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How to wreak with Annie!

Last updated on June 20, 2012
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So Essentially, plain and straight-up, Annie is probably one of the easiest AP Casters to use and learn. Her moves are simple and straight forward, and her damage is insane. I would HIGHLY recommend Annie to learn the middle lane and to get a hold of an AP caster.

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Pros / Cons


    -Very strong nuking potential
    -Can deal lots of damage
    -Dominates lane
    -Can Farm Well

    -Can be countered by certain champs

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The runes I have selected are standard for any AP caster than runs off of mana. Magic penetration, Mana regeneration, and flat AP runes are always a safe and secure set-up for dominating the middle lane. If you feel that you would rather have more magic resistance, since most character who play mid lane are AP champs, you can switch the flat AP Glyphs to flat M.R. Glyphs.

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For masteries, it is most common in the offence section to take 21 points in the points I have selected above. Although you can put the other 9 into defence, I prefer to have the extra mana regen, and the extra buff timing, because with Annie, blue buff will help you play so much better :D

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The items I have shown is simply a guideline. I have seen many other variations to Annie's build, that have also become successful. You may want to consider that if you are losing your lane early on, to buy your Kage's Lucky Pick, then to grab one or two Doran's Rings. The Health, Mana Regen, and Ability Power will help you farm better and sustain better while farming in lane. The Deathfire grasp is also not essential to build, but can help you destroy any characters health. The Active on this item is very strong and is definitely a must-buy when I play Annie.

The Rabadon's Deathcap is also an essential item for nearly any AP Caster. It gives the most amount of flat AP in the game, and has a Unique Passive that will make you so strong with the more AP you build. The Void Staff is also a great buy (although not as important as a DFG or Deathcap), due to the cheapness of the item in relativity to most Ability Power Items, and it's Unique Passive of Magic Penetration.

Late game, you may want to consider buying an Abyssal Scepter or a Zhonya's Hourglass, depending on who is strong on the enemy team. If you feel that you need more health, the Rylai's Crystal Scepter may also be an item you may consider investing in.

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Skill Sequence

For bursting a single target:
The skill sequence before level 6 with Annie is usually Q-W, then Q again if it's off cooldown. After level 6 and once you have unlocked tibburs, the skill sequence is R-Q-W. You will also need to know that it is CRUCIAL that your passive is up on the first move of your combo.

For trying to harass or control a group of champions:
Using your W on a group of champions, especially with your stun up, is great for controlling and damaging a group of people. The most ideal thing you can do with Annie to nuke multiple targets is to use Tibburs (R) to take down many targets. When used, Annie's R has an Area Of Effect around it in a small area. Dropping Tibburs into a clumped group of champions can deal massive damage, especially if your stun is up at that time too, which can then be followed by a W to create even more AOE damage.

IT IS SO IMPORTANT that your passive stun is up on the FIRST skill you cast to keep the target in a certain area while you nuke their health down.

Your E is also good to use in early levels before engaging in a fight to keep your resistances high, and is good in late game as well to spam so that your stun can be ready in any fight. Your W, although not as effective, can be spammed to work your passive stun.

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Ranked Play

In ranked play, Annie can be effectively used to take down enemies. This also goes for Draft Pick, but Annie CAN be countered by many champions. If Annie is not banned in the beginning, consider trading one of your teammates whose pick is closer to last. Annie can be countered by champions that are very tanky, such as Galio or Mordekaiser, or champions that can beat Annie's range, such as Lux.

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Unique Skills

Annie's passive is very good, and is crucial to fighting and winning lane and game. Always be sure that when engaging in a fight, that you're stun is ready on your first ability, and that you spam your low-mana abilites, such as your E, whenever possible so your stun is ready.

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Annie is good at farming, and has low mana cost abilites which makes farming even easier. Last-Hitting with Annie's Q is very beneficial to farming and is very good. The mana used to use your Q is refunded if the target it is casted on is killed. This is a great way to deal plenty of damage to minions without wasting mana if used properly.

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Thank you for reading my build, and I hope you do well!