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Urgot Build Guide by Guest

How to Urgod!

By Guest | Updated on July 29, 2017

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Hello all,

My name is Almighty Snowfox and I'm a silver somewhere player. Don't stop reading because of that, because this is probably the best build for lower elo. (not sure what it will do in higher elo tbh)

Urgot is one of my favourite champions and his remake made my day. His passive knees are insanely strong and his Ult is probably the most satisfying ult in whole the game!

In this guide I will try to explain why Damage Lethality Urgot is way better than Bruiser Urgot.
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The early game

VS Meelee
Try to poke the enemy down whenever they want to last hit and then auto attack them. Once they are low enough go all in EWQ or QWE. Ult when they flash away or Ult to burn their Flash.

VS Range
Just play safe under turret. Try to master your last hits. Don't try to poke or all in the enemy untill you get a jungle gank from your jungler. Set the gank up by hitting your E and then use your E to go into the fight. Use W to tank a bit and when the enemy tries to run press W again to lose your minigun (you still keep the shield). Enemy is probably dead or no flash.

That is how you win the early game.
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After lane fase...

Presuming you are fed and have some mobility you can go all in on your lane enemy and make his life miserable. Remember you don't have TP summoner so you have to keep track of your map. Kill toplane minions in front of the first turret and leave top again to roam and help your team. GO back when top needs you again :D

You are no tank so you will die very fast, so only commit on 1v1's and later 1v2's if you are fed.

TIP: Late game your passive refreshes a lot faster than early game, and it deals % damage, so not even Cho'Gath can win a 1v1 against you. 25% hp is all he needs to die instantly, remeber that ALWAYS!
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Overall reasoning..

This build is made to all in your enemies and deal TONS OF DAMAGE! Not even tanks are protected against your massive shotgun knee damage late game. And once under 25% byebye tank.

Movespeed quints help you get faster into lane, roam and are great when you use W.

Turning W off is key to win lane. When you turn W off you still keep the shield, and you can start to hit and move.(Very strong once you have Black Cleaver) The W is mostly used to proc your Fervor of Battle mastery and BC.

Once you have Yomuus your roaming potential is insane (That's why I prefer buying it as the second major item)

The reason for Ghost over TP is for this same reason. You need to proc those knees to deal the damage in 1v1's and ganks.

Use your ULT after flash is used for max goes through minions :D You can also use ULT to initiate on 50% HP champs to slow them...the more HP the've lost the slower they become. One shotgun knee is enough to pull them in most of the time, because you build so much damage.

The W becomes insanely good for pushing lanes, because of the damage scaling and your damage build.

Enjoy destroying your opponents and remember not to go all in are not rebuild for that purpose!
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Pros / Cons

1v1 vs melee 100% win
extreme damage
enemies cannot get away from your R after Flash is burned
Good pushing potential

Early game high cooldown on knees
not strong in 5v5's
CC destroys you
League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Urgot Guide

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How to Urgod!