9 AD in early, the ennemy will find you too much tanky and you will harass and then if you get engaged and the carry is focused you Grap, flay attack the ennemy carry and try to protect your carry but with your AD you will be able to make more damages than some carry of your level in early and with those conditions you will make their carry low life fast and give it to your adc. In some case your adc can die and you can take the carry and maybe the double kill easily if their support and carry reach your adc and kill him.

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Thanks for watching

I hope you liked it, it's my first guide, if I want to continue, I have to work about it. It's all about how the people will see my guide, comment and vote. If you want to comment in negativ or positiv say to me how I can improve my guide. For this you will need a reactiv ADC too. Sorry if I made some mistake english is not my language then I don't have the corrector Thanks for watching and be indulgent ^^